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Prologue: Special Issue

Winter 2001 Prologue Cover

Summer 1997: African American History

This issue focuses on the use of federal records in African American historical research. Sixteen articles by NARA staff and other historians explore the depth and breadth of material in the National Archives relative to African Americans. This issue examines the Civil War and Reconstruction, labor issues, civil rights, pictorial records, and research aids.

This issue is out of print and not available for purchase, but you can read all of the articles online.


Prologue in Perspective: Voices of African Americans in Federal Records
John W. Carlin

Dedication: In Memory of Sara Dunlap Jackson, May 28, 1919-April 19, 1991
Ira Berlin


Institutions of Memory and the Documentation of African Americans in Federal Records
Walter B. Hill, Jr.

Civil War and

Preserving the Legacy of the United States Colored Troops
Budge Weidman

Freedmen's Bureau Records: An Overview
Elaine C. Everly

From Slave Women to Free Women: The National Archives and Black Women's History in the Civil War Era
Noralee Frankel

Slave Emancipation Through the Prism of Archives Records
Joseph P. Reidy

Labor Issues

African Americans and the American Labor Movement
James Gilbert Cassedy

The Panama Canal: The African American Experience
Patrice C. Brown

Black Domestics During the Depression: Workers, Organizers, Social Commentators
Phyllis Palmer

Civil Rights

Documenting the Struggle for Racial Equality in the Decade of the Sixties
Geraldine N. Phillips

An Archival Odyssey: The Search for Jackie Robinson
John Vernon

Pictorial Records

From Sophie's Alley to the White House: Rediscovering the Visions of Pioneering Black Government Photographers
Nicholas Natanson

The Lions' History: Researching World War II Images of African Americans
Barbara Lewis Burger

The USIA Motion Picture Collection and African American History: A Reference Review
Donald Roe

Research Aids

A Guiding Light
Debra Newman Ham

Documenting African Americans in the Records of Military Agencies
Lisha Penn


The Freedman's Savings and Trust Company and African American Genealogical Research
Reginald Washington


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