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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Memoranda and Reports - Birmingham Ordnance District

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Memoranda and Reports, 1945-1948

National Archives Identifier 7130307
This series consists of formerly classified memoranda, reports, correspondence and plans of the Birmingham Ordnance District. Records in this series concern subjects related to contract investigations and terminations, production of the 75 millimeter high explosive shell, the Ordnance Department Guided Missiles Program, intelligence, personnel, the War Department Affiliation Plan, industrial mobilization planning, and small arms incendiary ammunition. Also included in this series is a report of a fraud investigation regarding Higgins Industries.

Box 1

Statistical Summary Series Report No. 5

▪ Production of 75 MM High Explosive Shell


Army Ordnance Department Guided Missiles Program, 1948


Folder 1: Secret Documents, 1946-1948

▪ Disposition of Subversive and Disaffected Personnel

▪ List of plants in Louisiana that held Ordnance Contracts during WWII

▪ Divisions of Ordnance Branch

▪ Classification Map of Aerial Photography of Third Army Area

▪ List of Vital Installations

▪ Assignments of Enlisted Personnel

▪ Declassification Letters

▪ Requirement for Personal History and Experience for those working on certain projects


Folder 2: Contracts (General) 1948

▪ Full List of Contractors who are suspended and being investigated for fraud against the government

▪ Activities of the General Accounting Office


Folder 3: Termination of Contracts, 1946-1947

▪ Digest of Meeting Held at the Pentagon, 16 Dec 1946

-Held to discuss matters pertaining to Contract Settlement Program

▪ Suspension of Contract Settlement Negotiations of select companies (July 1946)

▪ Chart on the Status of Terminations Authorized

▪ Chart on Dollar Value of Termination Effected


Folder 4: Contracts (General), 1946-1947

▪ List of Contractors being investigated for suspected fraud

▪ Index of Contract Price Changes

▪ Contract Record of War Contractors in Liquidation

▪ Handling of Fair Labor Standards Act

Investigation of Higgins Industry fraud against the government—United States v. Higgins

▪ Procedures to be followed in connection with fraud cases


Folder 5: Personnel, 1947

▪ Survey of Critical Personnel


Folder 6: Secret and Confidential, 1946-1948

▪ Contractors Suspended

▪ Release from suspension

▪ Officers or enlisted men who are suspended or have been dishonorably discharged

▪ Working hours of enlisted personnel

▪ Release of Data on scientific personnel

▪ Supplemental Declassification Letter

▪ Subcommittee on Rocket Material

-Long range rocket and launcher equipment

▪ Artillery Ammunition


Folder 7: Confidential 1947

▪ Classification of Reports on Personnel

▪ Counterintelligence Complaint Investigative Reports

▪ Classification and censorship of information concerning cover and deception by the US or its Allies


Folder 8: Report of Classified Contracts, 1947-1948

▪ Negative—no classified contracts

▪ List of classified contracts


Folder 9: Third Army Headquarters, 1948

▪ Security Checks of Personnel Engaged In Troop Information and Education activities

▪ Post Exchange Policies

▪ Communist and Labor Union plans for celebration of May Day

▪ Propaganda Publications


Folder 10: Birmingham Ordnance District, 1948

▪ Operation of District Offices

-Major reduction in operation funds during 1948 fiscal year


Folder 11: Investigation-Higgins Industries, 1946

▪ Fraud against government

▪ Shipping documents and payroll documents

▪ Special investigation of the Birmingham Ordnance District

▪ Policing and follow up under renegotiation agreements

▪ Special investigation of Higgins Industries


Folder 12: Officers and Enlisted Men, 1946-1947

▪ Officers of Regular Army

▪ Removal of Officers of Regular Army from Active List

▪ Reserve Officers

▪ Enlistment in Regular Army


Folder 13: Third Army Correspondence, 1946-1947

▪ Complaint investigations of civilian employees of the Army

▪ Field Instructions Domestic Positive Intelligence

▪ Investigations of Civilian Components of the Army

▪ Public release of cover and deception information

▪ Policy of retention of family housing for personnel on duty with civilian components

▪ Policy on release of information

▪ Loss of military intelligence badge

▪ Appointment of warrant officers for counterintelligence corps duty

▪ Request for agency checks in Canada

▪ Reference to Strategic Services Unit

▪ Foreign Propaganda Publications

▪ Criminal investigation reports

▪ Amendment to Distribution of Regulated Items of Equipment

▪ War Information Film

▪ Discharge of Subversive Civil Service Personnel


Box 2

Folder 1: War Department Affiliation Plan, 1946-1948

▪ War Department Affiliation Plan, 1947

▪ Plan for the Affiliation of Air Reserve Units, Air Defense Command 1947

▪ Army Affiliation Agreement with J.B. Beaird Company

▪ Release of Medium and Heavy Automotive Maintenance Companies

▪ Affiliation Agreements


Folder 2: Security, 1948

▪ Security Survey

▪ Security Clearance

▪ Request for Investigation of Civilian Personnel by Army

▪ List of companies cleared for classified contracts

▪ Security Agreements


Folder 3: Industrial Mobilization Planning, 1948

▪ Preliminary Work Plan Sheets

▪ Item Number Identification (ammunition)

▪ Safeguarding Military Information

▪ Mobilization Requirements


Folder 4: Plants (General), 1947-1948

▪ Confidential list of bidders to whom awards will not be made

▪ Clearance with commercial companies in connection with classified contracts for the Army and Navy


Folder 5: Patents, 1947

▪ Title to Foreign Patent Rights


Folder 6: List of ORDTT Projects, 1948


Folder 7: Southern Research Institute, 1948

▪ Proposal for a Contract of Research on Incendiary Ammunition for Small Arms

▪ History, Facilities, and Scientists of the Southern Research Institute


Folder 8: University of Florida, 1948

▪ Proposed Contract for a Research and Development Project on Frequency Modulated Blat Gauges


Folder 9: Georgia School of Technology, 1948

▪ Research on Incendiary Ammunition for Small Arms Project Proposal


Folder 10: Basic Research on Small Arms Incendiary Ammunition, 1948

▪ Proposal from Georgia School of Technology

▪ Georgia Tech and Southern Research Institute chosen


Folder 11: Allocation of Facilities, 1947

▪ Complete list of facilities allocated by the Birmingham Ordnance District


Folder 12: Foreign Governments, 1946

▪ Policy with respect to wartime foreign Purchasing Missions in the United States


Folder 13: List of ORDTT Projects, 1948