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Prologue: Fall 1998

Fall 1998 Prologue coverEssays

American Film Propaganda in Revolutionary Russia
James D. Startt

Bolsheviks, Polar Bears, and Military Law: The Experience of Army Lawyers in North Russia and Siberia in World War I
Fred L. Borch III

Clio's Spies: The National Archives and the Office of Strategic Services in World War II
Jennifer Davis Heaps

Quartermasters, Commerce, and Railroads: Fort Riley, Kansas, in the Nineteenth Century
William A. Dobak


Prologue in Perspective: Records, Records, Everywhere: Users Help NARA's Space Planning
John W. Carlin

Prologue Portfolio: Photographing the Great War
Jonathan Heller

Genealogy Notes: They Answered the Call: Military Service in the United States Army During World War I, 1917-1919
Mitchell Yockelson


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