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RG 48 - Office of the Secretary of the Interior, Civil Defense Emergency Resources Management Plans


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ERMP: Emergency Resources Management Plans, 1951-1968

National Archives Identifier 5720324

This series consists of plans and instructions for regional emergency operations. The records include implementation, staffing, coordination, and guidance material designed for state and local governments which are responsible for the operation of their government during an emergency.

Box 1

ERMP/Federal Defense Guide Book1 and 2

USDA Defense Operations 1968 Handbook (State folders)

USDA Defense Operations 1968 Handbook (County folders)

OCD Warning System/ Emergency Broadcast System Plan (2 folders)

OCD Information Bulletins/Region 3

OEP/Order, Circulars and Bulletins

Box 2

Civil Defense Material:

Regional Emergency Operations Manual

National Location Code/Region 3/Florida-Tennessee (6 folders)

Directory of Selected Agency Officials

OCD/Bulletin Region 3

GSA Orders

Example of State Plan for Emergency Management Resources

OEP-Example of a State Plan/Resources Management Plan by Resource (9 folders)

Box 3

OEP-Example of a State Plan/Resources Management Plan by Resource (2 folders)

Federal Civil Defense Guide/Community Planning Materials (3 folders)

Federal Civil Defense Guide/ Directives, Orders and Plans (11 folders)

Federal Civil Defense Guide/Reports/Instructions (2 folders)

Federal Civil Defense Guide/Fallout Shelter Requirements (12 folders)

ERMP-Alabama by Resource (7 folders)

Box 4

ERMP-Alabama-Florida by Resource (15 folders)

Box 5

ERMP-Florida-Georgia by Resource (25 folders)

Box 6

ERMP-Georgia-North Carolina by Resource (16 folders)

Box 7

ERMP-South Carolina-Tennessee by Resource (18 folders)

Box 8

ERMP-Tennessee by Resource (15 folders)

Box 9

EPMP-Tennessee by Resource