The Record - May 1998

Accessions and Openings

National Archives and Records Administration
Washington, DC Area

Declassification and Initial Processing Division

Bureau of the Census (Record Group 29, 7 cubic feet). Statistical publications relating to the 1990 decennial census of United States Territories, 1992-93; Planning and management files relating to the 1980 decennial census of the United States Territories, 1967-87; Records relating to training and education pertaining to the 1990 decennial census, 1990. Materials open. Contact the Old Military and Civil Records staff (202) 357-5385.

Department of State (RG 59, 126 cubic feet). Briefing Books, Reports, and Minutes created and maintained by the Executive Secretariat, 1952-66; Records of the Labor Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs relating to the International Labor Organization, 1932-51; Records of the Office of Economic Defense and Trade Policy Relating to Participation in Economic Defense Organizations, 1951-55; and Records of the Geographer relating to Antarctica and Antarctic Exploration, 1930-55, and to Pacific Islands Exploration and Sovereignty Claims, 1934-54.

Records of the Legal Advisor relating to International Copyright Matters, 1923-59; to the Red Cross and Geneva Conventions, 1941-67; and to the Steering Group on Implementation of the Nassau Decisions, 1960-63.

Central Files, 1961-66, and Miscellaneous Files, 1959-67, of the Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs; and Records of the Office of Atomic Energy Affairs, 1963-66.

Records of the Office of Inter-American Regional Political Affairs relating to the Inter-American Juridical Committee, to the Inter-American Peace Committee, and to Special Political Problems, 1948-55; and Records of the Office of German Affairs relating to the Negotiation of the Status of Forces Agreement with Germany, 1954-59.

Records of the Office Special Consular Services, including Death Files: Report of the Death of an American Citizen, 1963-64, and Estate Case Files: Inventory of Effects and Final Statement of Accounts, 1963-75; and Records of the Bureau of Public Affairs relating to Foreign Policy Briefing Conferences, 1961-62. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (RG 65, 151 cubic feet). Case Files and Indexes for Classification 15, Theft from Interstate Shipping, 1920-67; Classification 32, Federal Building Sites and Identification-Fingerprint Matters, 1923-41; Classification 88, Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution, 1938-52; and Classification 91, Bank Robbery, Bank Burglary, and Bank Larceny, 1931-66. Materials partially restricted. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

Panama Canal (RG 185, 9 cubic feet). Records of the Department of Operation and Maintenance relating to the Water Storage Project and Spillway Study, 1905-46; and Declassified General Correspondence maintained by the Internal Security Office, 1945-79. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

U.S. Courts of Appeals (Record Group 276, 15 cubic feet). General appellate jurisdiction docket books. An addition to this series brings the dates span to 1893-1974. Materials open. Contact the Old Military and Civil Records staff (202) 357-5385.

Naval Operating Forces (RG 313, 26 cubic feet). Records of the Public Affairs Office, United States Naval Support Force, Antarctica comprising the following series: Records Relating to Operation Deep Freeze 1955-94; Bulletin of the US Antarctic Projects Officer 1959-65; Antarctica Sun Times 1975-97; Subject Files 1947-91. Materials open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Army Staff (RG 319, 27 cubic feet). Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations, Foreign National Training Files, 1955-73, and Civil Disturbance Reporting Files, 1967-71. Materials security classified. Unclassified Foreign National Training Files of the Records of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations 1970-74. Materials open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Army Commands (RG 338, 1 cubic foot). Emergency Defense Planning Files for Alaska-Western Canada-Western United States (ALCANUS) 1949-64. Materials security classified. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Special Media Archives Services Division

Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture (RG 16, 370 images). Photographs Used in the Department of Agriculture Publication, "After A Hundred Years-The Yearbook of Agriculture 1962", 1962 (Series CY). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

