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National Archives at Atlanta

RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Decimal Files - Holston Ordnance Works

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Decimal Files, 1942-1950National Archives Identifier 6883884
This series contains reports, contracts, and surveys from the Holston Ordnance Works in Kingsport, Tennessee. Records in this series concern subjects related to registered mail, disqualified contract bidders, subversive activities, funds, civilian and military personnel, conferences, installation security, supplies, vehicles, buildings and grounds, and visits of foreign nationals.

        Box 1

        Folder 1: Coded Registered Mail, 1942-1944

        ▪ Mail Procedures

        ▪ List of Papers—serial number, from, date, to, synopsis


        Folder 2: Miscellaneous Reports, 1942-1943

        ▪ Building numbers

        ▪ Schedule of metal requirements by month

        ▪ Quarterly inventory

        ▪ Report of trip to Picatinny Arsenal

        ▪ Sensitivity Program changes

        ▪ RDX Specification Conference minutes


        Folder 3: Confidential File

        ▪ Sketch of Accident Site—Plant B Burning Ground

        ▪ Report of explosions

        - Chemical explosions

        - No interruptions to production

        ▪ Report of Fire

        - Sketch of Electrical Maintenance Shop destroyed by fire

        - Sketch of paint shop destroyed by fire

        ▪ Production during blackouts


        Folder 4: List of Bidders Disqualified, etc., 1947 and 1950

        ▪ Confidential list of suspended, disqualified, debarred, or ineligible for government contracts

        ▪ Contracts certified for suspected fraud


        Folder 5: Subversive Activities, 1946-1950

        ▪ Propaganda of subversion

        ▪ Communist Party, USA Reaction to Korean Situation

        ▪ Communist and Labor Union plans for celebrating May Day

        ▪ Disposition of Subversive and Disaffected Personnel

        ▪ Availability of Maps and Aerial Photographs

        ▪ Propaganda Publications


        Folder 6: Funds, 1946-1950

        ▪ Funding for High Explosives

        ▪ Policy for Preparation and Submission of Budget Estimates

        - Sample forms

        ▪ Repairs and Utilities Cost Accounting

        ▪ Justification of Fund Requirements


        Folder 7: Classified Contracts, 1947-1948

        ▪ List of bidders to whom awards will not be made

        ▪ Report of Classified Contracts


        Folder 8: Personnel, Civilian, and Enlisted, 1946-1948

        ▪ Officers or enlisted men having suspended sentences to dismissal or dishonorable discharge

        ▪ Working hours

        ▪ Warrant Officers for Counter Intelligence Corps

        ▪ Survey of Critical Personnel

        ▪ Field Instructions: Domestic Positive Intelligence Manual, 1947

        ▪ Counterintelligence Investigative Reports

        ▪ Intelligence Directives

        ▪ Standard of Efficiency

        ▪ Discharge of Subversive Civil Service Personnel

        ▪ Subversive Publications


        Folder 9: Personnel, 1949-1950

        ▪ Replacement of Military by Civilian Policies

        ▪ Selection of Personnel for Guerrilla Warfare

        ▪ Suspensions under Public Law 733

        ▪ Procedure for handling cases of alleged perversion

        ▪ Conduct of Officers

        ▪ Report of Civilian Manpower Requirements and Recruitment

        ▪ Clearance of Personnel


        Folder 10: Administration, 1946-1948

        ▪ Post Exchange Policies

        ▪ Foreign Intelligence Information

        ▪ Investigations of Civilian Components of the Army

        ▪ Discontinuance of Weekly Intelligence Survey

        ▪ Army Ground Forces Intelligence Policy

        ▪ Classification of Reports on Personnel


        Folder 11: Confidential Reports—Technical

        ▪ Impact Sensitivity of Composition B

        ▪ Sensitivity Program Outlined by Holston Ordnance Works

        ▪ Summary of Sensitivity Data

        ▪ Impact Tests of Composition B

        ▪ Picatinny Arsenal Technical Report, 1943

        ▪ British Report: Destruction of RDX by Alkali

        ▪ Meeting of Composition E Viscosity Committee

        ▪ Sensitivity of Composition B to initiation by friction and impact Report

        ▪ Comparison of five, ten, and fifteen pound steam in the manufacture of Composition B

