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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Assorted Files - Augusta Ordnance Depot

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Assorted Arsenal Files, 1942-1955

National Archives Identifier 7116381
This series contains assorted records from the Augusta Arsenal in Augusta, Georgia: general orders, regulations, standard operating procedures, newsletters, memoranda, weekly directives, circulars, organization manuals, technical instructions, plans, journals, operational diaries, historical records, photographs, maps, charts, death and interment records, staff meeting notes, and newspaper clippings. Records in this series concern subjects related to administration, personnel, ordnance production, World War II, air raid planning, weapons stock and supply, and buildings on the installation. The photographs in this series concern subjects related to women workers, African American workers, medal ceremonies for soldiers, ordnance manufacture, baseball games, the Arsenal bowling team, rifle range practice, buildings, mess halls and cafeterias, and weapons manufacture.


Box 1

General Orders, Post Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, “Salute Newsletter”


Box 2

“Salute Newsletter”, Memos to Chiefs of Division, Interoffice Memos


Box 3

Interoffice Memos, Unnumbered Memos, Numbered Memos, Memorandum, Weekly Directives


Box 4

Weekly Directives, Circulars, Civilian Personnel Circulars, Organization Manuals


Box 5

Technical Instructions, Air Raid Warning Plan, C.B.R. Plans, Miscellaneous Journal Items


Box 6

Miscellaneous Journal Items, Journals, Diaries


Box 7



Box 8

Diaries, Historical Records of Ordnance Buildings (incl. 1827-1916)


Box 9

Historical Records of Ordnance Buildings, Photographs


Box 10

Photographs, Publicity – Army Week, Functional Chart – Public Relations, Miscellaneous Letters, History


Box 11

History, Permanent Documentary, History Notes, Historical Data


Box 12

Historical Data and Files, History of Augusta Arsenal Documentary, Historical Notes


Box 13

Historical Notes, Miscellaneous History


Box 14

Charts and maps, Stork Club (Births), Medical Activities, Deaths and Burials, Field Service Orders, Copies of Old Documents, Visitors and Inspectors Documentary


Box 15

Notes on Staff Meetings, Newspaper Clippings


Box 16

Newspaper Clippings


Box 17

Spartanburg, S.C; Hyde Park, N.Y; Buffalo, N.Y; Red River Arsenal, Texarkana, TX Files