US Civil Service Commission (RG 146, approximately 1,476 image). Photographic Prints and Negatives of Employees in Federal Occupations, 1939-48 (Series FJ); Photographic Prints and Negatives of US Civil Service Commission Activities and Personnel, 1938-54 (Series MAL); and Photographic Negative Subject File of US Civil Service Commission Activities and Personnel, 1966-72 (Series SP). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (RG 207, 166 images). Hurricane Damage Assessment Forms Documenting the Affects of Hurricanes "Andrew" and "Iniki" to Single-Family Homes, September, 1993 (Series AI); Color Slides Taken Following Hurricanes "Andrew" and "Iniki", September 1993 (Series H); Post Earthquake Damage Assessment Survey Forms Created After the Northridge, California, Earthquake of January 17, 1994 (Series EQ); and Color Slides Taken Following the Northridge, California, Earthquake of January 17, 1994 (Series NE). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

US Information Agency (RG 306, 1,635 images). Photographs Documenting the 1964 Republican Convention in San Francisco, CA, July 1964 (Series RC). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Allied Operational and Occupation Headquarters, World War II (RG 331, 42 posters). World War II Newsmaps Describing Action in the Southwest Pacific Area and the European Theater of Operations, January 1944-March 1945 (Series NP). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

St. Elizabeths Hospital (RG 418, 72 images). Photographs of Structures at Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, DC, 1968 (Series STE). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Department of Energy (RG 434, 467 images). Photographs of Spreads 7, 8, and 9 of the Eastern Leg of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, ca. August 1981 (Series E); Miscellaneous Photographs of the Eastern Leg of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, ca 1981 (Series EL); A Report on the History of the San Francisco Field Office, 1982 (Series HST); and Photographic Report Related to the Juniper Canyon Area of the Western Leg of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, January 15, 1982 (Series JC). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Office of Personnel Management (RG 478, 266 images). Color Slides of Civil Service Occupations and Activities of the US Civil Service Commission and Office of Personnel Management (Series S). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Records recently transferred from textual records units in the National Archives include:

National Archives Gift Collection of Materials Relating to Polar Regions: The Robert E. Peary Family Collection: Drawings and Sketches by Robert E. Peary and Albert Operti Relating to Polar Explorations, 1880-1912 (Series XPAR). Contact still picture reference services at College Park, MD (301) 837-0561 ext. 234.

Office of Regional Records Services

(Center City Philadelphia)

14700 Townsend Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154-1096
(215) 597-3000

National Park Service (RG 79, 2 cubic feet). Hopewell Furnace National Historic Park (PA) Land acquisition records concerning the purchase of land and the establishment of the park in 1938.

United States District Courts (RG 21, 3 cubic feet). Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, bankruptcy dockets dated 1975-78.

Naval districts and Shore Establishments (RG 181, 23 cubic feet). Fourth Naval District (Philadelphia), Commandant's Correspondence Files, 1958.


Denver Federal Center, Building 48
Denver, Colorado 80225
(303) 236-0801

Bureau of Land Management (RG 49, 4 cubic feet). Records received from the Montana State Office in Billings, Montana consist of withdrawals, classifications, designations, registers, ledgers and indexes, July 1876-August 1903, relating to State Selection Lands on Indian Reservations. Materials open.

US Mint, Denver, Colorado (RG 104, 3 cubic feet). The records from the Denver Mint, Cash Division, pertain to bullion deposits, assays, purchases and correspondence, 1938-95. Included are records concerning gold forfeited to the United States, 1969-70. Materials open.

