National Historical Publications & Records Commission

Education Kit Challenges Teachers and Students to Explore Early United States Diplomacy

The Emerging Nation: America 1783-1790
Editor: Mary A. Giunta.
Compiler: Burt Knauft.

At the close of the Revolutionary War, the United States faced great challenges in establishing itself as a new nation. Although a peace treaty was negotiated with Great Britain, many problems remained.

  • Both the British and United States violated treaty provisions.
  • The nation negotiated and when that failed, fought with Native Americans west of the Allegheny Mountains over land rights.
  • The young nation and its diplomats were challenged to rescue American seaman and ships held for ransom by Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean.

How did the new democracy face such problems, and how did these experiences affect the development of the nation's foreign policy? The use of this kit will explore the answers and raise additional questions.

About the Portfolio

This NHPRC education kit is published by Jackdaw Publications.

Through historical document facsimiles, broadsheet essays, maps and illustrations, and a timeline, the kit represents individual incidents to teach students about conflict resolution in early American diplomacy.

Teachers and students are able to trace the boundaries of the United States based on Article II of the treaty of Paris.

Read diplomatic despatches, private letters, and other documents of early United States diplomacy from the National Archives and the Library of Congress.

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Cost: $37.
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