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Final Crew List of the Steamer Portland

This crew list for the final voyage of the Portland was reconstructed primarily with information obtained from the wage papers and claims filed with the U.S. circuit court. Information about race was taken from the U.S. population census of 1900 and the Canadian provincial censuses of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia of 1901. When census records were not available, that column was left blank.

Name Rating Birthplace Race Monthly Wages
Allen, Henry George Porter Harrisonburg, VA B 22
Barron, Matthew Deckhand Placentia, Newfoundland 30
Berry, Mrs. Marjorie A. Stewardess Yarmouth, ME B 18
Blake, Rodney S. Watchman Brooklin, ME W 35
Blanchard, Hollis H. Master Belfast, ME W 125
Bruse, Denis Deckhand N. Roms Island, Newfoundland 30
Carter, Allen Fireman Kouchibouguae, New Brunswick W 35
Cash, William H. Saloon Wilmington, NC B 22
Collins, Peter L. Deckhand St. John, New Brunswick W 14
Cropley, George H. Deckhand W 30
Crozier, John Deckhand Willow Grove, St. John, New Brunswick W 30
Daley. John Deckboy Cork, Ireland W 30
Dauphinee, Everett Deckhand Chester, Nova Scotia W 30
Davidson, James Deckhand DeBert, Nova Scotia W 30
Dillon, John A. Oiler Eastport, ME W 35
Doughty, William Fireman Eastport, ME W 35
Dunn, William Saloon 22
Dyer, Ansel Lewis Qtrmaster & 2nd Mate Portland, ME 35
Foreman, Lee Steam Tableman South Hampton, VA 25
Gately, John K. Fireman Portland, ME W 35
Gatling, Alexander Saloon Elizabeth City, VA B 22
Graham, George H. Cabin Man Burlington, NJ B 22
Graham, Maurice Deckhand Simonds, New Brunswick W 21
Harris, Mrs. Carrie E.M. Stewardess St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia B 20
Hartley, Richard Deckhand Northeast, Newfoundland 30
Hemenway, William A. Cabin Man Worcester, MA W 17
Heuston, William A. Deck Steward B 32
Howard, Stephen Cook St. John, New Brunswick B 50
Ingraham, Frederick A. Purser W 90
Johnson, Charles H. Saloon 22
Johnson*, Arthur A. Saloon Watchman Moose River, Nova Scotia B 22
Jones, John Cook Frederick, MD B 35
Latimer, William E. Head SaloonMan St. Croix, West Indies 24
Leighton, Franklin Electrician Falmouth, ME W 50
Mackey, John First Mate 45
Matthews, Alonzo V. Steward B 70
McGillivray, George Deckhand St. John, New Brunswick W 30
McNeil, James J. Oiler St. John, New Brunswick W 35
Merrill, Thomas B. Chief Engineer Norwalk, CT W 90
Merrill, Charles L. 2nd Asst. Engineer Westbrook, ME W 50
Merriman, Hugh Fireman Harpswell, ME W 35
Minott, Michael Saloon Port Antonio, Jamaica 22
Moore, Horace C. Clerk Portland, ME W 17.33
Mundrucu, Theodore M.C. Saloon Watchman Pernambuco, Brazil 17
Nelson, Lewis Martin Pilot Norway 60
Norton, George A. Deckhand Lubec, ME W 30
O'Brien, Con Deckhand 30
Oxley, Ernest Pantryman Port Antonio, Jamaica 27
Patterson, Frank A. 2nd Mate Belfast, ME W 35
Pennell, Thomas H. Fireman Portland, ME W 35
Pinna, Roland J. Cabin Man Cape Verde Islands 22
Reed, Griffin S. Forward Cabin Watch Portland, ME B 22
Robichau, Winthrop P. Baggage Master New Brunswick W 35
Rollinson, Harry C. Fireman Eastport, ME W 35
Sewall, Thomas Watchman Westport, ME W 35
Sloan, Arthur Deckhand Willow Grove, St. John, New Brunswick W 30
Smith, Fred Deckhand Deer Isle, ME 30
Smith, Samuel Henry Hall Man Lynchburg, VA B 22
Stanley, James Deckhand Brooklin, ME W 30
Thompson, William G.A. Cabin Man 22
Walton, John Tuck 1st Asst. Engineer Cape Elizabeth, ME W 60
Whitten, John C. Watchman W 35
Williams, James After Cabin Watch Bermuda 17
Wills, Fred A. Cook St. Martin, West Indies 25

* or Johnston. He is listed on the shipping commissioner's report as Johnson but his widow, Ellen, signs her name on two claims as Johnston.