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RG 219 - Office of Defense Transportation, General Counsel Files

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General Counsel Files, 1944-1945

National Archives Identifier 6925682

This series contains memos, correspondence, handwritten notes, and forms. Topics include contracts, construction, personnel, and transportation.

Box 1
  1. Savannah Ga Office investigation
  2. Chattanooga investigation Chattanooga, TN
  3. Tallant and Sutton - Clayton GA T.F. Vinson - Dillard GA
  4. Info regarding CWN Holders Memo No. X-179
  5. Tallant and Sutton Clayton Ga
  6. Re: F 194362 Memo
  7. Williams, J. Foster Metter GA (Candler)
  8. Wallace, Fred D. Metter GA (Candler)
  9. J. Foster Williams Fred D. Wallace Metter GA
  10. Administrative Letters - Atlanta Office
  11. Administrative Office - Atlanta GA
  12. Bernard Alpert Regional Attorney New York, NY
  13. Norman P. Brown, Chief, Distribution Unit, Washington DC
  14. Regional Director Caley
  15. Division of storage
  16. Efficiency rating company
  17. General counsel's office - Washington DC
  18. Instructions Misc.
  19. Office of Price Admin.
  20. Taxicabs Misc.
  21. Washington - Misc.
  22. Status of third appeals
  23. Mike Abood Jacksonville FL
  24. A.C. U-drive-it Co. Hattiesburg, Miss. Second Appeal
  25. O.N Adams Brunswick GA Appeal withdrawn 3/7/45
  26. Aspden Association Greensboro NC
  27. Atlanta Beverage Co. Atlanta GA (third appeal)
  28. Atlanta Taxicabs
  29. Automatic Drink Dispenser Co. Fort Pierce, FL

Box 2

  1. Baisden Motor Co. (Allocation Matter) Haines City, FL
  2. Woodrow Ballinger Wilson NC
  3. Floyd Bennett
  4. L.D. Berry Griffin GA (third appeal)
  5. Birmingham, AL investigation OPA and ODT
  6. H.E. Blant Philadelphia, Miss (allocation matter)
  7. Bluebird Cab Company Conestee, SC
  8. S.T. Brown (third appeal) Cookeville, TN
  9. A.F. Burnell Miami, FL (second appeal dec.)
  10. Cape Fear Wood Company
  11. Capital baseball club Raleigh NC third appeal
  12. Carland, J. Arden NC
  13. L.P. Chick Chick Piano Co. Athens GA (second appeal dec.)
  14. Adolfo Christiani Sarasota, FL (3rd appeal) appeal dec. 137 6/13/45
  15. Claremont Upholstering Co. Claremont, NC
  16. J.E. Clark Geneva AL Appeal decision 21 8/10/44
  17. Ellis Cliburn Hazlehurst, MS
  18. C.C. Close, Jr & W.H. Mountjoy Triangle, VA Appeal decision 6 5/8/44
  19. Harry G. Cochran Warner Robins GA (Allocation Matter)
  20. Cole transit company Birmingham AL
  21. Columbus Beer Co. Columbus GA (Second Appeal Dec)
  22. Concord NC reported taxi violations
  23. Alton Cooper Columbus GA ( second appeal dec)
  24. C.H. Cunnard Conyers GA (application for taxicab service)
  25. G.C. Daniel Dann-Dee Dairy Atlanta GA
  26. William Dartis Nashville, TN decision 77 1/9/45
  27. Daytona, FL taxicab situation
  28. W. Fay Deming MS Distributing Company Gulfport MS
  29. Peter Di Mizio Rowan Distributing Company Salisbury NC Returned to Distributing Office 7/28/45
  30. W.A. Draper Gainesboro TN Third appeal decision 2/23/45
  31. Duncan Furniture Company (third appeal) Curtis L. Duncan, Owner Atlanta, GA appeal decision 76 1/9/45
  32. P.H. Durden Athens GA
  33. Royce Edmondson Atlantic Supply co. Charlotte NC
  34. Elwell, L.H. Elwell Barbers Supply Anderson SC appeal decision 116 4/20/45
  35. Falls City Distributing Co. Nashville TN (D.R. Clifton) Washington DC withholding pending determine nature of civil suit
  36. L.R. Fanning and Son Columbia SC third appeal #93-723 2/23/45
  37. C.E. Franklin Jackson MS third appeal decision # 100 3/3/45
  38. Frank's Furniture co. Corinth, MS third appeal #142 6/13/45
  39. George Garzo Palm Beach Drive –Ur-Self West Palm Beach, FL
  40. Georgia Milk Producers Federation Inc. Atlanta GA
  41. H.C. Gilliland Burlington NC third appeal decision #79 1/11/45
  42. J.I. Gleason August GA
  43. Green Cove Springs FL taxi situation
  44. Milton Hale Miami FL third appeal file returned to office 1/13/45
  45. Hamilton seed and Brokerage Co. Chattanooga TN
  46. Lowell B. Hillman Ashland Al third appeal decision 144 6/13/45
  47. J.W. Hardel Loris SC "Moot" - no further appeal filed
  48. Wilton Harper c/o Harper Brothers Wray GA third appeal decision 83 1/20/45
  49. C.B. Harrington Jacksonville FL (third appeal)
  50. The Harris-Kelly Piano Co. High Point, NC third appeal decision #44 10/19/44
  51. Harvey transfer co. 188 Spring Street Charleston SC
  52. W.J. Hedden (second appeal decision) Chesnee, SC
  53. Clint Henderson RFD, Lyon, MS
  54. Alvin Herman Rivo Alto Island
  55. L.C. Herndon Pontotoc MS (third appeal) appeal decision # 149 6/23/45
  56. L. W. Herring (third appeal) appeal withdraw 5/30/45
  57. Hertz Drive-ur-Self Co. Miami, FL
  58. J.B. Howard Pensacola FL (application for taxicab CWN)
  59. Bill Hunnicut, Clyde Ramey Clayton Ga

