The Record - September 1998


National Archives
Washington, DC Area

Declassification and Initial Processing Division

Records of the Bureau of Ships (Record Group 19, 187 cubic feet). Secret General Correspondence, 1951. Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records. (301) 837-3510.

Bureau of Naval Personnel (RG 24, 2452 cubic feet). All recent declassifications were in conjunction with archival processing and are listed under "Accessions and Openings."

U.S. Senate (RG 46, 114 cubic feet). Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, Classified Numbered Documents, 1973-92. Materials Open with many documents withdrawn or sanitized for privacy and other reasons. Contact Center for Legislative Archives. (202) 357-5350.

Office of Management and Budget (RG 51, 26 cubic feet). Subject Files for the Department of State, 1962-69. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

Department of State (RG 59, 65 cubic feet). Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, Office of Southeast Asian Affairs, Vietnam Files, 1959-60. Minutes of Meetings of the Sino-American Joint Sessions American Embassy Taipei, USOM Taiwan, ROC Industrial Development and Investment Center, 1960-63. Bureau of Inter-American Affairs. Office of the Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States, Records of the Foreign Ministers of the American States, 1951-59. Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Subject Files, 1942-62; Records of the World Health Organization and the Committee on International Health Policy, 1946-62. Executive Secretariat, Presidential Correspondence, 1953-60. Office of the Under Secretary for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs Records of Interdepartmental Committee of Under Secretaries on Foreign Economic Policy (ICFEP), 1961-63. Departmental Regulations and Related Files, 1946-56. Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, Records Relating to the Crisis in the Dominican Republic, 1965-66. Other recent declassifications were in conjunction with archival processing and are listed under "Accessions and Openings." Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

U.S. Bureau of Mines (RG 70, 1 cubic foot). Tabulations of Aluminum Production, Consumption, Shipment, and Stock, 1950-52. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84, 20 cubic feet). Aden, South Yemen, Subject Files, 1959-61. Amman, Jordan, Subject Files, 1961 and 1964. Auckland, New Zealand, Subject Files, 1959-63. Bangkok, Thailand, USIS Classified Alpha-Numeric Subject Files, 1956-58. Bonn, Germany, Subject Files, 1956-63. Calcutta, India, USIS Classified General Records, 1959-61. Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, Subject Files, 1959-64. Kabul, Afghanistan, Classified General Records, 1959-61. Lisbon, Subject Files, 1962-63. Lahore, Pakistan, Classified General Records, 1957-61; Emergency Evacuation Files (75), 1948-52. Lome, Togo, Subject Files, 1964. Madras, India, Classified General Records, 1948-53. Montreal, Canada, Subject Files, 1962-64. Naples, Italy, Misc. Records Books. New Delhi, India, Classified EXIMBANK General Records, 1959-63; Classified General Records, 1953-55. Oslo, Norway, Subject Files, 1962-63. Palermo, Italy, Subject Files, 1956-61. Paris, France, Paris Liaison Group, Subject Files; 1956. Phnom-Penh, Cambodia, American Specialists East West Center Files, 1959-62. Sao Paulo, Brazil, Subject Files, 1959-61. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.

U.S. Marine Corps (RG 127, 429 cubic feet). All recent declassifications were in conjunction with archival processing and are listed under "Accessions and Openings."

Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (Navy) (RG 143, 70 cubic feet). Supply Management Publications and Documents, 1924-63 and Transportation Management Publications and Documents, 1924-63. Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Office of the Chief of Ordnance (RG 156, 42 cubic feet). Records Relating to the Army Guided Missiles Program, 1940-62. Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Drug Enforcement Administration (RG Group 170, 199 cubic feet). Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Subject Files, 1916-71. Office of the Chief Counsel, Legislative Files, 1969-79. Office of the Controller, Budget Section, Congressional Budget File, 1976-77. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

Panama Canal (RG 185, 9 cubic feet). Internal Security Office, Declassified General Correspondence, 1945-79. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

