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Document for December 22nd:
Telegram from General William T. Sherman to President Abraham Lincoln announcing the surrender of Savannah, Georgia, as a Christmas present to the President. 12/22/1864

Telegram from Maj. Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman to President Abraham Lincoln, presenting the city of Savannah as a Christmas gift, December 22, 1864.(National Archives Identifier: 301637 ); Series: Telegrams Sent by the Field Office of the Military Telegraph and Collected by the Office of the Secretary of War., 1860 - 1870; Records of the Office of the Secretary of War; Record Group 107; National Archives.

The culmination of Sherman’s "March to the Sea" was the capture of Savannah. With savage irony, Sherman invoked the spirit of Christmas as he informed his Commander-in-Chief that Savannah was taken, complete with 150 heavy guns, plenty of ammunition, and 25,000 bales of cotton. President Lincoln was thrilled to hear this news, which he immediately publicized throughout the nation.

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