Press Release
Press Release · Friday, September 17, 1999

Press Release
September 17, 1999
LBJ Library to Release Additional Tapes of Johnson's Conversations

Austin, Texas . . . At 9:00 A.M. on September 24, 1999, the Johnson Library will release recordings and transcripts of telephone conversations between by President Johnson and others, from November 1 through December 31, 1964. There are approximately 36 hours of recorded conversations from this time period. The Johnson Library is located at 2313 Red River Street.

Among the topics covered in the recordings are the last days of the 1964 Presidential campaign, discussion of candidates for top administration positions, and the joint Belgian-U.S. military mission to rescue hostages in the Congo. The Library will also release a tape of conversations recorded on December 25 and 26, 1963, but incorrectly identified as conversations from December 1964. Detailed information about individual conversations and transcripts will be available on September 24.

In addition, the Library will re-release one tape of conversations from November 22 and 23, 1963, which have been re-duplicated to improve sound quality.

Beginning on September 24, researchers may listen to the recordings in the Johnson Library Reading Room or purchase tapes for $6.00 per tape, with a minimum order of $10.00. The cost of the set of 36 tapes is $216.00, plus Texas sales tax where applicable. Arrangements for purchase of a complete set should be made with the Reading Room archivist, 512-916-5137, extension 234, by September 20. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Copies of transcripts of those conversations which were transcribed by the President's staff may also be purchased at a cost of $.20 per page by mail or $.10 per page if ordered in the Reading Room. Transcripts are not always reliable and should never be used without checking them against the actual recordings to assure accuracy.

In addition to the conversations from November and December 1964, the Library will also open 42 conversations that previously were released with restrictions. These include conversations with McGeorge Bundy, Thomas Mann, Dean Rusk, Richard Russell and Robert McNamara about such topics as Panama, Cyprus, and the Guantanamo water crisis. The conversations are included on 18 tapes and can be purchased for $6.00 each or $108 for the entire set.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library is one of ten Presidential libraries operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

For additional PRESS information, contact the Johnson Library Reading Room at 512-916-5137, ext. 234.


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