Agency for International Development (RG 286, 185 cubic feet). Office of Central and West African Affairs, Project Case Files Relating to Regional Water Resources and Land Use, 1966-80. Bureau for Near East and South Asia, Turkey Desk, Records Relating to Control of Narcotics in Turkey, 1970-74. Bureau for Policy & Program Coordination, Women in Development Project Files, 1975-77. Bureau of Humanitarian Response, Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance Project Files, 1985-87; Records Relating to Disaster Assistance in Cooperating Countries, 1974-86. National Bi-Partisan Committee on Central America Kissinger Commission, Recommendation Files, 1985-87; Subject Files, 1984-87; Printout Files of the Automated Database System, 1984-87, Subject Files, 1984-85. Office of Intergovernmental and International Affairs, Development Finance Coordination Division, Documents, Press Releases, and Letters of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 1969-72; Reports of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 1971-74; Documents of the Information Office of the Development Center (DC) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 1968-74; U.S. Position Papers for the U.S. Delegation to the Third United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD III); Documents of the TECHNICAL Cooperation Committee (TCD) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 1968-74.

Office of the Administrator, Regional and Country Files, 1985-86. Executive Secretariat, Chronological Files, 1966-67; Classified Regional and Country Files, 1980-83; Classified Subject Files, 1980-82; Mail Briefs (Incoming, Outgoing, Alphabetical, Subject, and Bureau Listing), 1979-83. Policy and Program Coordination Staff, Donor Coordination, International Organization Files, 1969-84. PUBLIC HEALTH, Bureau of Support Assistance, Subject Files, 1972-74.

USAID BRAZIL. Office of Public Safety, Project Papers, 1967-71; Subject Files, 1965-72; Brazilian Public Safety Area Offices, Subject Files Relating to Public Safety Programs in Brazilian Regional Areas, 1957-73. USAID BURMA Executive Office, Subject Files, 1959-66. USAID COSTA RICA, Office of the Public Safety Officer, Subject Files, 1965-74; Project Papers, 1966-74. USAID KENYA, Records of the Food For Peace/Health Officer, 1976-77. USAID KOREA Executive Office, Classified Chronological Files, 1967-68; Classified Subject Files, 1965-67; Country Program and Country Assistance Program Books, 1958-66. USAID LESOTHO, Subject Files Relating to Technical Assistance Programs and Projects, 1973-79. USAID Pakistan, Central Subject Files, 1973-82; Records Relating to Pakistan Agricultural Programs and Projects, 1970-73. USAID SWAZILAND, Central Subject Files, 1977-79; Primary Health Care Project Files, 1983-91; Records Relating to Swaziland Manpower Development Project, 1984-94; Reports Relating to Swaziland Cropping Systems Research and Extension Training Project, 1982-91; Rural Water Borne Disease Control Project Files, 1982-89; Swaziland Small Enterprise Support Projects, 1984-89. USAID ZIMBABWE; Project Files, 1982-89. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

Naval Intelligence Command (RG 289, 10 cubic feet). Office of Naval Intelligence (OP322F1F4), Intelligence Monograms on Germany, 1921-40; Miscellaneous Documents, 1942-80; Naval Attache Oslo, Norway, Report, 1950; Reports on German Industrial Complexes, 1945-46; Reports on German Naval Activity, 1939-45; Reports on Reconnaissance and Survey of Iceland, 1941-45; Reports on Survey of Greenland, 1941-45. Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records. (301) 837-3510.

Federal Property Resources Services (RG 291, 41 cubic feet). Program Files, 1949-58. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

Army Staff (RG 319, 134 cubic feet). All recent declassifications were in conjunction with archival processing and are listed under "Accessions and Openings."

Atomic Energy Commission (RG 326, 9 Cubic Feet). Minutes and Indexes of Minutes of the Meetings of the AEC, 1946-61. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records. (301) 837-3480.

