Staff Contacts

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Position Name Telephone Number 
Office of the Director   301-778-1600
Director  Channon Harris 301-778-1600
Assistant Director for Classified Operations  Krista Donnelly 301-778-1548
Assistant Director for Unclassified Operations  Shareef Abdul-Jalil 301-778-1547
Administrative Officer Aysha Ismail



Facility Coordinator  Michael Whitted 301-778-1600
Information Security Program Manager  David Streat 301-778-1504
Center Operations   301-778-1650
Using WNRC Services Workshop 301-778-1650
Transfer and Disposition Branch Chief Denise Sampson Ph:  301-778-1511
Fax: 301-778-1553
Control Unit Supervisor  Vacant 301-778-1550
Reference Services Ph: 301-778-1540
Fax: 301-778-1561
Branch Chief for Reference Services  Ivan Johnson 301-778-1539
Request Supervisor  Franklin Sims Ph: 301-778-1540 
Fax: 301-778-1561
Research Room   301-778-1520
Classified Agency Review Room Cheryl Hines 301-778-1595 
Court Records  Franklin Sims 301-778-1540
Classified Vault Manager Cheryl Hines 301-778-1556
Audit Supervisor  Vacant 301-778-1560 
Classified Mailroom Al Greene 301-778-1595 
Refile/Interfile Supervisor  Bryan Williams


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