        ▪ Effect of Heat on Composition B

        ▪ High Temperature Stability of Composition B


        Folder 12: Miscellaneous Reports, 1942-1949

        ▪ Annual General Inspection

        ▪ Security Surveys of Class II installations

        ▪ Minor Irregularities and Deficiencies

        ▪ Construction Activity

        ▪ Recommendations of Inspector General

        ▪ Inspection of Contracts


        Folder 13: Holston Defense Corporation Reports, 1949-1950

        ▪ Transmittal of NDRC Report

        ▪ Intelligence Reports

        ▪ Cost and Progress Reports

        ▪ List of Classified OSRD Reports

        ▪ Request for Technical Reports

        ▪ Progress Report of Developmental Laboratories

        ▪ Report of Composition Conference

        ▪ Report of Travel


        Folder 14: Officers, 1949-1950

        ▪ Training Memorandum No. 1

        ▪ Interim Mobilization Training Program

        ▪ Security Clearance

        ▪ Strength Reduction of Non-Regular Officers on Extended Active Duty


        Box 2

        Folder 1: Conferences, 1949

        ▪ Minutes of Post Safety Council Meetings

        ▪ Minutes of Engineer Field Safety Meetings

        ▪ Minutes of Commanding Officers Conference

        ▪ Minutes of Staff Meetings

        ▪ Transportation  Officers Conference

        ▪ Safety Conference

        ▪ Repairs and Utility Cost Accounting Conference

        ▪ Industrial Property Conference

        ▪ Accident Prevention Conference

        ▪ Land Management Conference

        ▪ Magnesium Nitrate Process Meeting

        ▪ Meetings of Property and Fiscal Officers

        ▪ Third Army PIO Conference

        ▪ Report of Conference on Vehicle Use and Maintenance

        ▪ Salary and Wage Administration/Training Conference


        Folder 2: National Defense, 1947-1950

        ▪ Ordnance Intelligence Summary, 1950

        ▪ Security of Installations

        ▪ Visual depictions of Defensive Installations

        ▪ Security Classification Map

        ▪ List of Vital Installations

        ▪ Procedure for Release of Information

        ▪ Security Clearance

        ▪ Reporting of Unconventional Air Craft

        ▪ Access of FBI to Vital Industrial Plants

        ▪ Control of publications at Army Installations

        ▪ Information concerning Thermonuclear Weapons

        ▪ Dissemination of Atomic Energy Information

        ▪ Security Measures


        Folder 3: Security Surveys, 1949-1950


        Folder 4: Supplies, 1948-1950

        ▪ Demilitarization of Military Equipment prior to its sale to foreign countries

        ▪ Request to borrow

        ▪ Sale of Brass Scrap

        ▪ Distribution of Regulated Items of Equipment


        Folder 5: Vehicles, 1948-1950

        ▪ Rail Facilities

        ▪ Vehicles for Emergency Transportation

        ▪ Physical Inventory of Motor Vehicles


        Folder 6: HDC (Comp B, etc), 1948-1950

        ▪ Radar Sites for Aircraft Control

        ▪ Ammunition Mobilization Study

        ▪ Composition B policies and procedures

        - Process flow sheet and charts

        - Production Schedule

        - Shipping to Los Alamos

        ▪ Raw materials reports

        ▪ Analysis of Special Shipment Samples

        ▪ Models of Machinery


        Folder 7: Buildings and Grounds, 1947-1948

        ▪ Policy on Eviction of Tenants

        ▪ Policy on Retention of Family Housing for Personnel on Duty with Civilian Components


        Folder 8: Visit of Foreign Nationals, 1950

        ▪ Canada, Britain

        ▪ Research and development visit