U.S. Army Commands, 1917- (RG 338, 488 cubic feet). U.S. Army Units (TO&E), "Unit Histories", 1940-50, Miscellaneous Unit Histories {n.d.}. 2nd Logistical Command, 1951. Airborne Electronic & Special Warfare Board, 1960-66. Allied And U.S. Commands, Pacific. 1942-57, Miscellaneous Refiles. CONUS Armies, Fourth: 1946-63. Eighth Army Decimal Files, 1951; Unit History Files, 1951. Eritrea Base Command (1942-45). EUCOM (European Command), 1945-52; G-2 POW Interrogation Reports, 1942-49; Historical Division; Miscellaneous Refiles, 1945-62; Quartermaster, Reports Of Operations, {n.d.}; Exercises, "Blue Bolt", 1954-55. GHQ, Southwest Pacific Area, G-2 Intelligence Bureau, Philippines Regional Section "Who's Who" 3X5 Index Cards; Historical Index Cards; Engineer Section, General Correspondence, 1941-45. JFK Special Warfare Center & Related Units, 1960-67. Military District Of Washington, 1946-52. Mixed files Relating to the History, organization, and Operations of Various U.S. Army Depots Overseas, 1949-66. Records Of General Headquarters, FEC, SCAP, And UNC, Adjutant General's Section, Operations Division Reports Of Investigation, 1950-51.

U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR), AG Division, Intelligence Production Branch, Intelligent Report File, 1958; G-1; Central Files, 1954; Signal Division, General Correspondence, 1954; Chemical Division, General Correspondence, 1953-55; Engineer Division, General Correspondence, 1954-55; Medical Division, General Correspondence, 1954-56; Ordnance Division, General Correspondence, 1954; Historical Section, Military Historian's Files (Decimal), 1945-58; Management Improvement Program, 1954-56; Special Activities Division, Organization Planning Files, 1953-60 and Regulations, 1954-55; USAREUR Communications Zone, Operational Planning Files, 1957; USAREUR Program Directives, 1955-57 and Special Directives, 1955; G-3 Division 268/5 Training Operations, 1959 and Annual Command Inspections, 1955-59 AG Section; USAREUR Headquarters Standing Operating Procedures, 1960-66 and USAREUR Regulations, 1962-66; Chemical Division; Organization Planning Files, 1955-56; Engineer Division; Organization Planning Files, 1956; Finance And Accounting Division, General Correspondence, 1947-56, General Orders, 1956, and Monthly Historical Narrative, 1954-55.

Information Division; Information Bulletins, 1955-56; Logistics Division, Organization Planning Files, 1957; Office of the Chaplain, General Correspondence, 1953-55; Transportation Division, General Correspondence, 1954-56, General Orders, 1954-55, Official Historical Files, 1954, and Standing Operating Procedures, 1955-56; Medical Division, General Orders, 1955-64, Medical History Files, 1943-47; Office of the Chaplain, Monthly Reports, 1954; Office Of The Comptroller, Audit Branch, Audit Procedures, 1955; Office Of The Inspector General, Inspection Files, 1956-63; Provost Marshal Division, General Orders, 1955-56; Transportation Division, Technical Memos, 1957, Unit History File, 1952-57; USAREUR Organization And Function Manual, 1958; AG Division; USAREUR War Criminal Prison #1 Memorandum, 1955; Chemical Division, Chemical Supply Bulletins, 1955; Engineer Division, General Orders, 1954-57 and General Records Relating To Demolition, 1945-51; G-3 Division; Operational Planning Files, 1958; Quartermaster, Command Inspections, 1954 and Organization Manual, 1954; USAREUR Communications Zone; Staff Procedures Guide, 1958.

