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RG 119 - National Youth Administration, General Subject Files of the Regional Office

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General Subject Files of the Regional Office, 1940-1942

National Archives Identifier 4667682

This series contains letters sent, letters received, regional itineraries and work meetings, financial information, and statistical reports. Correspondents include officials of the National Youth Administration; various city, county, and state agencies; representatives of civic organizations; and academic institutions.


Box # 1

Regional Office-General, March 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-General, August 1941-February 1942 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Bulletins, July 1941-December 1941 (2 folders)

General Correspondence-State & Area Office Organizations Plans

Regional Office-Supplies, July 1941-December 1941 (5 folders)

Box # 2

Correspondence-Regional /Reg. V – Mr. Lehman

Regional Office-Bills & Correspondence, January 1942-June 1942

Regional Office-Bills & Correspondence, July 1941-December 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Bills & Correspondence, January 1941-June 1941

Regional Office-Bills & Correspondence, August 1940-February 1941

Regional Office-Office Personnel, 1940-1942 (2 folders)

Box # 3

Regional Office-Office Personnel, 1940-1941

Regional Office- Personnel, April 1941-June 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Personnel, August 1941-March 1942 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Itinerary, July 1941-December 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Itinerary, January 1942-June 1942 (2 folders)

Report of the NAC to the President, March 1942

Conference of State Negro Supervisors-Atlanta, GA, February 28-March 1, 1941

Box # 4

Regional Office-Itinerary, June 1941-November 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Itinerary, August-October 1941

Regional Office-Applications, July 1941-December 1941

Regional Office-Applications, January 1941-June 1941

Regional Office-Applications for Employment

Regional Office-Leave Records, July 1940-December 1941

Regional Office-Applications, August-December 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Budget, September-December 1941

Regional Office-Budget, January 1941-May 1942

Regional Office-Leave Records, October 1940-June 1941

Regional Office-Leave Contracts, July 1940-June 1941

Key Personnel in State Department of Education

Box # 5

John Pritchard (2 folders)

D.B. Wright-Personnel (2 folders)

John A. Watts-Personal

E.C. Love-Personal (2 folders)

Hugh Inglis-Personnel

Robert Ansley-Personnel, August 1940-January 1942

F.F. Newcomb-Personal

Miss Mary G. Shotwell-Personal

C.L. Barrow-Personal

Washington Office-General

Box # 6

Mrs. Florence Murray, March-June 1941

Mrs. Florence Murray, September 1940-April 1941 (2 folders)

Mrs. Lucy R.D. Ficklen, February-June 1941

A. Nelson Beara, 1941

Maurice Lipian, 1941

R.G. Molpus, 1940-1941

General Correspondence Pertaining to Travel, July-December 1941 (2 folders)

Regional Office-Supplies, May 1941-January 1942

Regional Office-Supplies, February-June 1942

General Correspondence Pertaining to Travel, January-June 1941 (3 folders)

R.W. Bullock-1941 (2 folders)

Box # 7

National Advisory Committee: General Correspondence

Aubrey Williams

S. Burns Weston-General

Correspondence with Harry Deriser

Washington-General, August-December 1940

D.B. Lasseter, 1940-1941 (2 folders)

Karl Borders

Charles Straub

John Lasher

Vernon Northrop

Dr. George Mann

R.W. Bunch

Mark A. Closkey (A.H. Huntington)

Vernon D. Northrop

Box # 8

Herbert Little

Mrs. Winthrop Lane

Dr. Carl Rice

S. Burns Watson

Robert Asher

Dr. Mary Hayes (2 folders)

Dr. Nell J.F. Van Steenberg

Youth Personnel-General (3 folders)

Box # 9

Labor Supply Committee

Reports-Regional Supervisors

Regional Advisory Council Bulletins Region X, January 1942 (2 folders)

Alabama, N. Birmingham

Alabama Girls Residence Center at Tucaloosa


Jacksonville, Calhoun, Florida

Camp Roosevelt, Ocala, Florida

Raleigh, NC-Letter sent to Regional Office by Mr. Andrew Bishop to Mr. Prichard

Bextar County, San Antonio, Texas

Blanco, Texas

Burnet (Inks Dam) Texas

Denton, Texas

Harris County, Houston, Texas

Kleberg (Kingsville), Texas

Nulces County-Corpus Christi, Texas

Box # 10

Trinity (Woodlake), Texas

Travis (Austin), Texas

Jig for Roof Panel-Prefab Barracks (site unknown)


Vocational Education Defense Conference, Week of January 27, 1941

Correspondence with Green Lumber Co., Laurel, MS

NYA Report to Congress on Charges Made by General Accounting Office

Minutes of Regional Office Staff Meetings

Minutes of Regional Shop Meeting-Hotel Claridge, Memphis 3-4 1941

Summary of Project Visits

Minutes of Regional Meetings

Reduction in Supervisory Costs-Regions III October-November 1941 (2 folders)

