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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Decimal Files - Charleston Ordnance Depot

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Decimal Files, 1946-1947

National Archives Identifier 7130601
This series contains formerly classified memoranda, correspondence, and reports of the Charleston Ordnance Depot in Charleston, South Carolina. Records in this series concern subjects related to intelligence, Communist Party activities, finance and accounting, organization structures, administration, investigations of accidents, supplies and equipment, and buildings and grounds.


Box 1

Folder 1: General, 1946-1948

▪ Disposition of Subversive and Disaffected Personnel

▪ Sabotage and/or unusual activities

▪ Availability of maps and aerial photographs

▪ Communist and Labor Union plans for celebration of May Day

▪ Propaganda Publications

▪ Assignment and Supervision of Enlisted Aliens

▪ Domestic Intelligence


Folder 2: Finance and Accounting, 1946-1948

▪ Preparation for Estimates, Military Functions, Fiscal Year 1950

▪ Civil Employees Health Service Program Requirements

▪ Justification of Fiscal year 1950 Fund Requirements

▪ Report of Classified contracts

▪ Exchange of Foreign Currency


Folder 3: Personnel, 1946-1948

▪ Discussion centers around counterintelligence

▪ Position Classifier Vacancy

▪ Clearance of Officers and investigations into personnel

▪ Officers having suspended sentences to dismissal or dishonorable discharge

▪ Survey of Critical Personnel

▪ Personnel Reduction

▪ Field offices station list


Folder 4: Administration, 1946

▪ Clearance of Personnel

▪ Declassification

▪ Subcommittee on Ammunition

▪ Subcommittee on Artillery

▪ Technical Information Letter

▪ Disposition of Records


Folder 5: Administration, 1947

▪ Utilization of Command installations

▪ Policy on Release of Information

▪ Field Instructions: Domestic Positive Intelligence Manual


Folder 6: Administration, 1948

▪ Special Weapons Unit Manual

▪ Field Instructions: Domestic Intelligence

▪ Ammunition for Emergency Plan White

▪ Plan for Expansion of the Third Army

▪ Post Exchange Policies

▪ Destruction of Documents

▪ Public Release of Cover and Deception Information


Folder 7: Investigations of Accidents by Inspector Generals and other officers, 1945-1947

▪ Statements, report of investigations

▪ Criminal investigation activity reports


Folder 8: Supplies, Service, and Equipment, 1946-1948

▪ Sale of brass scrap

▪ Vehicles for emergency transportation

▪ Technical Information and Specifications

▪ Restriction of Undesirable Publications

▪ War Information Film

▪ Distribution of Regulated Items of Equipment

▪ Sub-Standard Ammunition Storage


Folder 9: Buildings and Grounds, 1947-1948

▪ Eviction of Tenants

▪ Retention of Family Housing for Personnel on Duty with Civilian Components


Folder 10: Rivers, Harbors, and Waterways, 1947

▪ Leasing of Ordnance Dock