Bureau of Reclamation (RG 115, 170 cubic feet). The records received from the Central Arizona Project, Phoenix, Arizona, pertain to Reclamation camps and project facilities, 1977-97; general reports, 1942-97; press releases, news articles and photographs, November 1, 1978-October 31, 1993; technical reports, 1947-97; 4 large maps of the Salt River Project, 1902-04; and some specifications for construction. The records from the Lower Colorado Regional Office, Salt Lake City, Utah consist land management files, 1948-90 for the Middle Rio Grande, Central Utah, Seedskadee, Provo River, Mancos and the Weber Basin Projects; land classification files, 1963-66 which include acreage tabulations; and technical reports, 1940-78 for the Rio Grande and the Colorado River Storage Projects. Records received from the Hoover Dam, Boulder Canyon Project, Boulder City, Nevada concern power planning and development, 1946-86; features and equipment relating to the dam, 1931-86, such as gates, valves, grouting and inspection reports; operation and maintenance records, 1931-87 which includes design and construction data for the Six Companies; and 66 histories and cost ledgers arranged by project, 1902-67. The Denver Office sent construction specifications, surveying, mapping and geographical information for the Colorado River Project and the Umatilla Project, 1945-97 and photographs and slides, 1976-77, pertaining to the Foreign Project Inza-Shaba kv-dc, Kinshasa, Zaire, which was coordinated by the US Bureau of Reclamation, Division of Foreign Activities, for the Society National Electricity (SNEL). Materials open.

US Army Commands-Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, Aurora, Colorado (RG 338, 84 cubic feet). These records were received from the Public Affairs Office and the Historian and consist of documents, correspondence, reports, newspaper articles, photographs, slides, cassettes and videos relating to the activities and functions of the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, 1918-97. Materials open.

Department of Energy (RG 434, 2 cubic feet). These records were received from the Project Office in Grand Junction, Colorado and consist of slides and photographs and related indexes documenting the DOE's Plant Managers of the agency's Grand Junction facility, 1943-97. Materials open.

PACIFIC REGION (San Francisco)

1000 Commodore Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066
(415) 876-9009

US Customs Service (RG 36, 17 cubic feet).
Wreck reports, registers of steam vessels inspected, applications for official number, and related records, 1899-1947, of the Office of the Collector, San Francisco. Abstracts of title, preferred mortgage books, wreck reports, oaths of new masters, consolidated certificates of enrollment and license, 1911-63, and bills of sale of registered and enrolled vessels, 1914-65, of the Office of the Collector, Honolulu. Materials open.

Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (RG 41, 20 cubic feet). Vessel files, 1913-41, of the Supervising Inspector, San Francisco. Materials open.

Forest Service (RG 95, 27 cubic feet). Pacific Southwest Regional Office timber program management records, 1912-87, records of pesticide use management and land and resource management planning, 1974-92, and closed appeal case files, 1979-95. Stanislaus National Forest land and resource planning files, 1978. Materials open.


6125 Sand Point Way, NE
Seattle, Washington 98115-7999
(206) 336-5115

United States Coast Guard (RG 26, 4 cubic feet).
Official merchant marine log books, 1966, from the Marine Safety Office, Puget Sound, Seattle, WA. Some material may be restricted.

Forest Service (RG 95, 254 cubic feet). From the Regional Forester (Region 1, Missoula, MT), regional office records, pre 1946; regional alpha files, 1946-59; special use permits, 1939-73; Forest Service diaries, 1921-60; directives, 1958-65; organizational studies, 1959-76; advisory committees' records, 1955-74; policy speeches, 1956-68; and archival history, 1963-73. Umpqua National Forest, Roseburg, OR, history files, 1974-75. Winema National Forest, Klamath Falls, OR, press releases, 1960-62. Gallatin National Forest, Bozeman, MT, press releases, 1966-67. Targhee National Forest, St. Anthony, ID, directives, 1970. Bitterroot National Forest, Hamilton, MT, press releases, 1963-70. Payette National Forest, McCall, ID, directives, 1969-71. Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, OR, publications, 1991-92. Materials open.

Bonneville Power Administration (RG 305, 9 cubic feet). Program subject files, 1960-71; internal directives, 1971; and hydrologic studies, 1976. Materials open.