Office Of The Comptroller; "Operation Searchlight", 1960; AG Division 25016 USAREUR Manuals, 1954-62; Information Division, "The Advance" Newspaper, 1956-60; Office Of The Comptroller, General Correspondence, 1954-57; Quartermaster, Organization Planning Files, 1956; Transportation Division, Information Folder, 1955; G-1, Individuals, 1954; AG Section, USAREUR General Orders, 1954-65, Entry And Exit Permits S-2, 1954, Gen. Bruce C. Clarke "Report Of Stewardship", Oct. 1960-April 1962, History And Organization And Function Of The AG, 1959, Records Relating To The Bordeaux Printing Plant, 1954-56, Travel Section, Date Of Departure Orders, Jan.-Nov. 1954, USAREUR Posters, 1963, USAREUR Pamphlets, 1961-66, USAREUR Circulars, 1954-66, USAREUR Civilian Personnel Directive, 1955-64, USAREUR Medical Bulletins, 1961-1966, USAREUR Memorandum, 1964-65, USAREUR Training Pamphlets, 1956-60. Chemical Division, General Orders, 1954. Engineer Division, Index To Records Relating To The Demolition Of Military Installations, 1947-53. Engineer Division Command Inspection Report, 1951, Standing Operating Procedures, 1955, Demolition Files ot the Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Garmisch, Heidelberg, Munich, etc., Demolition Policies, 1947-49, Records Related To Airfield Installations, 1947, Records Related To The Demolition Of German Installations, 1947, Records Related To The Retention/Demolition Of Air Raid Shelters, 1947, Reports Relating To Demolition, 1946-52. G-2 Division, Summary Of Action, 1958, General Correspondence, 1955-56. G-3 Division, General Correspondence, 1957-58, Organizational Planning Files, 1955-59, Joint Inspection Of Small Arms Range, 1957, Missile Range Study, 1957. G-4 Division, Central Files, General Correspondence, 1954-55, Emergency Planning File, Operation "Safe Haven", 1957, Administrative Memos, 1957-60. Logistics Division, Records Related To The Procurement Supply Conference, 1962, Standing Operating Procedures (SOP), 1963. Medical Division, Guide For Medical Command Inspection, 1956, Medical Bulletins, 1955-56, Medical Circulars, 1955, Medical Conference Notes, 1955-59, Organization Planning Files, 1957-63, Staff Study, 1946, Medical Division; Training Operations, 1955.

Office of the Comptroller, Progress Analysis Files, 1958-60, Operating Program Briefing Files, 1963, Operating Program Progress Report Files, 1961-63, Management Improvement Reports, 1957-61, Management Studies, 1954-56, Management Survey, 1965 Management Survey: Organization and Function, 1953 & 1955. Office of the Judge Advocate General; General Correspondence, 1954. Ordnance Division; Historical Program File, 1954, General Orders, 1954. Provost Marshal Division, Bulletins, 1957-63. Quartermaster, Emergency Planning File, 1958, General Correspondence, 1954, Quartermaster; General Orders, 1954-56. Signal Division, Office Regulations, 1960-61. Special Activities Division, General Correspondence, 1954-56, General Orders, 1954-57, Conference Files, 1960. Transportation Division, Organization Manuals, 1955-57, International Agreement Files, 1947-64, Policy Book, 1955, Transportation Conference, 1955 AG Section, Central Files, 1955. Communications Zone, Circulars, Jan. 1956-July 1957, Management Improvement Survey Reports, 1955-57.

Historical Section; SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures). United States Forces, Austria, Miscellaneous series, 1944-56. V Corps, 1944-66. XVI Corps, 1951. EUCOM (European Command) Miscellaneous Series, 1945-52. New York Port Of Embarkation, 1948-52. Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Naval Material (RG 384, 188 cubic feet). Central Files, 1958. General Correspondence, 1954. Digest of Naval Shore Activities, 1946-58. Historical Data on Navy Contracts, 1943. Materiel Review Board, 1950-54. Mobilizations Plans, etc., 1948. Munitions Board Records, 1945-53. Naval History of Liaison with the War Production Board, 1940-45. Real Property Case Files, 1951-58. Review of Public Works; Policies Directives, Post V Day Reviews; Secretary's Committee on Public Works, 1944-45. Specifications and Standards, 1942-45. Subject Files, 1941-56. Supply Management Advisory Council Records, 1951. Materials open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

Adjutant General's Office, 1917- (RG 407, 4 cubic feet). FEC/UN Classified Decimal Correspondence, 1953-56. Comptroller Division, Administration Branch, Captured Records: UK, French German Conferences of 1958.Materials Open. Contact Archives II Military Records (301) 837-3510.

