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Document for October 25th:
The "America" October 25, 1901

The "America" October 25, 1901, Pastel and Chalk by Russell W. Porter; Papers of Russell W. Porter, 1893-1949 (XRWP); National Archives and Records Administration.

Dated October 25, 1901, this is a pastel and chalk rendering of the steam yacht America by Russell Williams Porter, an artist and surveyer for the the Baldwin-Ziegler Polar Expedition of 1901. The America would later be crushed by pack ice during the subsequent Fiala-Ziegler Expedition of 1903.

A veteran of six Arctic trips between 1894 and 1903, Russell W. Porter left behind an impressive collection of paintings, drawings, notebooks, journals, and correspondence.

More Arctic Sketches of Russell W. Porter in Prologue...
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