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RG 435 - Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Field Office Records - Cherokee, North Carolina

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Cherokee Field Office Records, 1968-1983

National Archives Identifier 281596

This series contains general correspondence files, studies, reports, and lectures concerning Native American arts and crafts. Also included are lessons and instructions for weaving various baskets and mats using a variety of materials. Additionally, the collection contains photographs which depict many patterns used in weavings, drawings, paintings, carvings, and sculptures. Also included are cassette tape recordings of lectures given on Native American arts and crafts. Although the majority of this collection relates to the Cherokee Nation, there are some holdings which are associated with Native American Nations from across the country.

Box 1: Seminole Field Office – Dania, FL Chronological correspondence, 1951-1966

Box 2: Cherokee Field Office – Cherokee, NC Correspondence - Columbian Art

Box 3: Annual Council Reports

Box 4: Slides, Negatives, and Audio tapes

Box 5: Misc. Arts Council (NC)

Box 6: Arts Council (NC)- Arts Council (New Orleans)

Box 7: Arts Council (New York) - Basket Designs

Box 8: Basket Designs - Proof sheets, basket weaving, Choctaw history

Box 9: Basket weaving- Correspondence, NC - Wildlife Magazine

Box 10: Correspondence - Department of Culture Resources, Correspondence Bob Hart, 1969

Box 11: Correspondence, Bob Hart- 1970- Correspondence Individuals 1973- 1974

Box 12: Correspondence Individuals, 1965- Correspondence, Dallas Johnson, Save the Children

Box 13: Correspondence, James A. Joseph, Under-Secretary- Jeff Muscrat

Box 14: Correspondence, Nelson Kent - Correspondence Meredith Zablackas

Box 15: Cayan County - Cherokee Elementary Art Classes

Box 16: Cherokee High School Art Work- Contract Manager

Box 17: Contemporary American Indian - Eskimo Craft - Drama Photographs

Box 18: Drama "Unto These Hills" - Exhibits, Basketry

Box 19: Exhibit Evaluations- Foundation, Reynolds

Box 20: Foundation, Okmulgee Cultural - Indian Eskimo Children

Box 21: Indian Facts - Rochester Institution

Box 22: Edward M. Kennedy - Mountain Scenery

Box 23: Metrolina Indian News- Nation Museum of Man, Ottawa, Canada

Box 24: National American Center for Living Arts - Museum, Sioux

Box 25: Museum of Southern Plains - North Carolina Craft Association

Box 26: Okmulgee National Monument - Plans Fair Building

Box 27: Plum Nelly- Publications

Box 28: Publications, University of Oklahoma Press - Qualla Arts and Crafts, Mutual

Box 29: Qualla Arts & Crafts Mutual - Shows, Southern

Box 30: Training Program Sales Clerks

Box 31: Tourist Traffic, Cherokee- Vocational Programs, Indians

Box 32: Warren Wilson College- Indian Tribes, Central Plains

Box 33: Indian Tribes, Cherokee, NC - Choctaw Indian Fairs

Box 34: Choctaw Pottery Workshop

Box 35: Iroquois - Correspondence NC

Box 36: New Hampshire- Seminole Arts and Crafts Shops

Box 37: Seminole Basket Exhibit