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RG 181 - Naval Districts and Shore Establishments, Confidential War Diaries - Sixth Naval District at Charleston, South Carolina

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Confidential War Diaries, 1942-1946
National Archives Identifier 2679418

This series consists of daily operational journals (commonly referred to as war diaries) created by various naval commands, shore installations, ships and other activities throughout the Sixth Naval District, as well as some British ships. Most war diaries provided a day-to-day record of operational activities and sometimes administrative activities as well. War diaries were submitted by most units in the Navy. The quality of the diaries varied widely, with some providing detailed accounts, while other diaries contain only cursory information. Generally, higher level commands submitted the most detailed war diaries. War diaries of smaller units and ships often provide less information. For most of the 1942-1945 period, war diaries were typed on standard sized paper and varied considerably in the number of days and information that might appear on any one page. Most war diaries were discontinued by August 1946.

Box 1

     6th Naval District Diaries August 1942-March 1946

Box 2

     6th Naval District Diaries April 1946-July 1946

     Navy Yard Diaries January 1944-December 1944

Box 3

     Navy Yard Diaries January 1945-December 1945

     Coast Guard Diaries January 1944-October 1944

Box 4

     Coast Guard Diaries November 1944-December 1945

     Inshore Patrol Diaries December 1943-December 1945

Box 5

     Inshore Patrol (Eastern Sea Frontier) Diary April 1942

     Southern Ship Lane Diaries August-September 1942

     U.S.S. Tallapoosa Diaries March 1942-November 1943

     H.M.S. Northern Dawn Diaries April-October 1942

     H.M.S. Northern Isles Diaries March-April 1942

     U.S.S. PC-472 Diaries March-April 1942

     U.S.S. PC-496 Diary April 1942

     U.S.S. PC-508 Diary August 1942

     U.S.S. SC-987 Diaries August-November 1943

     U.S.S. SC-1017 Diaries February-March 1943

     U.S.S. SC-1330 Diaries August-October 1943

     U.S.S. SC-1333 Diary September 1943

     CGC 83415 & 83416 Diaries June-November 1943

     GCC 83472 Diaries October-November 1943

     Charleston Personnel Separation Center Diary 1946