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National Archives at Atlanta

RG 36 - U.S. Customs Service, Slave Manifests - Foreign Voyages (By Slave Name)

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Coastwise Slave Manifests, 1801-1860

National Archives Identifier 1151775

This series consists of inward and outward slave manifests submitted to the Collector of Customs at the Port of Savannah, Georgia by vessels engaged in coastwise travel. Most slave manifests in this series are recorded on standard forms and include the name of the ship and its master, port of departure, port of destination, and a list of the slaves on board. For each slave, the manifests provide first name, sex, age, stature, name of shipper or owner, and shipper or owner's place of residence. The few documents in this series dating before 1808 list the number of slaves transported but do not provide names or other personal information.

Slaves Ship Shipper To Whom Consigned Port Where Laden
Eighty eight male slave Brig Eagle Macleod, Caig
Forty eight female slaves Brig Eagle Macleod, Caig
Forty four male and female Schooner Dolphin Sutter, Gilbert Watts, Robert Isle Gorce
Forty slaves Sloop Polly Gorham, Isaac Watts, Robert The river of Gambia
Ninety eight slaves Schooner James Boss, Edward
One boy slave Schooner Dolphin Pool, James Pool, James Isle Gorce
One girl slave Schooner Dolphin Munro, Bennet Munro, Bennet Isle Gorce
One hundred forty nine new negroes Snow Sally Manchester, Isaac Watts, Robert
One hundred thirty three slaves Schooner Roaebuck
One man slave Schooner Dolphin Manchester, Benjamin Manchester, Benjamin Isle Gorce
Seven negroes Sloop ?
Seventy six male slaves Brig Eagle Macleod, Caig
Sixty four slaves Schooner Nancy Macleod, Anthony
Sixty new Negroes Schooner Nancy
Sixty one negroes Schooner Friends Adventure Macleod, Anthony
Three hundred thirty slaves Ship Charleston Caig, John
Three negro men Schooner Fanny Watt, Alexnder
Three slaves -two women and one girl Schooner Dolphin Brown, James Brown, James Isle Gorce
Twenty five female slaves Brig Eagle Macleod, Caig
Twenty two slaves Brig Sarah Macleod, Caig
Two hundred forty eight slaves Ship Charleston Macleod, Caig
Two slaves--one mane, other girl Schooner Dolphin Sutter, Gilbert Sutter, Gilbert Isle Gorce
Schooner Nancy