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RG 21 - U.S. District Courts, Admiralty Case Files - Alabama Confederate Court

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Admiralty Case Files

National Archives Identifier 4558423

This series consists of case files relating to admiralty claims. They deal with such matters as prizes, ransom, and military salvage; petitory suits to try title to a ship independently of possession of the vessel; possessory actions to recover ships to which a party is entitled by right; and a great variety of maritime contracts and torts. Typical maritime contracts relate to charter parties; affreightment; the carriage of passengers and their baggage, and the carriage of goods; marine insurance; demurrage; pilotage; towage; lighterage; wharfage; and for the purchase of supplies and repairs; salvage; bottomry; seamen's wages; and the maintenance and care of ill or injured seamen. Typical maritime torts involve collision; loss of or injury to a cargo; and personal injury or ill usage arising between the master and officers on one hand and the seamen or passengers on the other.
Box Number Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Year Notes
1   Confederate States Schooner Hortense 1861  
1   Carson, Ben et al Schooner May & Cargo 1861  
1 2 Phelps Schooner Smith Townsend 1861  
1 4 Confederate States Steam Boat Planter 1861  
1 5 Confederate States Ship Danube 1861 2 folders
1 329 Martin, Michael, L. Six Bales of District Cotton 1865  
1 6 Andrews, Greenleaf, et al Steamer Fox 1863 2 folders
1   Duke, James, et al Steamer Boston 1863  
1   Gee, James, T. Steamer Denbeigh et Cargo 1863  
1   Duke, James, et al Barge Lenox 1863  
1   Jefferson, E.M. Schooner Adelaid 1864  
1   Duke, James, et al Schooner Norman 1863  
1   Foster, P.O., et al Ship Donegal & Cargo 1864  
1   Jefferson Schooner Martha & Cargo 1862  
1   Simpkins Three Boats 1862  
1   Duke, James Barge Tesiana & Cargo 1863  
1   Dick, Steamer, et al Steamer Donegal & Cargo N/A  
1   Smith Booth & Ufford Burke 1833  
1   Confederate States Schooner Isabel 1862