National Archives at Atlanta

National Archives at Atlanta

RG 15 - Department of Veterans Affairs, Sample Case Files of Veterans
Temporarily Living at Mountain Branch

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Sample Case Files of Veterans Temporarily Living at Mountain Branch, 1904-1934

National Archives Identifier 2790599

This series consists of 100 case files relating to the veterans temporarily living at the National Home for the Disabled Soldiers in Johnson City, Tennessee. The case files may contain applications for admission, transfers from other veteran's hospitals, service histories, pension information and correspondence. The service dates of the veterans extend from the Civil War to World War I.

First Name Last Name Military Unit Age Entered Hospital
George L Able 156th  Depot Brigade  
Maxie Adairs 156th  Depot Brigade 31
Samuel Alexander "B" Company, 4th Kentucky Infantry 50
George Anderson "A" Company, 115th Engineers  
Park V.F. Andrews Private, Infantry Unassigned 24 7/24/1907
Robert L. Anglin Headquarters Company, 4th F.A.  
Lawrence Armstrong "F" Company,  162nd Depot Brigade 33
Roy A. Averett "I" Company, 116th Infantry 29
Barney N Baggett Headquarters, 155th Depot Brigade 41
Earl F. Barnhardt Flying School, 29th Aero Squadron 33
John Bartley "H" Company, 8th U.S. Volunteer Infantry 58
William L. Basket "F" Company, 5th U.S. Infantry  
Walter Beaty 13th Company, 4th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 39
James Auburn Boatright Cook Infantry, 116th Tr. Co. M.P.   3/30/1891
Edison Bowen 680th Aero Squadron 34
David Broome "B" Company, 447 Labor Battalion 37
George A. Brown "D" Company, Fourth Tennessee Volunteers 35
Steve Gordon Brown Headquarters Company, 7th Engineers, 5th Division   10/16/1893
Gulit Buckner Depot Service Company, #29 A.S.C. 39
John T. Buff "D" Company, 118th Infantry 37
LaVerne E. Burroughs Evacuation Ambulance Company #16 33
Albert Carden Detachment G.M.C. 28
Paul G. Carter "P" Company, Base Hospital #85  
David F. Clamp "K" Company, 52nd Infantry 26
William W. Clark Motor Supply Tr.   9/11/1900
Nathaniel Clayton "D" Company, 4th Infantry 34
Harry H. Clevenger "C" Company, 118th Infantry 34
Leon Craig "E" Company, 365th Infantry 23
Edwin B. Crozier "G" Company, 1st Regiment, Delaware Infantry  
James Dawson "E" Company, 19th U.S. Infantry 53
Wade Dowland "D" Company, 60th Infantry 32
Charles Farrar Battalion "A", 3rd Field Artillery 39 12/25/1893
George Gerry "A" Company, 150th M.G. Battalion 40
Robert E. Grace 26th Infantry  
Richard Graves "L" Company, 3rd Tennessee Infantry 54
Henry E. Grogan Casual Company #10, Quartermaster Corps 35
Archie Hunter Hale    
Clarence Harrell "G" Company, 6th Pioneer Infantry 29
Alonzo Taylor Harris "F" Company, 105 Ambulance Train 51
Homer Herman Haws "I" Company, 2nd U.S. Infantry 42
Oliver W. Hayes Signal Service Company, 9th Infantry  
Brown Hayes "I" Company, 1st Infantry  
Edward P. Hill 306th "F" REM. Squadron 58
Milus F. Holcomb "B" Company, 5th Georgia V.I.  
James Hollingsworth Cook Company "K", 155th Infantry   7/19/1895
James Henry Holloway 24th Company 44
Roy Huffman Ordinance Detail 114th Field Artillery 42
Leland Jefferson "C" Company, 518th Engineers   10/4/1987
Henry Johnson 21st Company, 157th Depot Brigade  
Lawrence C. Jones "K" Company 118th Infantry 28
Henry Kelly "E" Company, 3rd U.S. Cavalry 67
Ignatius Krzyzanowski Mobile Laundry Company #333 42
Haggen Loveday 2nd Company, 1st Conv. Battalion 35
Robert S. Lybarger "G" Company, 31st Illinois Infantry 73
William E. MacKey "K" Company, 11th Illinois Cavalry 59
Frank B. Manning U.S. Navy 35
Robert Marquard "D" Company, 118th Infantry 36
Reuben D. Martin "K" Company, 2nd Tennessee Infantry 58
Horace O. Martin SATC 28
Calvin Matheson "C" Company, 1st Pioneer Infantry  
Robert T. McAlpin 7th Hoboken Casual. Company  
James McDougall U.S. Navy 34
John W. McFarland Cook, Company "B", 120th Infantry 46
Edward O. McLaughlin "K" Company, 339th Infantry  
Clarence Merriweather "M" Company, 10th Infantry 50
Edwin Metoyer 5th Company, 2nd Recruit Battalion, 164th Depot Brigade 34
Simon Miller U.S. Marine Corps 30
Charles Mills "M" Company, 2nd New Jersey Infantry 38
Charles S. Montgomery Medical Detachment Camp Hosp 52 34
William Moody 2nd Division, 23rd Infantry, M.G. Battalion 46
Floyd J. Moore M.T.C. 32
John Moore "C" Company, 512th Engineers 38
Isaac Moragne "L" Company, 155th Infantry 33
Eugene Munday "C" Company, 371st Infantry 28
Regis C. Murphy Wagon Battery "B", 75th Field Artillery 35
Fuller G. Pedrick S.A.T.C. 23
Fred Pollard    
Huston E. Ray M.G. Troop, 5th Cavalry  
Asbury W. Redd    
Alex Runions "L" Company, 55th Infantry 25
John C. Rupard   41 3/7/1893
Fred Russell "H" Company, 813rd Pioneer Infantry 41
George Schnurr "E" Company, 160th Indiana Infantry  
Roy Smith Service Company, 24th Infantry 26
Terrell Sumner "F" Company, 117th Infantry 24
Fred Tarrh U.S. Navy 36 2/10/1895
Robert Taylor 834th Transportation Corps  
Thomas J. Terhune "G" Company, 114th Infantry 27
John Thomas "A" Company, 43rd U.S. Colored  Infantry 63
Fred P. Wagner    
John Ward "L" Company, 6th Cavalry  
Edwin Wash Quartermaster Corps 34
James Watkins "G" Company, 10th Cavalry  
John M. Wilcox "G" Company, 13th Tennessee Cavalry 64
Wesley Willis "B" Company, 5th Pioneer Infantry  
John Willis "D" Company, 550th Engineers 35
Samuel S. Wilson    
Frederick D. Wingfield "A" Company, 112th M.G. Battalion, 29th Division 33
Nelson A. Wood "F" Company, 5th Massachusetts Infantry-Spanish-American War  
Richard Wood Quartermaster Corps 39 8/6/1893