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RG 181 - Naval Districts and Shore Establishments, Aide's Subject Files - Sixth Naval District at Charleston, South Carolina

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Aide’s Subject Files, 1915-1933

This series contains correspondence, rosters, reports, orders, and memoranda from the office of the Commandant's Aide at the Charleston Navy Shipyard. Records in this series concern subjects related to personnel, shipyard operations, fishing passes, movement of vessels, and supply.


Box 1  
Secretary of Navy Letters and Circulars December 1917-April 1918
Asst. Secretary of the Navy Letters and Circulars January 1918-June 1919
Naval Ops Letters March 1918-February 1919
Naval Ops Letters 1920
ALNAV Letters 1920
ALNAV Circulars-101-200 July-November 1918
ALNAV Circulars-1-100 1919
ALNAV Circulars-101-200 1919
ALNAV Circulars-201-300 1919
ALNAV Confirmations January 1918-July 1919
BuNav Circular Letters 1917
BuNav Circular Letters 1917-1918
Box 2  
BuNav Circular Letters 2-100 1915-1918
BuNav Circular Letters 101-200 1918
BuNav Circular Letters 1919
BuNav Circular Letters 1929-1930
BuSandA Circular Letters 1920
Bureau of Steam Engineering Circular Letters 1920
6th Naval District Circulars 1917-1919
District Orders 1919
District Memos 1920
Commandant's District Orders in Effect 1920-1933
Box 3  
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders May 1926-February 1929
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders March 1928-November 1928
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders September 1928-June 1929
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders March 1929
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders March 1929-June 1929
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders January 1929-November 1932
Box 4  
Captain of the Yard: Memos and Orders November 1928-February 1929
Orders and Memos: Other than Captain of the Yard July 1927-June 1929
Orders and Memos: Other than Captain of the Yard July 1929-June 1930
Orders and Memos: Other than Captain of the Yard June 1930-May 1932
Commandant's Memos March 1923-December 1924
Commandant's Memos March 1922-February 1923
Commandant's Orders: Other Yards June 1917-November 1919
Box 5  
General Correspondence June 1922-November 1922
General Correspondence November -December 1922
General Correspondence December 1922-March 1923
General Correspondence May-June 1923
General Correspondence June-August 1923
General Correspondence August-October 1923
General Correspondence October-November 1923
Box 6  
General Correspondence November 1923-January 1924
General Correspondence January 1924-March 1924
General Correspondence March 1924-May 1924
General Correspondence May 1924-July 1924
General Correspondence July 1924-August 1924
General Correspondence August 1924-October 1924
General Correspondence October 1924-December 1924
General Correspondence December 1924-January 1925
General Correspondence February 1925-March 1925
Box 7  
General Correspondence April 1925-May 1925
General Correspondence June 1925-July 1925
General Correspondence August 1925-October 1925
General Correspondence October 1925-January 1926
General Correspondence January 1926-April 1926
General Correspondence April 1926-June 1926
General Correspondence June 1926-September 1926
General Correspondence June 1926-December 1926
Box 8  
General Correspondence December 1926-February 1927
General Correspondence March 1927-June 1927
General Correspondence July 1927-October 1927
General Correspondence November 1927-March 1928
General Correspondence March 1928-July 1928
General Correspondence June 1928-October 1928
General Correspondence November 1928-April 1929
General Correspondence May 1929-December 1929
Box 9  
General Correspondence January 1930-November 1932
General Correspondence February 1930-September 1930
General Correspondence October 1930-June 1931
General Correspondence July 1931-November 1931
6th Naval District Correspondence  April 1926-October 1927
6th Naval District Correspondence  March 1928-December 1931
6th Naval District Correspondence  May 1932-September 1932
For Admiral McCully August 1927
Admiral Newton A. McCully Correspondence July 1927-August 1929
Admiral Newton A. McCully Correspondence September 1929-June 1931
Box 10  
Admiral Raby Speeches 1932-1933
Air Power January 1916-May 1918
ALAtlantic April 1905
All Ships and Stations Circular Letters 1919
Anderson, L; Correspondence July 1918-December 1919
Applicants for Positions 1915-1917
Appropriations 1926
Armed Guard 1917-1918
Auto Requests-Enlisted Men 1932-1933
Aviation Camp March 1918
Aviation File November 1926-May 1932
Band-Enlisted Personnel November 1917-December 1918
Band March 1929-July 1929
Berthing, Docking, Mooring, Ships September 1927-September 1929
Box 11  
Berthing, Docking, Mooring, Ships September 1929-February 1932
Captain B.C. Bryan-Entertainment 1915-1917
Captain B.C. Bryan-Invitations 1915-1918
Captain B.C. Bryan-Misc. 1915-1917
Captain B.C. Bryan-Misc. 1917-1918
Captain B.C. Bryan-Q St. Residence 1906-1918
Captain B.C. Bryan-R 1915-1918
Captain B.C. Bryan-W 1916-1918
Captain B.C. Bryan-Whaley 1915-1918
Bureau of Construction and Repair 1920
Bureau of Ordnance 1920
Box 12  
Change in Officers 1918-1919
Changes in Officers Addresses 1918
