National Archives at Kansas City

Folder List, Charges and Complaints Case Files, 1934-1937

National Labor Relations Board (Record Group 25), Kansas City Regional Office

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Box 6

Abernathy Furniture Co.
Aines Farm Dairy Co.
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
American Syrup and Sorghum Co.
Ames Drilling Co.
Arkansas City Flour Mills Co.
Barbers' Strike
Battershell, Donald vs. Diamond Crystal Salt Co.
Boss Manufacturing Co.
Bradley Lumber Co.
Brand and Puritz
Brock Optical Co.
Carey Salt Co.
Cement Employees Federal Union
Central Fibre Products Co.
Commander Mills
Continental Baking Co.
Corn Products Refining Co.
Country Club Dairy Co.
Crocker Dairy Co.
C. W. A.
Deshler Broom Factory
Firemen of Kansas City
Fisher Body Corp
Hinkel and Robinson Oil Co.
Howard, G. F. - Railroad Labor
Iowa Manufacturing Co.
Junge Baking Co.


Box 7

Kansas City Stereotypers Union vs. Drovers Telegram
Lyon Millinery Co.
Midwest Furniture and Chair Co.
Montgomery Ward
Mystic Theater
National Battery Workers
National Biscuit Co.
National Zinc. Co.
Omaha Cold Storage Co.
Painters Union
Palace Clothing Co.
Peck, George B. Dry Goods Co.
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Pittsburg Steam Laundry
Quality Milk Co.
Rice Growers
Smith, C. D. Drug Co.
Southwest Box Co.
Southwestern Milling Co.
Transcontinental Western Airways
U.S. Gypsum Co.
Universal Atlas Cement Co.
Valfer, Grace
Vogan, Howard vs. Banfield Packing Co.
Waxide Paper Co.
Western Auto Supply Co.
Wichita Transportation Co.