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RG 21 - U.S. District Courts, Land Condemnation Case Files - Gainesville, Georgia

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Land Condemnation Case Files

National Archives Identifier 2123925

The series contains papers from cases dealing with land condemnations filed in civil proceedings which may include petitions, bills of complaint, transcripts of testimony and of record, writs, answers, depositions, exhibits, motions, court orders, decrees, findings of fact and conclusions of law, cross-petitions, affidavits, decisions, writs of error, notices, summonses, mandates, pleas, praecipes, subpoenas, and other related papers. If the case was appealed to a higher court, then information and papers relating to that appeal were often included in the case file.

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Defendant Acres Notes
637 United States Olen Stephens 25 Hall County
644 United States Toy Minor 342.81 Hall County
650 United States Lee Waldrip 163.02 Hall County
651 United States Gus H. Ashcraft 3035.49 Hall, Forsyth Counties
661 United States Roy P. Otwell 2276.28 Hall, Dawson, Forsyth Counties
668 United States J. H. Pinson 209.6 Hall County
669 United States Artic Buice 498.47 Hall County
671 United States Roy M. Grain 553.05 Hall County
672 United States City of Gainesville 866.09 Hall County
674 United States Marcus Mashburn 4.077 Forsyth, Hall Counties
678 United States Nevie Simpson Robinson 471.1 Hall County
679 United States Mrs. Pearl Grace Nix 494.8 Hall County
681 United States P.D. Waters 1030.17 Dawson, Forsyth, Hall Counties
682 United States Fred Stringer 762.31 Hall County
684 United States Willie Bryant 1054 Hall County
691 United States J. C. Hamner 1.35 Hall County
700 United States City of Gainesville 20.93 Hall County
701 United States Fred O. Rowe 1114.16 Dawson, Hall Counties
703 United States Charles A. Smithgal 1305.49 Hall County
704 United States C. C. Anderson 263.17 Dawson, Forsyth Counties
709 United States O. H. Thomas 787.84 Dawson, Hall, Lumpkin Counties
719 United States Ellar Martin 382.46 Dawson, Hall, Lumpkin Counties
720 United States Beulah Millwood 252.57 Hall, Lumpkin Counties
722 United States Spencer Hill Baptist Church 9.122 Hall County
744 United States Lumpkin County 0 Certain Roads in Lumpkin County
745 United States Hall County   Certain Roads in Hall County
761 United States Heirs of Wiley Beard 102.66 Dawson, Forsyth, Hall, Lumkin Counties
762 United States C. J. Romberg 796.53 Dawson, Hall, Lumpkin Counties
763 United States D. O. Mullinax 0.5 Forsyth, Hall Counties
773 United States Johnson & Johnson 64.6 Hall County
803 United States Sardis Consolidated School Distric of Hall County 6.61 Hall County
815 United States Ty Childs 328.65 Stephens County
832 United States Mrs. Ruth Dean Terrell 1131.15 Stephens County
838 United States Nile D. Crowder 505.23 Stephens County
844 United States Dewitt Fowler 149.73 Forsyth County
861 United States Max Y. Jarrett 465.6 Stephens County
886 United States Stephens County 0 Certain Roads in Stephens County
897 United States Albert C. Murphy 1.25 Stephens County
901 United States H. A. Perry 0 Certain Land, Barrow County
926 United States A. Myron, A. Russell 99.42 Stephens County