U.S. Foreign Assistance Agencies, 1948-61 (RG 469, 130 cubic feet). AFRICA & EUROPE: Yugoslav Desk, Subject Files, 1954-60. Office of the Regional Director for Africa and Europe, Central Geographic Country Files, 1960-61. Assistant Director For Refugees And Migration, Subject Files of Col Dayton H. Frost relating Primarily to Hungarian Refugees, 1956-59, Subject Files, 1951-61. Office Of The Director ICA, Regional and Country Geographic Files, 1959-61, Subject Files, 1957-61. NEAR EAST & SO ASIA: India Desk, Subject Files, 1955-61; Iran Desk, Subject Files, 1954-61; South Asia Division, Country Subject Files, 1954-1960; Near East Division, Country Subject Files, 1954-61. Office Of Program Coordination, Legislative Programs Coordination Staff, Subject Files, 1950-58, Program Books, 1957-61. Executive Secretariat, Operations Control Staff, Daily Cable Summaries, 1960, Director's Chronological File, 1958-60, Subject File, 1957-60; Policy Information Staff, Master Issuance File, 1954-59; Operations Review Committee File, 1958-60.

USOM AUSTRIA, Central Subject Files, 1956-62, Outgoing Airgrams, 1957-62. USOM CAMBODIA, Central Subject Files, 1959-59. USOM LEBANON, Highway Division, Decimal, Subject, and Project File, 1954-61; Office of Public Safety, Subject Files of the Chief Public Safety Advisor, 1957-61. Materials open. Contact Archives II Civilian Records (301) 837-3480.


2313 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78705

During the last quarter, the Library submitted 136 new mandatory review cases, totaling 1,371 pages, for declassification review. In addition, 2,460 pages, which had been requested by researcher for mandatory declassification review, were declassified on-site using agency guidelines. Washington agencies returned 2,103 pages of reviewed material during this quarter. Of these, 1,036 pages were declassified; 637 pages were released with excisions; and 430 pages were exempted from declassification. Seventy-eight cases were closed. During this quarter, 26,915 pages were declassified under guidelines provided by Washington agencies.

Processing continued on the material which had been returned to the Library during the quarter from the Remote Archives Capture (RAC) Project, an interagency program in which documents from the National Security File, Country File, Vietnam, were scanned and transmitted in digital form for declassification review. This quarter, 6,436 pages were declassified in full; 51 pages released with excisions; and 476 pages exempted.

Columbia Point
Boston, MA 02125
(617) 929-4500

The John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board reviewed 1680 pages for declassification. Of these pages, 108 were declassified in full, 1492 were declassified in part, and 80 were exempt. As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, 1414 pages of U. S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, microfilm have been reviewed and released.

The Library received 57 new mandatory review requests. Sixteen cases were processed with 1884 pages submitted to agencies for review. Agencies returned 1405 pages and duplicate pages following review. Of these, 495 pages were declassified, 394 pages were declassified in part, and 19 pages were exempted from declassification. In addition, 1200 pages were declassified by Library staff in response to mandatory review requests.

1000 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 741-2218

During the third quarter of FY 1998, the Gerald R. Ford Library submitted 129 documents (1035 pages) for mandatory declassification review on behalf of 7 requestors. During that time the agencies acted on 55 documents (292 pages) with 45 documents (237 pages) being declassified in full and 10 documents (55 pages) being declassified in part. The topics covered include foreign aid and the intelligence investigations.