The Record - March 1998


National Archives
Washington, DC Area

Declassification and Initial Processing Division

General Records of the Department of State (Record Group 59, 335 cubic feet).
Bureau of Administration, Records Management Subject Files, 1952-57; General Budget Material, 1957-61. Bureau of Economic Affairs, Daily Economic Summaries, 1961-1970, Minutes of Economic Staff Meetings. Bureau of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Vietnam Prisoner of War and Missing in Action (MIA/POW) Files, 1974-79. Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, Records Relating to the Inter-American Organizations and Conferences, 1944-56; Records Relating to Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Haiti, 1947-60; Records Relating to Mexico, 1938-63. Deputy Secretary of State, Files of Charles W. Robinson, 1967-77. Executive Secretariat, Afternoon Summaries, 1959-71; Daily Reports, 1975; Morning Summary of Significant Reports, 1971-74 ; Presidential and Secretary of State Correspondence with Heads of State, 1961-71; Secretariat Memorandums, 1965-75; Special Summaries, 1969; Summaries: Top Secret and Secret, 1964-75; Records of the Special Group (Counter Insurgency), 1962-66.

Foreign Service Inspection Corps, Inspection Reports, 1950-63. Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Chronological Files of Foy D. Kohler, 1966-67; Deputy Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs, Subject Files, 1964-68; Director for Atomic Energy and Aerospace, Subject Files, 1950-66. Director for Combined Policy, Records Relating to Disarmament and Arms Control, 1961-66; Subject Files, 1961-66. Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Subject Files of Richard N. Gardner, 1961-65; Records Relating to International Labor Matters, 1948-70. Office of United Nations Political Affairs, Position Papers for U.S. Delegations to the UN, 1955-64; Subject and Country Affairs, 1949-67. Office of Cultural Affairs, Near East and South Asia Special Project Files, 1960-63; Planning and Development Country Files, 1955-64. Office of Munitions Control, Export Files, Telegrams & Airgrams, 1964. Refugee Relief Program, Subject Files, 1953-55.

Ambassador at Large Ellsworth Bunker, 1962-67 (Includes material as Consultant to the Department and U.S. Representative to OAS). Transcripts of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's Staff Meetings, 1973-77.

Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Office of the Judge Advocate General (Navy) (RG 125, 40 cubic feet). War Crimes Branch, Administrative Correspondence and Related Records, 1945-49; Miscellaneous Records, 1944-49; Records Relating to German War Crimes, 1945-48; Records Relating to Investigations and Other Work of the International Prosecution Section of the Supreme Commander Allied Powers, 1944-47; RecordsRelating to Pacific Area War Crimes Cases, 1944-49; Records Relating to Prisoners of War, 1944-49; Records Relating to the United Nations War Crimes Commission, 1944-46; Records Relating to U.S. Interrogations of Japanese Witnesses and Defendants in War Crimes Cases, 1945-49; Records Relating to U.S. Military Officers Involved with War Crimes Cases, 1944-49; Records Relating to War Crimes at Sea, 1942-49; War Crimes Branch. Records Originated by the Director of War Crimes, Pacific Fleet; Records Originated by the Director of War Crimes, Pacific Fleet, Secret Correspondence, 1945-49; Records Originated by the Liaison Officer for War Crimes, Naval Forces Marianas, Records Relating to War Crimes Investigations and Trials, 1944-49. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Agency for International Development (RG 286, 48 cubic feet). Executive Secretariat; Briefing Books, 1962-64; Chronological Files, 1964-65; Country and Regional Files, 1961-66; Subject Files, 1961-66. USAID CAMBODIA Civil Police Assistance Division, Subject Files, 1952-63; Public Safety Division, Subject Files, 1961-68. USAID GREECE Public Safety Division, Subject Files, 1957-62. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Office of the Secretary of Defense (RG 330, 28 cubic feet). Correspondence, 1958-1959. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Interservice Agencies (RG 334, 13 cubic feet). Military Assistance Advisory Group, Italy; Army Section; End-Use Branch, Inspection Report Files, 1950. Military Assistance Advisory Group, France, Administrative Branch, Receipts & Manifests Files, 1950-54. State-Defense Military Information Control Committee, Security Classified Correspondence With the United States Mission to NATO and USRO, 1951-63. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

U.S. Army Commands, 1942- (Record Group 338, 10 cubic feet). U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR); Communications Zone; Orleans Area Command}; Harbord Barracks Activity, n.d.; Special Activities Division; Organization and Planning Files, 1953-60. Eritrea Service Command, 1942-45. Korean Communications Zone, 1952-55. Records Of General Headquarters, FEC, SCAP, and UNC; Assistant Chief Of Staff, G-3; Operations Division; Endorsements And Memorandums ("Check Notes And Memos"), 1950-51; Letters, Memorandums, And Endorsements, 1947-50. U.S. Army, Alaska, 1947-65. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Office of the Secretary of the Air Force (RG 340, 287 cubic feet). Correspondence, 1959-65. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff) (RG 341, 29 cubic feet). Air Force Chief of Staff Decisions, 1954-64. Material Policy Correspondence, 1946-57. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

U.S. Foreign Assistance Agencies, 1948-61 (Record Group 469, 153 cubic feet). FAR EAST. Cambodia Desk, Project Case Files, 1958-61; Subject Files, 1958-61. Development Planning Division, Program And Subject Files of Helene Granby, 1956-61, Program Files, 1955-60, Subject Files, 1955-61. Vietnam Desk, Subject Files, 1955-61. Office of the Manager of the Development Loan Fund (DLF, Files Pertaining to Malaysia, 1953-61. Burma Desk, Project Case Files, 1957-61, Indonesia-Japan Division, Office of the Division Chief, Records Relating to Technical Assistance to Western Samoa.

Office Of Industrial Resources, Office Of The Director, Subject Files, 1948-59. Coal Country and Regional Files, 1948-59; Combined Materials Subject Files, 1952-54; Industrial Engineering Division Subject Files, 1948-55, Atomic Energy Project Case Files, 1956-61, Power Project Case Files, 1948-58, Processing Industries Subject Files, 1948-56, Industrial Training Project Files & Reports, 1949-59, Non-Ferrous Metals Country Files, 1948-56, Records Relating to International Materials Conferences, 1951-53, Basic Materials and Strategic Products Subject File, 1950-54, Far East Project Case Files, 1955-60.

Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.

Peace Corps (RG 490, 1 cubic feet). Office of the Regional Director for Africa, the Near East, and South Asia. Misc. Program Records Relating to Turkey, Greece, and Libya, 1960-71. Materials open. Contact Archives II Textual Reference Branch (301)837-3510.


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After review for declassification under the provisions of Executive Order 12598, the following materials have been opened:

20,550 pages from the Papers of John F. Kennedy: Presidential Papers: National Security Files: Countries and the Personal Papers of William Crockett, Assistant Secretary of State for Administration (1961-63), Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration (1963-67).

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During the first quarter the Library submitted 60 documents (163 pages) for mandatory declassification review on behalf of four requestors. The agencies acted on 91 documents (551 pages) with 52 documents (198 pages) being declassified in full; 27 documents (165 pages) being declassified in part; and 12 documents (188 pages) being exempted in full. The topics covered include international economic summit meetings, relations with USSR, Southeast Asia, international terrorism, intelligence investigations, and Chile, among others.