Prologue Magazine

National Archives Records Relating to Service in the Spanish-American War

Spring 1998, Vol. 30, No. 1

Record Group 45, Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library
Entry 464, Subject File, 1775–1910, files NV (claims of USS Maine survivors) file MK (casualty lists, USS Maine)

Record Group 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel
Entry 224, Keys to and register of enlistment returns, 1846–1902.
Entry 358, Reports of conduct of enlisted men, 1867–1910.
Entry 134, Muster rolls of ships and shore establishments, 1898–1938.
Entry 133, Muster rolls of ships and stations together with shipping articles, 1891–1900.
Entry 98, Correspondence relating to men lost on USS Maine.
Entries 378–379, Records relating to chaplains, 1804–1946.
Entry 168, Commissions, discharges, and resignations of Spanish-American War officers, 1898–1899.
Entry 172, Telegrams and cables conveying orders to naval officers, 1897–1903.
Entry 372A, Record of Medal of Honor awards, 1863–1928.
Entry 185, Lists of officers, 1878–1909.
Entry 110, Register of correspondence with or concerning enlisted men, 1896–1902.
Entry 139, Register of applications, 1897–1917.
Entry 166, Warrants issued to officers, 1846–1925.
Entry 143, Applications for appointments, 1886–1917.

Record Group 52, Records of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (Navy)
Entry 22, Medical journals of ships, 1813–1910.
Entry 40A, Registers showing individual service of medical officers, 1820–1930.
Entry 51, Registers of patients, 1812–1929.

Record Group 125, Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Navy)
Entry 58, Records of the proceedings of naval and marine examining boards, 1861–1903.
Entry 56, Records of proceedings of naval and marine retiring boards, 1861–1909.
Entry 27, Records of proceedings of general courts-martial, 1866–1940.
Entry 28, Registers of general courts martial, 1861-1904.
Entry 30, Records of proceedings of courts of inquiry, boards of investigation and boards of inquest, 1866–1940.
Entry 31, Registers of courts of inquiry, boards of investigation, and boards of inquest, 1861–1917.
Entry 49, Index to summary courts-martial, 1895–1904.

Record Group 127, Records of the United States Marine Corps
Entry 75, Alphabetical card list of enlisted men of the Marine Corps, 1798–1941.
Entry 76, Service records (case files) of enlisted men, 1798–1906.
Entry 67, Record of military service of Marine Corps officers, 1869–1873, 1899–1904.
Entry 68, Press copies of military histories and statements of service of officers, 1904–1911.
Entry 17, Letters and endorsements received, 1904–1912.
Entry 14, Name and subject index to series 17, 1904–1912.

Record Group 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780's–1917
Entry 522, Carded records for volunteer organizations, Spanish-American War.
Entry 561, Personal papers of medical officers and physicians, 1846–1912.
Entry 91, Regular army enlistment papers, 1798–1912.
Entry 297, Letters received by the Appointment, Commission, and Personal Branch, 1863–1894.
Entry 53, Muster rolls of regular army organizations, 1784–1912.
Entry 25, Document File, 1890–1917.

Record Group 112, Records of the Office of the Surgeon General (Army)
Entry 104, Case files of candidates seeking appointments as army nurses, 1898–1917.
Entry 108, Annual efficiency reports on nurses, 1898–1917.
Entry 149, Personal data of Spanish-American War contract nurses, 1898–1939.
Entry 150, Correspondence relating to the service of Spanish American War contract nurses, 1898–1939.
Entry 139, Service records of contract surgeons, 1898–1915.
Entry 91, Military service cards of regular army officers of the medical corps, 1894–1917.
Entry 79, Case files of candidates for appointment in the medical corps, 1890–1917.
Entry 44, General Correspondence (doc file), 1889–1917.
Entry 42, Index to series 44.

Record Group 153, Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army)
Entry 15, Court-martial case files, 1809–1938.
Entry 17, Index to court-martial cases.

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