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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Correspondence - Augusta Ordnance Depot

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Correspondence, 1944-1955

National Archives Identifier 6120965
This series consists of formerly classified correspondence files from the Augusta Arsenal between 1944 to 1955. Most of the files contain plans for mobilization and defense: Augusta Arsenal Operations Plan for the Defense of the Third Army Area, dated April 22, 1953; Emergency Plan White, dated April 2, 1951; Air Raid Warning Plan, dated August 20, 1953; Chemical, Biological and Radiological Plan, dated August 20, 1953; Directory and Station List of the U.S. Army, dated December 15, 1954; Joint Chiefs of Staff Army-Navy Joint Routing Indicator Book, dated November 30, 1954; master planning for emergency installation expansion; ammunition and equipment lists, dated February and April 1953; Standing Operating Procedures for Intelligence, dated October 6, 1952; Third Army Plan for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, dated January 11, 1954; and the U.S. Army Safety Program publication, dated 1954. The correspondence related to Third Army was distributed by Third Army Headquarters at Fort McPherson, Georgia.


Box 1

Folder 1:

▪ Army Mobilization Plan IV

▪ Deactivation of Augusta Arsenal (3 Feb 1955)


Folder 2:

▪ Alternate Field Service Office (19 Jan 1953)


Folder 3:

▪ Civil Service Commission

▪ National Agency Check Request for clearance of Major John L. Townsend to handle classified documents (19 Aug 1953)

▪ National Agency Check Request for clearance of Lt. Col Walter E. Freeman to handle classified documents (30 July 1953)

▪ Request for Background investigation of 2nd Lt. Herald V. Echols to handle classified documents (10 Feb 1954)

▪ Request for Background investigation of 2nd Lt. Bernard C. Wampler to handle classified documents (8 Jan 1954)


Folder 4:

▪ Augusta Arsenal Operations Plan for the Defense of the Third Army Area (22 April 1953)

▪ Mobilization planning

▪ 3 Exhibits- organizational chart Augusta Arsenal, General Map Augusta Arsenal, Plot Plan and Utility Layout, Hungerpiller Area


Folder 5:

▪ Complete Emergency Plan White, 1951

-Also enclosed are Emergency Transportation Team, Emergency Maintenance Team, Emergency Supply Team, Troop Availability List, Status of Disaster Relief Teams

▪ Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Plan (20 Aug 1953)

▪ Air Raid Warning Plan (20 Aug 1953)

▪ Directory and Station List of the U.S. Army (15 Dec 1954)


Folder 6:

▪ Housing Conditions, 1953-54

▪ Military Housing Requirements, Problems related to rent and migration in Augusta Arsenal (4 Feb 1953)


Folder 7:

▪ Implementation of MDA programs for Pakistan and Iraq, 1954


Folder 8:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1944


Folder 9:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1949-50


Folder 10:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1951


Folder 11:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1952


Folder 12:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1953


Folder 13:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1954


Folder 14:

▪ Mail and Document Register, 1955


Folder 15:

▪ Joint Army Navy Plan, 1954

▪ Changes and instructions (30 Nov 1954), list of effective pages, record of corrections

▪ Routing indicator, domestic routing guide, overseas routing guide

▪ Joint Routing indicator book: Supplementary Domestic Routing (25 Oct 1948)

▪ Joint Routing Indicator Book: Supplementary Overseas Routing (25 Oct 1948)


Folder 16:

▪ Logistics, Policies, and Priorities, 1954

▪ Distribution Policies


Folder 17:

▪ Master Planning for Emergency Expansion (5 May 1953)

▪ Maps and mobilization plans


Box 2

Priority of MDAP Shipments to NGRC (15 Nov 1954)


Materials available at Augusta (26 Feb 1953), Supply Distribution List for Indo-China MDAP (8 Jan 1953)


Messages Received by Augusta, 1955


Misconduct of former Prisoners of War, 2 Feb 1954


Augusta Arsenal Mobilization Plan, 1951-52


Mobilization Plan, 1954


Mobilization Planning at Ordnance Corps Activities

▪ Transfer Certificate of the Augusta Arsenal Operations Plan for Implementation of the Third Army Plan for Defense of the Third Army Area to Fort McPherson, Camp Gordon, and Department of the Army (22 April 1953)


NIKE Financial Property Accounting Price List, 1954

▪ List of Financial Property Accounting Conditions and Standard Unit Prices for Major Items and Major Combinations for the Nike Guided Missile System


Observance of Canadian Laws, 1954

▪ Laws and security regulations for those travelling or operating in the Northwest Territories


Officer Manning Levels, 1954-55


Policy Pertaining to Officers and Enlisted Personnel upon Release from Active Duty who Possess Highly Classified Atomic Energy       Information, 1954

▪ Stenafax Duplicating Machine no longer used for the reproduction of classified information (23 June 1954)


Operation “Top Speed”, 1954

▪ In the event of hostilities with Korea, the Army will initiate operation “Top Speed” and each ordnance effected will “utilize all available means in expediting requisitions stamped “Top Speed”, and top priority in supply action”; Augusta included (23 Sept 1954)


Procedures for Handling Cases of Alleged Perversion (Civilian Employees), revision of this policy (17 Feb 1953)


Quota for CBR Course

▪ Discontinuance of the Chemical, Biological, and Radiological specialists at ordnances, schools, units, posts, camps, and stations; each commander will now be responsible for CBR warfare training (1 May 1954)


Railway Track Facilities, 21 Jan 1954


Report on Internal Audit of Inventory Control Systems of Augusta Arsenal, 18 Dec 1953


Safeguarding Classified Information (15 Dec 1953)


Security Classification of 280mm Material (15 April 1953)


Security Clearances, 1954

▪ Revocation of Clearance on individuals (13 Sept 1954)


Security Survey of the Augusta Arsenal, 31 May 1951


Industrial Survey of the Augusta Arsenal 4 Sept 1952 and Security Survey 31 Jan 1952


Shipment Instructions, 1 Nov 1954


Standing Operating Procedures for Intelligence, 6 Oct 1952


Third Army Plan for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, 1954


US Army Safety Program


Visit of Foreign Nationals, 1954

▪ Procedures, requirements, and policies