Resources for Genealogists

Pictures and Photos at NARA of interest to Genealogists

Genealogists primarily search our holdings to find pictures of:

  • Relatives who served in the military or worked for a civilian agency.  We have many portraits (generally the higher the rank the more likely there's a portrait), plus photos of individuals performing various activities.
  • Old cities and towns or events their ancestors participated in.
  • Subjects, like Navy Ships or Battles that ancestors might have been on or participated in 

What's Online for Genealogists?

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Gen. Martin T. McMahon and staff of six

In the National Archives Catalog

The Still Pictures Branch at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland,  has over 2 million scans or born-digital images now available in the National Archives Catalog.  The following series have been of especial interest to genealogists.

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