7358 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60629
(773) 581-7816

District Courts of the United States (RG 21 21, 219 cubic feet). Civil Docket Sheets, 1959-72, from the US District Court, Southern District of Illinois at Springfield; Civil Docket Books, 1855-1969, Criminal Docket Books, 1907-69, Naturalization Petitions, 1867-1967, Index Book of Naturalization Declarations of Intention and Petitions, April 19, 1907-October 31, 1917, Index Cards Relating to Naturalization Petitions, 1888-1967, Duplicate Naturalization Petitions and Certificates of World War II Veterans, 1944-47, Overseas Naturalization Petitions, 1952-56, Naturalization Transfer Petitions, 1956-70, Naturalization Repatriation Cases, 1936-52, 1968-69, 1976, Interrogatories in Depositions of Witnesses in Naturalization Proceedings, 1940-63, Naturalization Grant and Denial Sheet Lists, 1966-68, from the US District Court, Northern District of Ohio at Cleveland. Materials open.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (RG 100, 1 cubic foot). Program Correspondence File, 1987-88, from the Office of Training and Development, Chicago. Materials open.


2313 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78705

The Library accessioned an accretion of 9 cubic feet to the Personal Papers of Ellsworth Bunker, Ambassador to Argentina, Italy, India and South Vietnam. This accretion consists mostly of personal correspondence (1964-67) and is currently not available for research.

Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson gave the Library her appointment books (1941, 1948-96), the manuscript material used in the publication of A White House Diary (1963-1969), and the backup material she used while recording her diary (1964-69). The materials include the sound recordings and transcripts of both the published and unpublished portions of her diary. Because Mrs. Johnson used a battery-operated recorder, the original tapes include extreme speed variations. The Library is exploring equipment options which would enable it preserve the tapes, correct the recording speed, and improve the quality of the recordings.

The audio recordings of Lady Bird Johnson's diary for November 22-24, 1963, as published on pages 3-10 of her book, A White House Diary, were made available for research. These segments of the diary deal with the assassination of President Kennedy and his funeral.

Approximately three-fourths (1.5 cubic feet) of the Papers of George Elsey, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, were opened for research. The open material consists of Elsey's handwritten notes and related documents from the Secretary of Defense's staff meetings (the "0830 Group") from May 1968 through January 1969.

Over 11,900 pages were reviewed and opened for research in the National Security File including the Country Files for Cuba, Dominican Republic, USSR and Iran; International Meetings and Travel File, Inter-American Summit Meeting (Punta del Este Summit, April 1967); Head of State Correspondence File, USSR; and Memos to the President from the Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, which is now fully processed.

An additional 4,000 pages were reviewed and opened for research in the Papers of Francis M. Bator, National Security Council staff member and Deputy Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

Columbia Point
Boston, MA 02125
(617) 929-4500

An accretion to the Personal Papers of William Crockett, management consultant and government official, 1 foot. Closed pending processing.

The Personal Papers of Robert P. Fitzgerald, member, John F. Kennedy Library Corporation (1964-79), have been opened for research use, 2 feet. Files on the development of the Kennedy Library, including memoranda, reports, studies, site plans, photographs and maps. The papers document efforts to get the Library built despite numerous complications with many different proposed sites.

An accretion to the Personal Papers of A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., judge; lawyer; educator; Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission (1962-64); Judge, US District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania (1964-77); Vice Chairman, National Commission on the Cause and Prevention of Violence (1968-69); Judge, US Court of Appeals, Philadelphia (1977-93); professor, University of Pennsylvania (1964-88), 1 foot. Material is closed pending processing.

An accretion to the Personal Papers of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts. Staff member Melody Miller's Press Office Files, 10 feet. Material is closed.

Individual documents reviewed under appeals of donor restrictions were reviewed and opened from Robert F. Kennedy Papers: Senate Files: Personal Correspondence, 1965-68.

An accretion to the Personal Papers of George Lodge, educator, government official and Massachusetts political figure, 1 foot. Closed pending processing.

Oral history interviews with the following people have been opened:

Corrine Boggs, Congresswoman from Louisiana (1973-91); co-chairman, Presidential Inaugural Ball, 1961, 1965. 15 pages.

