America's Founding Documents

The Constitution: Mural by Barry Faulkner

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1. Edmund Randolph, Virginia 2. Nathaniel Gorham, Massachusetts 3. John Dickinson, Delaware 4. John Rutledge, South Carolina 5. James Wilson, Pennsylvania 6. Oliver Ellsworth, Connecticut 7. Charles Pinckney, South Carolina
8. James Madison, Virginia 9. Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts 10. William Samuel Johnson, Connecticut 11. George Mason, Virginia 12. George Washington, Virginia 13. Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania
14. Rufus King, Massachusetts 15. William Paterson, New Jersey 16. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, South Carolina 17. Gouverneur Morris, Pennsylvania 18. Alexander Hamilton, New York 19. George Read, Delaware
20. William R. Davie, North Carolina 21. John Langdon, New Hampshire 22. Luther Martin, Maryland 23. Roger Sherman, Connecticut 24. Gunning Bedford, Jr., Delaware 25. Abraham Baldwin, Georgia