Box 3

  1. 1. ICC v. C&G Railway and J.T. Gaward
  2. 2 William M. King Eastover SC third appeal decision #153 7/16/45
  3. Adolph Koss Tampa FL and Chicago IL third appeal returned to district office 10/9/44
  4. Casper Lazzara Tamp FL third appeal #57 11/16/44
  5. Howard M. Lee Dunn NC third appeal #74 1/4/45
  6. Lester's U-Drive-It Miami FL
  7. Thomas C. Lightsey third appeal Carolina Beverage Sales Charleston SC #150 7/7/45
  8. O.B. Loper Yellow Cab Company Laurel, MS third appeal
  9. Vincent Longo Daytona Beach FL third appeal #54 11/11/44
  10. S.L. Macarthur Ellijay, GA
  11. George S. McCall Marion, NC third appeal #86 2/29/45
  12. B.C. McCrea Dothan AL district office reversed self
  13. W.T. Mc Donald Cartersville GA
  14. McLendon Brothers Omega AL
  15. Macon Busses, Inc. Macon, GA
  16. Alber Mann Greenville, SC third appeal #111 4/14/45
  17. James D. Marshall Route 1 Snow Camp NC violation
  18. J.A. Martin Jr. Gulf Coast Distributing Company Biloxi MS
  19. J.L. Martin West Memphis TN
  20. H. Mather Savannah GA
  21. Robert A Merritt Kenansville NC #96 3/1/45
  22. Miami Beach Jitney Bus Co. Miami Beach FL 1/18/45
  23. Miami Beach Taxicab Co. Miami Beach FL
  24. Miami U-Drive-It, Inc. Miami FL
  25. Miami U-Drive-It Inc. situation Miami FL
  26. J. Gordon Miller Jr. third appeal Savannah Beach GA #90 2/19/45
  27. Mrs. W.E. Mills Box 29 Route 5 Tampa FL
  28. J.C. Millwood Oneonta AL third appeal #160 7/31/45
  29. C.E. Moore Tallahassee FL third appeal #55 11/11/44
  30. G.B. Morgan Laurel MS third appeal
  31. James B. Patterson and Allie Taylor Murfreesboro Coach Co. Murfreesboro TN third appeal
  32. James J. Musso Lakeland Beverage Co. Lakeland FL 7/28/45 returned to district office
  33. National Distributing Co. Charlotte NC third appeal
  34. Paul B. Nichols 872 Stewart Ave. SW Atlanta GA third appeal
  35. Olin's Inc. Miami, FL third appeal #81 1/18/44
  36. W.M. Paschal Franklin GA third appeal #105 3/21/45
  37. Patty Taxi Co. Anniston AL #22 8/11/44
  38. J.F. Pearson Wilkesboro NC third appeal #53 11/11/44
  39. Joe Pelligrini State Beverage Co. Jackson MS
  40. Pet Dairy Products Co. Greensboro NC third appeal
  41. B.C. Pittman Decatur AL
  42. Alex Pleas Chipley FL
  43. Frank Powell Omega GA Allocation violation
  44. T.W. Price Jr. Leaksville NC third appeal #30 9/7/44
  45. Celestine Puerta Tampa FL
  46. Rinks and Akin Taxi Service Columbia TN returned for administrative handling 5/15
  47. W.A. Robinson Miami FL
  48. Robinson Truck and Equipment Co. Mobile AL
  49. Rogers, Harry W. Kennet MO second appeal
  50. W.D. Rutland Mitchell Station AL

