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RG 36 - U.S. Customs Service, Slave Manifests - Charleston, South Carolina (By Owner Name)

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Coastwise Slave Manifests, 1820-1858

National Archives Identifier 2767346

This series consists of inward slave manifests submitted to the Collector of Customs at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina by vessels engaged in coastwise travel. Most slave manifests in this series are recorded on standard forms and include the name of the ship and its master, port of departure, port of destination, and a list of the slaves on board. For each slave, the manifests provide first name, sex, age, stature, name of shipper or owner, and shipper or owner's place of residence.

Owner Ship Master Shipper Destination Port Date
Adams, David Edgefield Safson, John   Hamburg, South Carolina 2/11/1826
Addison, C.P. St. Marys Freeborn, J. James   Jacksonville, Florida 4/24/1858
Armstrong, A. Commerce Harvey, Samuel   Augusta, Georgia 4/13/1825
Blackman, Jus Hamburg Blackman, James   Augusta, Georgia and Hamburg, South Carolina 12/30/1825
Caldwell Carolina Stuart, R.H.   Charleston, South Carolina 6/27/1856
Cohen, Hyman Edgefield Safson, John   Augusta, Georgia 1/17/1826
Col. Hugan, H.K. Edgefield Safson, John Keating, Simon Augusta, Georgia 4/22/1820
Curry, William Steamship Isabel Rollins, William   Charleston, South Carolina 5/10/1855
Davis, William H. Edgefield Davis, William H. McDonald, Hugh Augusta, Georgia 1/1/1833
Lift, A.F. Steamship Isabel Rollins, William   Charleston, South Carolina 5/10/1855
McDowak, A Steamer Gent Clinch Barden   Darien, Georgia 11/8/1842
Nicholas, J. Cheraw Graham, John C. Johnston, W.M. Hamburg, South Carolina 6/5/1833
Robertson, Alex Edgefield Safson, John Kinlich, Francis Hamburg, South Carolina 5/12/1826
Rose Hamburg Blackman, Joseph Shivers Augusta, Georgia 5/18/1826
Smith, Berry J. Dillinger Dubois, D. Walker Beaufort, South Carolina 1/8/1830
South Carolinaott, B.J. George Washington Curry, James Robertson, T.J. Beaufort, South Carolina 4/29/1830
Stampy, William Steamship Isabel Rollins, William   Charleston, South Carolina 5/10/1855
Tripp, William John David Morgan Dubois, W. Webb, Daniel Beaufort, South Carolina 5/29/1830
Tupper, James Brig Hayne TreSouth Carolinaott, J.G.F. Tupper, T. New Orleans, Louisiana 3/27/1840
Vanderhart, J.C. George Washington Curry, James Copeland, E.W. Beaufort, South Carolina 6/4/1830