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RG 48 - Office of the Secretary of the Interior, Civil Defense Subject Files


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Subject Files, 1951-1968

National Archives Identifier 5720629


This series consists of record copies of materials used by the regional director, the Office of Emergency Planning, the office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, regional preparedness committees and regional civil defense coordinating boards. The materials include conference presentations, meeting agendas, and operation plans for defense mobilization, training exercises, alerting and warning systems, emergency power, water resource, preparedness and response to various biological, chemical, or nuclear disasters, and the and relocation of local governments.


Box 1

National Defense (15 folders)

Box 2

National Defense

Alerting Exercises (8 folders)

Box 3

Alerting Exercises (18 folders)

Box 4

Alerting Exercises (15)

Box 5

Alerting Exercises (5 folders)

Annual Statistical Report

Annual Report-Civil Defense

Emergency Operations Handbooks (6 folders)

Legislation-Congressional Documents (2 folders)

Box 6

Meetings-OEP Economic Stabilization


Meetings-Energy and Minerals Conference (5 folders)

Meetings-Natural Disaster Committee/Housing and Home Finance

Meetings-Fuel and Energy Task Force

Meetings-Resources and Production Committee

Meetings-Federal Readiness Committee

Meetings-Emergency Planning Committee

Meetings-Joint Meetings of Regional Preparedness Committee and

Regional Coordinating Board

Meetings-Regional Civil Defense Coordinating Board Meetings (7 folders)

Meetings-Regional Preparedness Committee (4 folders)

Box 7

Meetings-Regional Preparedness Board (5 folders)

Radiological Monitoring (11 folders)

Box 8

Radiological Monitoring (10 folders)

Box 9

Radiological Monitoring (21 folders)

Training-Civil Defense

Box 10

Publications: Handbooks, Manuals, Catalogs and Newsletters (8 folders)

Box 11

Publications: Handbooks, Manuals, Catalogs and Newsletters (3 folders)

Civil Defense Annual Reports (2 folders)

            Civil Defense-Legislative Reports 

Box 12

Civil Defense-Legislative Reports (3 folders)

Box 13

Emergency Operations Handbooks

Region 3, REOP

Bureau of Commercial Fisheries

Department of the Interior (2 folders)