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Document for July 17th:
Notes by Harry S. Truman on the Potsdam Conference, July 17, 1945

Notes by Harry S. Truman on the Potsdam Conference, July 17, 1945; President’s Secretary’s File; Truman Papers; ; Harry S. Truman Library; National Archives.

On July 17, 1945, two months after Germany surrendered to the Allies at the end of World War II, President Harry S. Truman came face to face with Marshal Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, one of the most brutal autocrats of all time, a meeting recounted in this page from Truman’s diary. The night before this meeting, Truman learned that the United States had successfully tested the world’s first atomic bomb, which may explain his diary’s cryptic reference to "dynamite."

Truman’s diary and other gripping eyewitness acounts from U.S. History are part of the Eyewitness exhibit--travelling to museums nationwide through 2008.

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