20th Annual Preservation Conference

Beyond the Numbers: Specifying and Achieving an Efficient Preservation Environment

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PowerPoint Presentations

Session I:   Understanding Preservation Requirements

Tracing the Evolution of Preservation Environments in Archives, Museums, and Libraries

  • Nancy Davis; National Archives, National Preservation Program Officer (NWT)

Determining and Communicating Preservation Requirements

  • Doris Hamburg; National Archives, Director, Preservation Programs (NWT)

Understanding Mechanical Systems that Support Preservation Environments

  • Ernest Conrad; Principal, Landmark Facilities Group, Inc., Norwalk, CT

Session II:  Optimizing a Preservation Environment

Making Sense of the Environmental Data

  • Jim Reilly; Director, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester, NY

Providing Safe and Practical Environments for Cultural Properties in Historic Buildings and Beyond PowerPoint Presentations   |   Paper

  • Richard Kerschner; Director of Preservation and Conservation, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT

Optimizing Preservation and Energy Efficiency through Systems Review

  • Peter Herzog; Principal, Herzog, Wheeler & Associates, St. Paul, MN

Session III:  Designing Preservation Environments for New and Renovated Facilities

Managing a Successful Mechanical Systems Project - How to Spec a Project and Keep it Moving in the Right Direction:

Session IV:   Recent Projects - Different Approaches

Weighing Alternative Solutions for Long-Term Preservation of Military / Civilian Records

  • Linda Blaser; National Archives, National Preservation Program Officer (NWT) and Bryan K. McGraw; National Archives, Assistant Director for Archival Programs at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

  • Ronald C. Noll; National Archives, Real Property Management Branch Chief, and Gary Simmons, Space and Security Management Division (NAS)

Additional Considerations: Underground, High Bay and Remote Storage Facilities

  • Ann Seibert; National Archives, Preservation Projects Officer (NWT)

Designing the "Circle of Care" at the National Museum of the American Indian

  • Gail Joice; Collections Manager and Emily Kaplan; Conservator, NMAI, Washington, DC