Horace Busby, Jr., Special Assistant to the President; Cabinet secretary and speech writer (1963-65). 22 pages.

Robert Pierpoint, CBS News White House correspondent (1957-80). 34 pages.

1000 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 741-2218

The Library opened for research the National Security Council Meetings series of the Files of National Security Advisers Henry A. Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, 1974-77, ca. 1,000 pages. The material consists of agenda and minutes for most of the 39 National Security Council meetings held during the Ford administration. Topics include arms control, US military readiness, the Middle East, Angola, Vietnam, the Mayaguez, the Panama Canal, and the intelligence investigations. At this point, the material consists mainly of withdrawal sheets for classified documents. Researchers are invited to submit mandatory review requests.

200 S.E. 4th
Abilene, KS 67410
(913) 263-4751

The Papers of Guy O. Farmer, 1944-95 (9.5 cubic feet). The papers of Guy Farmer consist primarily of speeches and magazine articles which he prepared during his career; decisions of the National Labor Relations Board during his term as chairman, 1953-55; subject files on professional organizations and conferences with which he was involved; and a small quantity of social correspondence and printed materials. Materials are closed pending review.

The Papers of Joseph M. LaRocca, 1942-96 (4 cubic feet). The papers of Joseph M. LaRocca consist mostly of files covering his career with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare's Vocational Rehabilitation Administration as chief of the division of international rehabilitation activities, and as consultant to organizations and agencies such as the International Rescue Committee, Urban Institute, World Rehabilitation Fund and the State Department. The files include reports, studies, legislation, research papers, articles, books, and other literature on health and transportation problems of the elderly, mentally ill and disabled. There are also a few files on Mr. LaRocca's work as technical director for rehabilitation of the White House Conference on Aging in 1959 and 1960, folders of speeches delivered by Mr. LaRocca and other members of the HEW staff, photographs, and scrapbooks of his service in the Navy during World War II. Materials are closed pending review.

The Papers of Robert E. Lee, 1947-92 (2 cubic feet). The papers of Robert E. Lee consist primarily of copies of his speeches and articles. The collection also contains a small quantity of personal correspondence, most of which pertains to his appointment to the Federal Communications Commission; a few subject files, including information on relations between the FCC and Congress during the Eisenhower administration; a 1985 interview on the history of the COMSAT program; and several photographs. Materials are closed pending review.

The Additional Records of the White House Office, Office of the Special Assistant for Disarmament (Harold Stassen), 1955-64 (nine cubic feet). These records consist of memoranda, statements, minutes, reports, correspondence, telegrams and press briefings re the activities and deliberations of the UN Disarmament Commission Subcommittee in the 1957 disarmament negotiations. Also included are correspondence, memoranda, telegrams and reports concerning the work of the US delegation to the UN Disarmament Subcommittee and the White House disarmament staff. Materials open.

500 West US Highway 24
Independence, MO 64050-1798
(816) 833-1400

The Library has received the papers of Dr. Wallace Graham: surgeon, major general in the US Air Force Reserve, and personal physician to President Harry S. Truman and Mrs. Bess Truman from 1945 to 1982. The collection consists of correspondence, medical records, drafts of an unpublished memoir by Dr. Graham, newspaper clippings, photographs, motion picture film, speech drafts, handwritten notes, printed material, memorabilia, and other items. Approximately 20 linear feet, c. 1927-92. This collection is closed pending processing.

The Library has received an accretion to the papers of Dean Acheson, US Secretary of State from 1949 to 1953. The accretion consists of bound volumes of congratulatory messages to Acheson upon his appointments to various positions in the Treasury and State Departments; newspaper clippings; verbatim minutes of the Japanese Peace Treaty conference in San Francisco in 1951; and messages of condolence sent to Mrs. Acheson following Acheson's death in 1971. Approximately 2 linear feet, 1933-71. This accretion is closed pending processing.