Charles Fort Monument March 1927
Civic Functions, Ceremonies, etc. April 1930-July 1931
Civil Service-Misc. September 1915-March 1919
"Clarinda" Commander's Barge  
Carolina Day-Anniversary of the Battle of Ft. Moultrie  
Captain of the Yard's File July 1928-July 1931
Clothing Factories July 1917-December 1918
Communications ALATL January 1918-November 1918
Complaints August 1915-November 1917
Courts and Boards December 1919-March 1920
Destroyer Squadron, Scouting Fleet 1928
Duty Officer's File 1929-1934
Examinations August 1917-November 1918
Fitness Report Notifications August -November 1929
Box 13  
Fitness Report Notifications April 1925-August 1929
Fishing Passes  September 1927-December 1930
Fishing Passes  February 1931-November 1932
Fishing Passes  October 1931-March 1933
Fishing Passes  March 1933-May 1934
Guard for Navy Yard 1915-1918
U.S.S. Henderson October 1922-April 1923
Housing Proposition March 1918-October 1918
Hull Division Investigation 1913
Improvements and Buildings 1916-1918
Inspection Officers December 1919
Inspection of Shore Stations 1913
Inspections and Reports October 1928-May 1931
Inspectors 1919
Johnson, D December 1918-March 1919
Box 14  
Joint Service Pay Bill August 1922-February 1924
Letters of Recommendation January 1917-February 1919
Liberty Loans April 1918-December 1918
List of Passengers-U.S.S. Kittery October 1919
Living Conditions-Navy Yard March 1917-December 1917
Long Distance Telephone Communication 1918
Mail & Shipping Addresses November 1917-April 1919
Marine Corps December 1917-August 1919
Memo for Captain 1919
Memo for District Supervisor 1919
Misc. 1922-1929
Misc. 1922-1929
Movement of Vessels December 1918-January 1919
Movement of Vessels December 1918-January 1919
Movement of Vessels-Navy Yard 1920
Movie Passes June 1928-August 1928
Box 15  
Movie Passes August 1928-March 1930
Navies of the World 1928
Navy Communications Circular December 1918
Navy Department Letters 1920
Naval Districts 1920
Naval Examining Brand 1918-1919
Naval Prison, Marine Barracks 1919
Naval Overseas Transportation Service August 1918-November 1918
Naval Overseas Transportation Service September 1918
Naval Overseas Transportation Service 1919
Naval Overseas Transportation Service-Administration September 1918-October 1918
Naval Overseas Transportation Service-Ops July 1918-October 1918
Naval Overseas Transportation Service-Supply June 1918-July 1918
Navy Day 1922-1923
Navy Day 1928-1930
Officers Available for Court Martial Duty May 1919
Officers-Orders September 1918-March 1920
Officers Rosters on Ships at Yard & District June 1918-February 1919
Officers-Vessels Having Left the Yard December 1917-February 1919
Ordnance May 1916-July 1916
Box 16  
Organization-U.S.S. New York  
Passes-Other Than Movie June 1930-September 1931
Personnel June 1929-November 1931
Private Firms Taking Away Skilled Labor September 1917-September 1918
Police & Fire Department of the Yard June 1927-May 1929
Police & Fire Department of the Yard May 1929-October 1932
Precept for Naval Retiring Board October 1919
Profiteering in Rent June 1917-August 1918
U.S.S. Ranger-Refit July 1918
Recreation for Enlisted Men-Allotment June 1927-July 1931
Recreation-Swimming Pool June 1928-May 1931
Repairs on Minesweeper  
Reports Against Enlisted Men September 1927-July 1929
Reports on Development of Officer Personnel 1917-1919
Report of Ship Control Board November 1919
Request for a Band September 1919
Box 17  
Re-ratings November 1915-December 1918
Rifle Range September 1917
Roster of Officers January 1926-August 1928
Roster of Officers August 1928-June 1930
Rough Extra Copies  
Sanitary Matters December 1917-August 1918
School September 1918-October 1918
Ship Arrivals October 1918-April 1919
Ship Arrivals April 1919-June 1919
Ships-U.S.S. Supply July 1918
Ships-U.S.S. Wando-Grounding June 1917
Ships at the Yard September 1922-February 1923
Ships at the Yard March 1923-April 1924
Box 18  
Shuttle Train January 1918-November 1918
Smoking Regulations May 1929-August 1929
Special-Reports to be Made  
Submarine Chasers March 1918-November 1918
Summary Courts Martial April 1924-December 1924
Summary Courts Martial January 1925-July 1927
Survey Report October 1919
Swimming Pool Passes May 1932-August 1932
Tacoma-Prometheus-Galveston 1924
Telegrams-Movement of Vessels September 1918-January 1919
Telephone Charges April 1921-November 1924
Telephone Directory  
Telephone Directory 1919
Telephone Directory-Changes October 1918
Telephone and Radio Communication March 1918-March 1919
Telephone Lines 1918
Tennis Club-Navy Yard August 1918-January 1919
Transportation September 1918
U.S.C.G Auto Folders June 1932-November 1932
Vessels-Misc. 1916-1918
War Risk Insurance October 1919
Wickham, H.E.-Pay Clerk Inquiry August 1922
Box 19  
Water Distribution January 1919-October 1919
Weekly Reports of Work on Vessels-Summary January 1918-June 1918
Weekly Reports of Work on Vessels-Summary July 1918-December 1918
Work on Vessels April 1918-December 1918
Yard and District Craft March 1930-November 1930
Yard and District Craft December 1930-September 1932
Yard Craft May 1918
Yard Departments-Misc. July 1915-March 1916
Yard Information 1918
Yard Instructions-Duty Officer August 1931-March 1933
Yard Regulations December 1919-January 1920
YMCA November 1916
YWCA December 1917-November 1918