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RG 36 - U.S. Customs Service, Slave Manifests - Foreign Voyages (By Owner Name)

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Coastwise Slave Manifests, 1801-1860

National Archives Identifier 1151775

This series consists of inward and outward slave manifests submitted to the Collector of Customs at the Port of Savannah, Georgia by vessels engaged in coastwise travel. Most slave manifests in this series are recorded on standard forms and include the name of the ship and its master, port of departure, port of destination, and a list of the slaves on board. For each slave, the manifests provide first name, sex, age, stature, name of shipper or owner, and shipper or owner's place of residence. The few documents in this series dating before 1808 list the number of slaves transported but do not provide names or other personal information.

Owner Ship Departure Port Ship Master Owner's Residence Date
Hall, William Schooner Roebuck Africa Dismout, Davis ??(not clear) but listed 5/30/1798
Macleod, William Schooner Nancy Beanunas, Africa Hyer, Vincent Charleston, South Carolina 6/26/1794
Macleod, William Schooner Nancy Gambia, Africa Hyer, Vincent Charleston, South Carolina 8/23/1795
Macleod, William Esq. Schooner Friends Adventure Goree, Africa Heart, James Charleston, South Carolina 5/4/1795
Martin, Thomas and Price, John Ship Charleston the coast of Africa Connelly, John Charleston, South Carolina 8/5/1795
Oxhollom, ? and Washington, Barnard Sloop ? St Croix     11/5/1789
Price, John and Theus, James Ship Charleston Africa Dennison, James Charleston, South Carolina 7/2/1796
Price, John-Theus, James and Woodross, John Brig Eagle Beanunas, Africa Holland, John   6/21/1796
Sterry, Cyprian Schooner James Africa Boss, Edward Providence, Rhode Island 8/12/1795
Sterry, Cyprian Sloop Polly Isle of Goree, Africa Smith, Joshua Providence, Rhode Island 9/14/1795
Sterry, Cyprian and Mitchell, Edward Schooner Dolphin Goree, Africa Fuller, Gilbert Providence, Rhode Island 8/24/1795
Wolfe, William and John Snow Sally Anamaboe, Africa Manchester, Isaac Bristol, Rhode Island 6/17/1796
  Schooner Fanny Island of Montserrat Rodgers, William   10/14/1789
  Brig Sarah Africa McAllister, John   1797
  Schooner Nancy Trinidad Connelly, John