Harnessing the Atom
Unlike the hydroelectric and steam plants that had been generating power for years, the age of nuclear power was a journey into the relative unknown. Based on a thermal power station and nuclear reactor, the Tennessee Valley Authority began construction on its first nuclear power plant, Browns Ferry, in 1966. As it mastered this new technology, the Authority, like other power corporations, was confronted with new challenges. Despite setbacks, environmental concerns, and budget issues, TVA maintains three operating nuclear facilities today.
Browns Ferry AV

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

October 3, 1969

Watts Bar Feedwater

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

May 7, 1982


Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

August 31, 1982

Browns Ferry

Outstanding Engineering

October 3, 1969


Biggest Nuclear Plant

ca. 1971

Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek Ceremony

March 1978


Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

August 12, 1968

Comparison of Coal and Nuclear Power

Coal & Nuclear Comparison

June 6, 1966