24th Annual Preservation Conference

24th Annual Preservation Conference


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Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm
(Registration opens at 8:00am. Registration fee includes lunch.)

Cost: $150.00 Standard, $75.00 Full-time Student

Program Schedule

William McGowan Theater
National Archives Building
Constitution Avenue and 7th Street NW
Washington, DC

About the Conference

Plan for Preservation: Assess, Prioritize and Manage

The 24th Annual Preservation Conference will focus on strategic planning for preservation informed by assessment and analysis of risks, as well as on ways to prioritize and develop sustainable strategies, realistic decision-making and long-term management.

The strategic goals rely on a vision for and on advocacy for the significance of holdings and collections; the need to create a story that links the values contained in our shared collections and holdings to the values of our culture. We are inviting speakers who have worked on the national, international, state and institutional levels to share both the vision and the practice.

The variables of conditions, preservation needs and uses and institutional, political and cultural realities mean that each preservation story will be different. While no strategies can be universally applied, no matrices work for every material type or institution, nor are there simple sources of funding. Yet our goal is to provide a forum for thinking about what is possible.

By considering approaches that have been used, we will see some of what has worked, and there will be opportunities to share ideas and ask questions of the speakers. Conference speakers will address risk analysis and decision-making in preservation, the history of carrying out preservation management through risk management, national and institutional strategies and how they may be changing. Other presentations will focus on on matrices for documenting assessments, how these may be used for implementing preservation actions, including making decisions about resources. Many speakers will touch on the challenges that institutions face in changing demands for online and digital access and the need to address standards for preserving historical materials while meeting the needs of our citizens.

The intended audience includes preservation administrators, archivists, librarians, conservators, preservation specialists, and curators of museums and other cultural institutions. The program will provide opportunities to share experiences and develop networks with colleagues in local and national institutions. Our intent is for attendees to leave the conference with renewed enthusiasm for preservation planning.

Please check this conference web page for updates on the conference program and exhibitors that will be participating.

For further information, including how to be an exhibitor, please contact: Richard Schneider, 301-837-3617.