Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Executive Orders

Executive Order 12336--The Task Force on Legal Equity for Women

Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12336 of Dec. 21, 1981, appear at 46 FR 62239, 3 CFR, 1981 Comp., p. 219, unless otherwise noted.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution of the United States of America, and in order to provide for the systematic elimination of regulatory and procedural barriers which have unfairly precluded women from receiving equal treatment from Federal activities, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment. (a) There is established the Task Force on Legal Equity for Women.
(b) The Task Force members shall be appointed by the President from among nominees by the heads of the following Executive agencies, each of which shall have one representative on the Task Force.
(1) Department of State.
(2) Department of The Treasury.
(3) Department of Defense.
(4) Department of Justice.
(5) Department of The Interior.
(6) Department of Agriculture.
(7) Department of Commerce.
(8) Department of Labor.
(9) Department of Health and Human Services.
(10) Department of Housing and Urban Development.
(11) Department of Transportation.
(12) Department of Energy.
(13) Department of Education.
(14) Agency for International Development.
(15) Veterans Administration.
(16) Office of Management and Budget.
(17) International Communication Agency.
(18) Office of Personnel Management.
(19) Environmental Protection Agency.
(20) ACTION.
(21) Small Business Administration.
(c) The President shall designate one of the members to chair the Task Force. Other agencies may be invited to participate in the functions of the Task Force.

Sec. 2. Functions. (a) The members of the Task Force shall be responsible for coordinating and facilitating in their respective agencies, under the direction of the head of their agency, the implementation of changes ordered by the President in sex-discriminatory Federal regulations, policies, and practices.
(b) The Task Force shall periodically report to the President on the progress made throughout the Government in implementing the President's directives.
(c) The Attorney General shall complete the review of Federal laws, regulations, policies, and practices which contain language that unjustifiably differentiates, or which effectively discriminates, on the basis of sex. The Attorney General or his designee shall, on a quarterly basis, report his findings to the President through the Cabinet Council on Legal Policy.

[Sec. 2 amended by Executive Order 12355 of Apr. 1, 1982, 47 FR 14479, 3 CFR, 1982 Comp., p. 165]

Sec. 3. Administration. (a) The head of each Executive agency shall, to the extent permitted by law, provide the Task Force with such information and advice as the Task Force may identify as being useful to fulfill its functions.
(b) The agency with its representative chairing the Task Force shall, to the extent permitted by law, provide the Task Force with such administrative support as may be necessary for the effective performance of its functions.
(c) The head of each agency represented on the Task Force shall, to the extent permitted by law, furnish its representative such administrative support as is necessary and appropriate.

Sec. 4. General Provisions. (a) Section 1-101(h) of Executive Order No. 12258, as amended, is revoked.
(b) Executive Order No. 12135 is revoked.
(c) Section 6 of Executive Order No. 12050, as amended, is revoked.