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RG 77 - Office of the Chief of Engineers, Publications Record Set - Wilmington, North Carolina

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Publications Record Set, 1943-1962

National Archives Identifier 3451791


This series consists of the record set of publications issued by the district engineer to promulgate instructions and procedures. Items included in this series are district circulars, general and special orders, and other notices.


Publications Record Set, 1945-1952
Declasification Project Number: NND 813501
2 boxes (1-2)

     Box 1. Orders, bulletins, memoranda
     Box 2. Histories of organizations, bureaus, and post offices

Publications Record Set, 1953-1962
4 boxes (1-4)

     Box 1. Special Orders, memoranda, bulletins, and organization orders, 1953-1955
     Box 2. Bulletins, regulations, and memoranda, 1955-1958
     Box 3. Regulations, bulletins, and circulars, 1959-1961
     Box 4. Standing Operating Procedures: Flood Control, Natural Disaster Assistance, EmergencyCommunications, Records Administration, and      Mail, 1961-1962