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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Records of the Ohio River Ordnance Works - Henderson, Kentucky

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Records of the Ohio River Ordnance Works, 1941-1950

National Archives Identifier 6851000
This series consists of general orders, memoranda, and reports from the Ohio River Ordnance Works in Henderson, Kentucky. The general orders concern subjects related to additional duty assignments for officers, installation closures, assumptions of command, and administrative procedures. The memoranda concern subjects related to records administration, security of classified documents, organizational charts, job descriptions, plant security, physical fitness, and other administrative subjects. The reports contain monthly reports of installation activities regarding subjects such as visitors, production statistics, shipping, and training programs.


Box 1: Records of the Ohio River Ordnance Works

Post Diary:

▪ Production costs—anhydrous ammonia

▪ Monthly Report of Activities

- July 1948-June 1950

▪ Lists of visitors

▪ Work on machinery in order to maintain production levels

- Preventative maintenance program—improved conditions of the plant

▪ Inspection Reports

▪ Limited amount of coke to produce ammonia—have to reach into stockpile, thus reducing it and its reliability in emergency

▪ In March 1950 an Integrating Committee was appointed for the purpose of planning an orderly and systematic termination of Ordnance activities at the Ohio River Ordnance Works

▪ Production of anhydrous ammonia stopped on April 20, 1950

▪ May 4, 1950 Ohio River Ordnance Works was turned over to Spencer Chemical Company


Post Regulations Booklets (2)


Folder 1: Plant Data Book, 1946-1950

▪ Annual General Plant/Works Information

▪ Organization Chart

▪ Plant Map

▪ Atmospheric Nitrogen Corporation Investigation as to the land area and nearby military facilities

▪ Persons to contact


Folder 2: Reports, 1949

▪ Monthly Report of Activities

- May 1950: the final summary

- See Post Diary


Folder 3: General Orders, 1946-1948

▪ Assumption of Command

▪ War Department designates Ohio River Ordnance Works as a Military Reservation


Folder 4: General Orders, 1949-1950

▪ Assumption of Command


Folder 5: Administrative Memoranda, 1949-1948

▪ Holiday leave

▪ Correspondence Procedure

▪ Hours of Duty

▪ Conservation of fuel, oil, gasoline, and gas

▪ Plant Security and Protection

▪ Efficiency Ratings

▪ Medical Services

▪ Control of Communication


Folder 6: Administrative Memoranda, 1949-1950

▪ Disposition of Records

▪ Security of Classified Documents and Information

▪ Correspondence

▪ Organization Chart and Text

▪ Leave Regulations

▪ Employee Grievance Procedure

▪ Salary Administration


Folder 7: Administrative Memoranda

▪ Holiday Leave

▪ Wage Administration

▪ Correspondence Procedure

▪ Plant Security


Folder 8: General Orders, 1943-1945

▪ Assumption of Command

▪ Dismissals

▪ Committee for Suggestions established


Folder 9: General Orders

▪ Assumption of Command

▪ Dismissals

▪ Field Auditors Personnel

▪ Holiday leave

▪ Use of Government owned vehicles

▪ Hours of Work

▪ Quarterly Report of Funds

▪ Channels of Communication


Folder 10: General Orders, 1941-1942

▪ Assumption of Command

▪ Dismissals

▪ Field Auditors Personnel

▪ Holiday Leave

▪ Motor Vehicle Transportation Instructions

▪ Reports Section set up

▪ Channels of Communication