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RG 156 - Office of Chief of Ordnance, Correspondence - Milan Ordnance Arsenal

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Correspondence, 1943-1946

National Archives Identifier 7050582
This series consists of correspondence, historical reports, and field progress reports of the Milan Arsenal in Milan, Tennessee. Records in this series concern subjects related to administrative activities, equipment, and operations at the arsenal. Also included in this series are photographs depicting workers and equipment.


Box 1: Formerly Classified Decimal Files, 1946-1948

Folder 1: Civilian Contractors

▪ List of Contractors being investigated for fraud

▪ List of Contractors, Firms, and Individuals Suspended, Disqualified, Debarred, or Ineligible

▪ List of Bidders to whom awards will not be made

▪ Contractors Certified for Fraud by the Comptroller General


Folder 2: Policy on Release of Information

▪ Public Release of Cover and Deception Information


Folder 3: Maps and Aerial Photographs

▪ Availability of Maps and Aerial Photographs


Folder 4: Embezzlement

▪ Pyle-National Company embezzlement of substantial funds


Folder 5: Budget

▪ Justification of Fund Requirements

▪ Preparation of Estimates, Military Functions

▪ Preparation of “Statement of Civilian Employee’s Health Service Program Requirements”


Folder 6: Action on War Fraud Cases

▪ Actions to be taken under the provisions of WD Memorandum


Folder 7: Manning Levels and Troop Basis Requirements


Folder 8: Officers and Enlisted

▪ Standard of Efficiency

▪ Reserve Officers

▪ Procurement of Enlisted Personnel

▪ Return of Medical Department Officers from Overseas Command

▪ Officers or Enlisted men on duty having suspended sentences to dismissal or dishonorable discharge

▪ Working hours of Enlisted Personnel

▪ Assignment and Supervision of Enlisted Aliens

▪ Removal of Regular Army Officers from the Active List


Folder 9: Civilian Personnel

▪ Classification of Reports on Personnel

▪ Opinions of the Judge Advocate General

▪ Discharge of Subversive Civil Service Personnel


Folder 10: Personnel Reductions

▪ Personnel Reduction Policies

▪ Domestic Intelligence


Folder 11: Invention for Patenting

▪ Photographs and Diagram


Folder 12: Clearances

▪ Clearance of Personnel for Cryptographic Duties

▪ Personnel Engaged in Cryptographic Duties

▪ Qualifications, Investigations, and Clearances of Persons Having Access to Classified Cryptographic Aids or Devices


Folder 13: Ordnance Technical Committee

▪ Supplemental Declassification Letter

▪ Subcommittee on Rocket Material

▪ Reclassification of Classified Documents

▪ Subcommittee on Automotive Equipment

▪ Subcommittee on Artillery and Fire Control Material

▪ Subcommittee on Small Arms


Folder 14: Declassification

▪ Supplemental Declassification Letter

▪ Reclassification of Ammunition

▪ Subcommittee on Rocket Material


Folder 15: Plan for Expansion of Third Army


Folder 16: Bureau of Budget

▪ Bureau of Budget Visit Memorandum


Folder 17: Foreign Intelligence Information


Folder 18: Utilization of Command Installations


Folder 19: Intelligence

▪ Return of Registered Document

▪ Intelligence Relationships Between the Intelligence Division, GSUSA and the Technical Services

▪ Plan for the Defense of the Milan Arsenal in case of National Emergency

▪ Disclosure of Derogatory Information to Individuals Restricted from Access to Classified Information

▪ Emergency Plan White

▪ Security Survey

▪ Supplementary Security Measures

▪ Investigation of Theft of Government Property

▪ Release of Data on Scientific and Technical Personnel

▪ Field Instructions for Domestic Positive Intelligence

▪ Classification and Censorship of Information Concerning Cover and Deception by the United States or its Allies


Folder 20: Security Measures

▪ Disposition of Subversive and Disaffected Personnel

▪ Security Measures

▪ Safeguarding Military Information Bulletin


Folder 21: Bidders List

▪ Confidential list of Bidders to whom awards will not be made

▪ Investigation of Theft of Government Property

▪ Sale of Brass Scrap


Folder 22: Vehicles for Emergency Transportation


Folder 23: Subversive Publications

▪ Propaganda Publications

▪ Restriction of Undesirable Publications

▪ Distribution of Minutes of Ordnance Technical Committee Meetings

▪ Rescission of Certain Fourth Service Command Directives


Folder 24: Procurement Planning

▪ Proposed Program for Procurement Planning at Installation Level

▪ Mobilization Plan

▪ Ammunition Mobilization Study

▪ Additional Materials Needed

▪ Procurement Planning Schedules


Folder 25: Installation Mobilization Plan

▪ Field Service Annex


Folder 26: Substandard Ammunition Storage


Folder 27: Criminal Conduct

▪ Suspensions of Suddath Moving and Storage Company and North American Van Lines, Inc.


Folder 28: Construction Planning

▪ Construction Planning Program Schedule


Folder 29: Emergency Plan White and General Area Map of Milan


Folder 30: Counter Fifth Column Plan

▪ Photographing, Sketching, Mapping, etc of Defensive Installations

▪ List of Vital Installations

Folder 31: Communist Activities


Folder 32: Policy on Eviction of Tenants in Housing Projects Transferred to Department of Army by National Housing Agency


Folder 33: Report of Visit of Swedish National and Assistant Military Attache


Folder 34: Policy on Retention of Family Housing for Personnel on Duty with Civilian Components


Box 2: Administrative Circulars to Office Memoranda, 1940-1948

Folder 1-3: Administrative Circulars, 1946-1947

▪ Badges

▪ Utilities—conservation, emergency calls

▪ Standardizing Arsenal Directives

▪ Civilian Welfare Council

▪ Shifts and line operations

▪ Memorandum Receipt Procedure

▪ Use of Government Transportation

▪ Storeroom Requisitions

▪ Request for Issue of Coal

▪ Procedure for Handling Scrap Metal from Explosive Areas

▪ Depot Surveillance

▪ Establishment of Planning and Control Board

▪ Responsibility for Buildings

▪ Functions and Staffing of Civilian Personnel Division

▪ Wage and Salary Administration Policy

▪ Bus and Taxi Schedules

▪ Medical Services

▪ Safety Board

▪ Telephone Service

▪ Organization Chart

▪ Disaster Plan


Folder 4: General Orders, 1945-1948

▪ Appointments to Power

▪ Officer of the Day Roster and Schedule


Folder 5: Office Memoranda, 1945

▪ Conservation of Electricity

▪ Excess Dictionaries


Folder 6-9: Office Memoranda, 1946-1948

▪ Freezing of Personnel Actions

▪ Plant Shut-down

▪ Holiday Leave

▪ Minutes of Arsenal Safety Board Meeting

▪ Official Telephone Calls

▪ Living Policies and Procedures

▪ Care and Preservation of Supplies and Equipment

▪ Procurement of Supplies

▪ Conservation of Heating Fuel and Electricity

▪ The Foreman and Safety

▪ Inspections

▪ Complaints

▪ Arsenal Reports

▪ Telephone Directory

▪ Preparations for Reduction in Force

▪ Report of Accident

▪ Fire Alarm Procedure Plan