Solvent Solver

The Solvent Solver
A Calculator for Working with Teas Fractional Solubility Parameters

The Solvent Solver is a tool created for use by staff at the National Archives in conservation applications, and it is written for users with an existing knowledge of chemistry, solvents and related subject matter.

Please be Aware

  • There is a risk of serious physical injury when mixing chemicals.

  • Only qualified persons should use the Solvent Solver.

  • The National Archives is not responsible for any injuries that may be incurred as a result of using the Solvent Solver program.

The Solvent Solver uses calculations based on the Teas fractional solubility parameter system in conservation applications. The program also provides additional information that may be helpful in evaluating some aspects of the health risks associated with different solvents and solvent mixtures.

  • The program does not consider incompatibility of solvents, reaction of solvents with objects, flammability of solvents, and other important safety considerations.

  • Users should consult the Terms of Use and Disclaimer information presented within the application.

Obtain a Free Copy

Request a copy of the Solvent Solver application on CD from the National Archives:

Download the Solvent Solver application through the Conservation Online (CoOL) project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries:

About the Software

  • Runs under any version of Windows® from Windows 95® onward.

    A Macintosh version is not available.

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