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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Subject Files - Holston Ordnance Works

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Subject Files, 1943-1950National Archives Identifier 6997128
This series consists of formerly classified subject files from the Holston Ordnance Works in Kingsport, Tennessee. The files contain manuals, memoranda, orders, reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence. Records in this series concern subjects related to health hazards and research, reclassification of weapons and ordnance, personnel and administrative actions, conferences, redeployment movements, and security investigations. Included in the series is a report from September 1944 by the National Defense Research Committee titled “Hazards to the Health of Individuals Working with RDX(B).” The report includes photos of test animals and humans.

        Box 1

        Folder 1: Army Service Forces Manual M904

        • Identification Roster of Classified Material to Control Release of Military Information (August 7, 1944)
          • Pictures of classified materials

        Folder 2: Civilian Memoranda, 1943-1945

      • Civilian Training Policy
      • US Compensation Law
      • Organization of Holston Ordnance Works

        Folder 3: Programs and Policies, 1950

      • Withdrawal Notice

        Folder 4: Declassification Letters, 1946

      • Declassification and Reclassification of:
      • - Certain ammunition and correspondence about ammunitions

        - Ordnance automotive equipment

        - Technical reports


        Folder 5: Hazards to the Health of Individuals working with RDX (B)

      • National Defense Research Committee Report
      • - Skin lesions from exposure to fumes

        - Systemic toxicity from fuze

        - Tested using men and women who had not been exposed to the fumes

        - Also tested animals for an extended period of time

        - Method developed for estimation of RDX in biological materials

        - Recommendation for workers


        Folder 6: General Orders, 1945 and 1949-1950

      • Assumption of Command
      • Holston Ordnance Works Regulations published
      • General and Special Orders for Firefighters and Guards
      • New Wage Rate Schedule

        Folder 7: Memoranda, 1949-1950

      • Duty Officers
      • Personal Policy for Civilian Employees
      • Holiday Leave
      • Various Ordnance Policies for Employees- pay, recreation, hours, living inspections etc.
      • Hearing of Complaints
      • Utilities Utilization—conservation
      • Present Military Assignments
      • Area Clearance Slips

        Folder 8: Nebraska Defense Corporation Meetings on Composition B Melting and Loading, 1943

      • Minutes of Meeting—exchange of information from Holston Ordnance Works production of Composition B
      • Report of Equipment Committee on Composition B Loading

        Folder 9: Redeployment Movements

      • Redeployment Movements Annex B (First Revision), 1945
      • - “Revise and supplement existing procedures and establish new procedures for the movement of troops, impedimenta, and supplies as will be required for redeployment of troops during the readjustment period after the defeat of Germany”

        Folder 10: Report of Trip to Washington for Conference

      • January 1943—discussion about all aspects of ordnance including safety, equipment, inspection, contracts, ammunition

        Folder 11: Security Policy

      • Classification of RDX
      • Reports to facilitate screening of Officer Personnel
      • War Information Film
      • Discharge of Subversive Civil Service Personnel
      • Loyalty Investigation of Military Personnel
      • Instructions for German Espionage Agents in US and Great Britain

        Folder 12: Summary of Incidents and Personnel Investigations, 1943-1944

      • All information on accidents and safety incidents at Holston Ordnance Works
      • All information on investigations of employees or potential employees
      • Photograph of Burning Ground incident

        Folder 13: Correspondence pertaining to Information on Personnel of Holston Ordnance Works

      • Security investigations of personnel
      • Intelligence Jurisdiction at Holston Ordnance Works
      • Security Audit

        Folder 14: Special Orders, 1949-1950

      • Leave granted
      • Assignments of Duty
      • Assignment Termination
      • Appointments to positions
      • Investigations
      • Selections for Councils

        Folder 15: Technical Manual “Winter Task Force” 1947

      • Trends in Development—Army Ground Forces