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​Reviewing Transfer Requests in ERA for the Annual Move

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In early August each agency that has records held in an FRC that are eligible for transfer as of January 1st of the following calendar year receives a comprehensive spreadsheet containing pertinent transfer information in order to begin their initial review processes and ensure accuracy of information. Transfer Requests (TRs) are generally loaded into ERA on October 1 each fiscal year. Please conduct a thorough review of each TR to ensure the accuracy of information before submitting the TRs to NARA. Once you begin your review of the TRs, if you find any inaccurate information please send an email to annual.move@nara.gov and a NARA representative will work with you to resolve any issues.

Before a TR is Submitted/Proposed to NARA, agencies should:

ERA Transfer Request Tab/Section ERA Transfer Request Field(s) Agency Action
General Information/General Information Disposition Authority Number

Ensure that this is correct and applies to the records being transferred. If the schedule item is incorrect do not Submit/Propose to NARA. Please notify your NARA representative.

General Information/General Information Major/Minor Subdivision

Enter data in these fields if the correct information is known for the unit that created the records.

General Information/General Information Inclusive Dates Ensure that dates apply to records being transferred, if not – please edit and notify your NARA representative.
General Information/Access Restriction All fields under section

Ensure that the Access Restriction information is correct and applies to the records being transferred. Do not change the Security Classification level until you notify your NARA representative.

  • Note: If the records contain Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) please apply the appropriate FOIA Restriction, choose from FOIA (b)(2) THRU FOIA (b)(9).
  • Note: The March 2011 Supreme Court decision narrowed the scope and application of FOIA (b)(2)
General Information/Access Restriction Privacy Act Notice If records are subject to the Privacy Act and all fields are completed you do not need to provide a copy of the System of Records Notice (SORN).
General Information/Use Restriction All fields under section

Refers to copyright, donor, trademark, and other restrictions on how the records may be reproduced by researchers – not access to the records. If you select anything other than Unrestricted, the Use Restriction Note field is required.

  • NARA creates all annual move TRs with a default selection of Undetermined, with an accompanying Use Restriction Note. Please edit for accuracy.
Records Type General Records Type Only one selection will be derived from ARCIS data, but if additional records types are known, they should be added.
Transfer Details/Destination Physical Location of Records Destination Custodial Unit If you believe this information is incorrect, do not change it. Do not Submit/Propose to NARA. Please notify your NARA representative
Transfer Details/List of Containers Number of Containers & Container Type Ensure that the Number of Containers & Container Type field data is correct.
Contact Information/Transferring Agency Official Agency Enter Agency field information if it is not populated.
Contact Information/Other Contacts Other Contacts Other Contacts (Agency/NARA): Do not delete information from these fields.
Attachments Add Attachment For Classified records attach the form NA-14130.

Updated: April 1, 2014