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RG 119 - National Youth Administration, Correspondence Concerning Defense Production

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Correspondence Concerning Defense Production, 1940-1942 

National Archives Identifier 4667679

Box # 1

NYA College Work Projects of Merit

Raleigh, NC, NYA Education

NYA Alabama-Suggested Student Work Projects

Out of School Work Programs (2 folders)

Cost of Resident Centers



State of Summaries

Maryland Program

Wisconsin Program

Expanded NYA Shops

Surplus Property-Maine, Kansas & Texas

Surplus Property-Maryland & Pennsylvania

Surplus Property-Massachusetts

Surplus Property-Michigan

Surplus Property-Wisconsin

Surplus Property-Oregon

Surplus Property-Indiana

Surplus Property-Connecticut

Surplus property-Rhode Island

Surplus Property-New Hampshire

Surplus Property-New York, New Hampshire & New Mexico

Correspondence-National Health Office

Correspondence-Resident Centers Section in National Office

Box # 2

Assignment of Navy Personnel to NYA Resident Centers (2 folders)

General Correspondence-Mrs. Winthrop, June-December 1941

General Correspondence-Mrs. Winthrop, January 1942-

Resident Projects

Girls Work-Order for Quarter Section (master copies)

Fluorescent Fixtures for Standard Metal Shops-Series 2 (2 folders)

Youth Work Defense Program

General Correspondence-John Lasher

North Carolina Recreation Program

Box # 3

Report of Clerical Workers in Army Camps

Assignment of Negro Girls to Hospital Projects

Ruling on Red Cross Sewing

Hospital Projects

Shoe Repair Projects

General Correspondence-Re: Transfer of Youth to Connecticut, etc.

Consumer Handbooks

Report of Fire at Camp Roosevelt, Florida

Florida Defense Recreation Program (2 folders)

Defense Sewing Projects (sewing) (2 folders)

Service Projects-General Correspondence

Surplus Property-Illinois

Surplus Property-Pennsylvania

Surplus Property-New York

Surplus Property-Maine

Surplus Property-Maryland

Surplus Property-Kentucky

Surplus Property-Virginia

Box # 4

Aircraft Riveters-Fisher Aircraft Division of General Motors

J.J. Mulholland-General Correspondence (2 folders)

Order for San Antonio General Depot

General Shop File (2 folders)

General Safety Bulletins (4 folders)

Box # 5

Youth Quota, July 1941

Youth Quota, August 1941

Youth Quota, September 1941

Youth Quota, October 1941

Youth Quota, November 1941

Youth Quota, December 1941 (2 folders)

General Youth Quota Correspondence (2 folders)

Youth Quota, January 1942

Youth Quota, February 1942

Youth Quota, March 1942

Youth Quota-April 1942

Box # 6

Youth Quota, May 1942

Youth Quota, June 1942

Furniture Orders-OPM No. 1

Order for Army in Florida

Order for Second Army Headquarters

Second OPM-General Correspondence

Second OPM Order-Bills of Material

Second OPM Order-Telephone Conversations

Second OPM Order-Correspondence with Those Furnishing Materials

Second OPM Order-Arkansas

Second OPM Order-Georgia

General Correspondence-Re: Farm Shops (2 folders)

Victor Taeggle- General Correspondence (2 folders)

Box # 7

Machine Tools Desired by Critical Defense Industry

Farm Shops (3 folders)

Bill of materials for Portable Resident Facilities

Defense Order-Georgia

General Correspondence-Memphis-General Depot

Defense Order-General (2 folders)

Defense Order-Mississippi

Second OPM Order-Texas (2 folders)

Second OPM Order-Those States Not Having Portion of This Order

Special Addition to OPM Order # 1-General Correspondence

Second OPM Order-North Carolina

Defense Order-North Carolina

Box # 8

Defense Order-Arkansas

Defense Order-Telephone Conversations

Special Addition to OPM Order # 1-Georgia

Correspondence with Prospective Bidders

Special Addition to OPM Order # 1-North Carolina

Georgia Trucks for Memphis-General Depot

USMA Order for Park Benches

Repair & Overhaul of Civil Aeronautics Administration-Airfield Trucks at NYA Garages

Foundries-Equipment Purchased Centrally

Silk Screen Shops

Defense Project Signs


Cabinet for REA

Foundry Work for Concrete Benches

Information for 4th Corps Quartermaster General for Army Production

Articles Produced by NYA in Region 3 for other Government Agencies 1941-1942

Augusta Arsenal-Correspondence

Surplus Woodworking Machinery-New York & Long Island

Minutes of Shop Conference, held February 3&4, 1941

Machinery Advertisement (2 folders)

J.J. Mulholland-Official Business