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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Assorted Files - Charleston Ordnance Depot

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Assorted Files, 1948-1953

National Archives Identifier 6890784
This series consists of reports, memoranda, organization charts, standard operating procedures, and plans created by the Charleston Ordnance Depot in Charleston, South Carolina. Records in this series concern subjects related to administration, supplies, ammunition, operations, and personnel.


Box 1

Folder 1: National Defense

▪ Mobilization Tables of Distribution

▪ Organizational Chart

▪ Personnel Numbers in each Division—civilian, operations, depot comptroller, property, surveillance, purchasing and contracting, commanding officer


Folder 2: Supplies, Service, and Equipment

▪ Out loading capabilities

▪ Reports of Explosion of Ammunition


Folder 3: Administration

▪ Mobilization Plan


Folder 4: Standing Op Procedure

▪ Intelligence communication


Folder 5: Report of Investigation of Accident at Charleston Ordnance Depot

▪ All investigation surrounding a grenade explosion during demilitarization


Folder 6: Supplies

▪ Supplies and equipment for transportation, aeronautical supplies, packing supplies, and animals


Folder 7: Ammunition

▪ Ammunition Mobilization Study


Folder 8: Concentration, Mobilization, Demobilization

▪ Industrial Security Survey


Folder 9: Cable, Telegraph, and Telephone

▪ Wire Facilities


Folder 10: Noncryptographic Registered Document Files


Folder 11:

▪ Report on Explosives Loading and Storage Facilities, 1944


Folder 12: Certificates of Destruction of Classified Documents, 1949-1953


Folder 13: Operations Plan for Defense and Publications Files


Folder 14: Emergency Plan White, 1951