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Press Release · Friday, August 17, 2001

Washington, DC

Press Release
August 17, 2001
Films at the National Archives in October and November

Washington, DC . . . In October and November the National Archives and Records Administration presents film screenings with topics relating to the New Deal, the Declaration of Independence, and World War II.

The screenings will be held in Room 105 of the National Archives Building, Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets, NW, and in the auditorium at the National Archives at College Park, located at 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD unless otherwise noted. All programs are free and open to the public. Free parking is available at the National Archives at College Park. The times and dates may be verified by calling the National Archives public events line at (201) 501-5000. The hearing impaired should call TDD (202) 501-5404 for information.

Washington, DC Films

Friday, October 12-Film and Discussion
The New Deal Arts Programs
During the early years of Franklin Roosevelt's administration, the Federal Government sponsored several programs related to theater, writing, and fine arts in order to provide relief and employment to artists and technicians. Today we are joined by documentary filmmaker Steven Fine, who is producing a documentary on the New Deal Federal arts projects. He will show portions of the work-in-progress and join in a discussion of the period, his research methods, and the challenges of producing historical documentary film. (60 minutes.) Noon. Reservations are recommended; call 202-501-5040, ext. 296.

Friday, October 26
The Declaration of Independence
Save Our History: The Declaration of Independence, released in 1999. This documentary produced by The History Channel traces the history of the Declaration of Independence and describes the efforts of the National Archives to preserve it. (50 minutes.) Noon. Reservations are recommended; call 202-501-5040, ext. 296.

Friday, November 9
Veterans Day/World War II
Report From the Aleutians, released in 1943. John Huston wrote, directed, and narrated this documentary that portrays the lives of the soldiers who manned the most remote outpost of the war, the Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific. (47 minutes.)

The Battle of San Pietro, released in 1945. Also written, directed, and narrated by Huston, this film is an engrossing chronicle of savage fighting between American and German forces for control of the Liri Valley in Italy. (33 minutes.) Both films were produced by the Army Pictorial Service, U.S. Signal Corps. Noon. Reservations are recommended; call 202-501-5040, ext. 296.

College Park, MD Films (For descriptions of the College Park films, see previous listings)

October 15-Film and Discussion
The New Deal Arts Programs (60 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

October 29-Film
Save Our History: The Declaration of Independence (50 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

November 8-Film
Report From the Aleutians & The Battle of San Pietro (80 minutes.) Noon. Auditorium.

For PRESS information, contact the National Archives Public Affairs staff at (301) 837-1700. To verify the date and times of the programs, the public should call the Public Events Line at: 202-501-5000, or view the Calendar of Events on the web at:


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