Alternative Archival Facilities

14th Preservation Conference

March 25, 1999

The 1999 topic, Alternative Archival Facilities, covered unconventional storage areas for artifacts, collections, and records. In case studies, presenters described underground or cave storage; cold storage vaults; conventional freezers; adapted space, such as upgraded rooms or storage areas not originally intended for archival storage; and specially built, high-density depository structures where the material is stacked very high, and expected retrieval is infrequent; and, buildings where the insulation is sufficient so as to require little or no air handling equipment.

List of Conference Presentations

Overview of Alternative Space Options for Libraries and Archives by Paul Banks, Consultant
Standards for Permanent Records Storage and Presidential Libraries by Richard Judson, Engineer, Space and Security Management, National Archives and Records Administration
High-Density, Cool Temperature Storage at the Library of Congress (LC) by Doris A. Hamburg, Head of Preventive Conservation, and Steven J. Herman, Chief of Collections Management, Library of Congress. This presentation is not available as a PDF.
Adaptation of Underground Space by Tom Benjamin, Vice President - Business Development, National Underground Storage, Inc.
The Realistic Preservation Environment by Ernest Conrad, P.E., President, Landmark Facilities Group
Building a Small Cold Storage Vault by Robin Siegel, Conservator, National Geographic Society
The Cold Storage of Photographic Collections Using Conventional Freezer Technology by Mark McCormick-Goodhart, Vice President, Old Town Editions, Inc. This presentation is not available as a PDF.
Special Challenges - Fire and Fire Suppression by Tom Goonan, President, Tom Goonan Associates