Box 4

  1. 1 A.K. Satterfield and W.T. Tallout Atlanta GA (taxi violation)
  2. Savannah Poultry and Egg Co. Savannah GA
  3. John D. Scott Jr. Greenville SC
  4. Sexton and Co. Atlanta GA
  5. E.L. Short Lane Motor Co. Millen GA (allocation violation)
  6. Sirgany's Wholesale Liquor distributors Charleston SC
  7. Six-o-taxi Co. R.G. Blackburn Hattiesburg MS
  8. Smith Furniture Co. Corinth MS second appeal
  9. O.J. Smith Allocation Matter
  10. Smith-Raymond Company Columbus GA
  11. Leroy Sossamon Bryson City NC third appeal
  12. South Florida Motor Sales Miami Beach FL
  13. Southern Steel Nut Co. Booneville MS
  14. S.Spoto and Son Tampa FL third appeal
  15. Roy Starling Millwood GA third appeal
  16. Mrs. L.P. Stevens Ferry MS
  17. Stewart Coffee Co. Memphis TN
  18. Herbert L. Stupp Sarasota FL third appeal
  19. Sun Manufacturing Co. Maryville TN
  20. Tallant and Sutton Clayton GA
  21. Tallahasse FL Taxicab appeal
  22. Reeves Tate Travelers Rest SC (allocation matter)
  23. TN-GA Motor Co. Chattanooga TN
  24. Termite exterminating Co. Winston-Salem NC
  25. Tullahoma, TN Taxicab reduction
  26. Roger A. Van Vechten Montgomery AL
  27. Dewey C. Vinson Atlanta GA
  28. Vulcan Lines, Inc. Birmingham AL
  29. Vulcan Lines, Inc. Birmingham AL
  30. Lee Waldrip Victory Cab Co. Marietta GA third appeal
  31. Mose Walker, Inc. Columbia MS
  32. Walnut transfer Co. Atlanta GA
  33. Whalen Auto rentals Miami Beach FL
  34. Otis Wherley Tupelo MS third appeal
  35. Ronald Whigham (letter from D.M. Cochrane regarding disclosure of CWN information - address, etc.)
  36. W.C. Wilcox Elberta AL
  37. Corbett Williamson (Joes taxi) August GA third appeal
  38. Avy C. Woodcock Rocky Mount NC third appeal
  39. W.M. Woodruff St. Petersburg FL third appeal
  40. James W. Wrape, Esquire Memphis TN
  41. Foster Wright Dothan AL third appeal
  42. Thurston Crawford Yellow Cab Co. Columbus GA third appeal
  43. Yellow Taxicab Co. White Taxicab Co. Hattiesburg MS
  44. Yellow Cab Co. Johnson City TN
  45. Yellow Top Taxi Service Cocoa FL
  46. H.B. Yelverton Centreville MS third appeal
  47. Solomon J. Young Jackson MS
  48. Zalkind Matter Mobile AL