Minutes of Regional Students Work Meetings, Hotel Peabody-Memphis, March 1941

Minutes of the Regional College Work Council Meeting-Memphis, July 1941

Region III

Success Stories-NYA Youth (General)

Louisiana-Special Report of Vocational Bldg. Farm Shop

Florida-Tampa Project

Maps of State Organization in Region III, 1940

Box # 11

Louisiana, Algiers Project

Index to Youth Letters

Florida Pictures

Minutes of Regional Meetings of Girls Work, Claridge Motel-Memphis, Feb. 1941

Federal Regional Advisory Councils-General Correspondence (3 folders)

Regional Labor Supply Correspondence (Region X) July-December 1941 (5 folders)

Box # 12

Regional Office-General Correspondence (3 folders)

Regional Office-Leave Records

Regional Office –Applications

Regional Office-Leases, Contracts, etc.

Regional Advisory Councils, Bulletins-Region IV, January 1942 (2 folders)

Correspondence-James B. Marley, Region X, Regional Director-Defense, Health & Welfare

Occupational Requirements-Selection Services, June 1942

Youth at Work

Correspondence, Re: NYA, Forms 416 a,b,c, June 1940-June 1941 (2 folders)

State Wide, Uniform Clothing, Girls Uniform-Size 20-Misc.

NYA Uniform Fabric Pieces & Hat

Box # 13

Civil Service-5th District June 1942-

Joint Meeting of School and College Work Councils

File on Tampa Speech

Administrative Budget, General Correspondence (2 folders)

College Work Council Meeting-Minutes July 21, 1941

File on Texas Speech-Given March 29, 1941 at Austin (2 folders)

File on Tennessee speech-Given April 11, 1941 at Nashville

University of Chicago Workshop, June 23- July 25, 1941

Agenda Meeting national School Work Council January 18-19, 1940 and

Southern Association Meeting December 10, 1940

Summaries of Meetings of National School Work Council

Clara G. McMillian’s Field Reports

General Correspondence-Budget

Youth Personnel-General Correspondence

Student Work Funds-6 mos. July 1941-January 1942

Special Negro College & Graduate Funds

List of Members of Student Work Councils in States-Region III

Box # 14

Homes Registration Program

Allocation of Additional Money

Student Work Division-Resolutions

Expenditures for Salaries & Travel Area-Student Work Officers (2 folders)

Correspondence with Messrs. –Baxter & Gilchrist

Barrow & Dr. Mann-Correspondence

George C. Mann-General

General Correspondence Pertaining to Related Training

Regional College Work Council Meeting (2 folders)

Box # 15

Correspondence-College & School Work Councils (Regional)

Formation of Regional College Work Council

Correspondence with Educators-General

Correspondence with NYA Officials Out of Region III

Pertinent Material-Regional College Work Council

Student Work Conference Minutes, March 7&8, 1941

Mrs. Florence Murray-General

Dr. Mary H.S. Hayes-General, January-April 1942 (2 folders)

Dr. Mary H.S. Hayes-General, May-December 1942

Aubrey Williams-General

National Office-General Correspondence (2 folders)

Neil J.F. Van Steenberg-General

Minutes of the Regional Staff Meeting, August 11, 1941

Robert E. Asher

Box # 16


Office Information-Herbert Little, General

Cooperation with Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Meeting of the State Administrators in Washington, April 1942

Correspondence- Meeting of State Administrators-Atlanta, May 1941-January 1942

Youth Forced to Drop Out of School Due to Reduction in Funds

Cooperation with States Defense

Defense Work Stations

Tenure of Youth Employment

Statistics (Forms 502, 504, 510, & 504a)

Report of NYA Activities July-December 1944

Speech at Peabody College-August 1941

Reports of Chicago Workshop by Staff Members

Regional Shop Meeting-Atlanta, February 1942

Correspondence-Re: National Resources Planning Board

National Defense Program Contract Award Listing

Ralph W. Bullock-Personal

Box # 17

Sam Gilstrap-General

File on Boston Speech-July 3, 1941

Negro Out of School Work Program-November-December 1941

Program for Youth in Region III

Statistical Report on Negro Affairs Officer (6)

Statistical Report-Division of Negro Affairs (2 folders)

Statistical Report on NYA Program for Negro Youth in Region III

General Correspondence on Division of Negro Affairs

Negro Affairs Division Regional Statistical Report # 3

Analysis of Program for Negro Youth in Region III

Leon J. English

Rating of Employees (Regional)

Personnel Division-Organization (General)

Personnel Division-General Bulletins

Richard W. Bunch-General

Box # 18

Probable Candidates for Personnel Officers in Region III

Personnel Division-General Correspondence

List of State Supervisors in Region III

Data on Key State Personnel

List of Area Directors

Information-Construction Personnel in Region III

Reductions in Regional Staff, December 1941-March 1942 (2 folders)

Resident Center Organization

Key State Personnel in Region 3, December 1941-January 1942

Personnel Division-Mr. Williams wire Military Enlistments, December 1941

Duties and Responsibilities of States Supervisor of Service Project