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War Support
The threat of war called TVA to action in the late 1930s and early 1940s, as it sought to assist with national defense by increasing its scope of activities. Already a major contributor to electric power in the Tennessee Valley region, TVA expanded these capabilities with the construction of three dams — Cherokee, Douglas, and Fontana — specifically for the increased production requirements of war industries in the region. Not satisfied with limiting its role to electric power, the Authority offered its services to other agencies in agriculture, manpower, and munitions manufacture, to name a few. Sometimes, however, this eagerness to insert itself into various war-related activities sparked controversy with private industry. The agency's hiring practices were also called into question, like those of many employers during the war years, as African American workers in the region struggled to find equal employment opportunities, even with assistance from the Committee on Fair Employment Practices (FEPC). In spite of this, TVA's contributions to the war effort played a decisive role in the outcome of World War II.
National Defense Aspects of the Tennessee Valley

Map of TVA Projects

December 26, 1941

Speech by David Lilienthal

Lilienthal Speech

June 21, 1940

Strategic War Materials

Strategic War Materials

June 4, 1940

Power Controversy at  Volunteer Ordnance Works

Power Controversy

October-November 1941

Selective Service Deferment for TVA Jobs

Deferment for TVA Jobs

October 1942

Army —  Navy "E" Award for Nitrate Plant #2

Army-Navy "E" Award

March-April 1943

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters


Oral History Interview of Geraldine R. Byrd

Oral History Interview

September 16, 1992

Tennessee Valley Labor Pool

Tennessee Valley Labor

May7-16, 1942

Dams Built for the War

Dams Built for War


TVA Offers Assistance to the War Department

TVA Offers Assistance

July 17, 1941

Mobilizing the Region's Agricultural Resources for War

War Production

ca. 1942

	Discrimination Complaint

Discrimination Complaint


Agriculture Resources for War

Agricultural Resources

May 11, 1942

Life at Fontana

Life at
Fontana Dam