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RG 96 - Farmers Home Administration, Rural Rehabilitation Loans - Tennessee

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Rural Rehabilitation Loans, 1935-1944

National Archives Identifier 82570092

This series consists of case files for paid - in - full agricultural loans made to destitute farm families who were unable to borrow from private agencies because they could not offer adequate security for the loans. It consists of files from Bell and Nelson counties in Kentucky; Bertie, Forsyth, Pender, and Wake counties in North Carolina; and Davidson, Franklin, Moore, Perry, and Williamson counties in Tennessee . A typical case file contains a loan application, a loan agreement, a lease agreement, a mortgage, statements of accounts, receipts, a farm and home management plan, farm visit reports, and related correspondence.

First Name Last Name Town County State Box Number
Joe Armstrong Winchester Franklin TN 1
S K Bennett Winchester Franklin TN 1
W A Bishop Decherd Franklin TN 1
Will Bohanan Estill Springs Franklin TN 1
Tom C Boran Decherd Franklin TN 1
William & Mrs A B Bostick Decherd Franklin TN 1
Woodrow Bostick Decherd Franklin TN 1
Floyd Boswell Winchester Franklin TN 1
Charles Bradford Winchester Franklin TN 1
N T Brandon Decherd Franklin TN 1
John Bratten Decherd Franklin TN 1
Henry Brinkley Decherd Franklin TN 2
E G Buchanan Decherd Franklin TN 2
Carl Buckner Decherd Franklin TN 2
Hollis Burch Winchester Franklin TN 2
Euin & Phil Burkhalter Winchester Franklin TN 2
Jesse L Burks Decherd Franklin TN 2
A S Campbell Estill Springs Franklin TN 2
Albert Carlton Winchester Franklin TN 2
T J Carlton Winchester Franklin TN 2
Charles Clark Winchester Franklin TN 2
I G Clark Winchester Franklin TN 2
J W Click Winchester Franklin TN 2
Cecil T Cobble Winchester Franklin TN 3
Floyd E Cochran Huntland Franklin TN 3
L W Crabtree Tullahoma Franklin TN 3
Ben Crownover Decherd Franklin TN 3
C H Crownover Winchester Franklin TN 3
R B Davis Winchester Franklin TN 3
G A Donnelson Elora Lincoln TN 3
W B Farris Winchester Lincoln TN 3
Will L Farris Winchester Lincoln TN 3
F H Foster Estill Springs Franklin TN 3
J Hulin Fuller Winchester Franklin TN 3
Thos P Gates Huntland Franklin TN 4
Lee Gibson Decherd Franklin TN 4
C D Gray Winchester Franklin TN 4
Bill Haddon Winchester Franklin TN 4
W T Hardison Maxwell Franklin TN 4
Cecil & Mrs. W T Hardison Winchester Franklin TN 4
B W Harrison Decherd Franklin TN 4
S W Haynes Winchester Franklin TN 4
J B Haynes Sherwood Franklin TN 4
H L Hill Huntland Franklin TN 4
Clyde Hill Decherd Franklin TN 4
T G Holder Winchester Franklin TN 4
C T Huff Winchester Franklin TN 4
Walter Jackson Winchester Franklin TN 5
J V Jones Winchester Franklin TN 5
W F Keith Winchester Franklin TN 5
Crawford Kellar Decherd Franklin TN 5
James Henry Knott Sewanes Franklin TN 5
J G Laxson Decherd Franklin TN 5
A E Lewis Estill Springs Franklin TN 5
W T Limbaugh Belvidere Franklin TN 5
Clarence Long Decherd Franklin TN 5
Dozier Morris Winchester Franklin TN 5
Guy McClure Delrose Franklin TN 5
Tom J McClure Winchester Franklin TN 5
Walter McDaniel Decherd Franklin TN 5
Jim Northcutt Winchester Franklin TN 6
Wiley Northcutt Winchester Franklin TN 6
Jim Painter Winchester Franklin TN 6
Herschell Reynolds Huntland Franklin TN 6
Joe Riddle Estill Springs Franklin TN 6
Clyde Roark Winchester Franklin TN 6
William Rudder Winchester Franklin TN 6
W M Sanson Decherd Franklin TN 6
C H Scott Huntland Franklin TN 6
G R Scott Huntland Franklin TN 6
James Sells Winchester Franklin TN 6
Charlie Smith Estill Springs Franklin TN 6
Ed Smith Estill Springs Franklin TN 6
Sidney Smith Winchester Franklin TN 6
Walter Smith Winchester Franklin TN 7
Rollie Solberg Winchester Franklin TN 7
John W South Winchester Franklin TN 7
John Sparks Winchester Franklin TN 7
Geo A Steele Winchester Franklin TN 7
J H Stewart Winchester Franklin TN 7
Sam Tate Winchester Franklin TN 7
Frank Tucker Winchester Franklin TN 7
D E Turner Tullahome Franklin TN 7
V R Vant Winchester Franklin TN 7
Lawrence Wise Sherwood Franklin TN 7
Will Woods Decherd Franklin TN 7
Elmus Wright Winchester Franklin TN 7
J R Wright Estill Springs Franklin TN 7
Johnie Fulmer Estill Springs Franklin TN 8
J W Hester Decherd Franklin TN 8
Mrs.Omie Annie Hodge Tullahoma Franklin TN 8
Dan McCallie Winchester Franklin TN 8
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Mines Winchester Franklin TN 8
Ethel Vann Winchester Franklin TN 8
Fred H Bass Decherd Franklin TN 9
E T Bryant Winchester Franklin TN 9
Jack Broomfield Decherd Franklin TN 9
Foster Cherry Decherd Franklin TN 9
R H Commer Decherd Franklin TN 9
T H Farris Winchester Franklin TN 9
Mrs. Rose Fitch Elora Franklin TN 9
Sam Garner Decherd Franklin TN 9
Roy L Gibson Decherd Franklin TN 9
Nathan Gross Winchester Franklin TN 9
Will C Harris Decherd Franklin TN 10
Ed Hendley Decherd Franklin TN 10
Andy Hill Winchester Franklin TN 10
Farris Hill Decherd Franklin TN 10
Henry Hill Decherd Franklin TN 10
Virgil C Hulvey Winchester Franklin TN 10
Sherman Johnson Winchester Franklin TN 10
Victor Judge Winchester Franklin TN 10
John W Keith Sewanee Franklin TN 10
Isaac King Sewanee Franklin TN 11
Ray Ledford Winchester Franklin TN 11
H E Luttrell Huntland Franklin TN 11
C E Martin Decherd Franklin TN 11
L L Norris Huntland Franklin TN 11
Robert M Poole Decherd Franklin TN 11
John W Smith Winchester Franklin TN 12
S T Tucker Winchester Franklin TN 12
O D Ward Estill Springs Franklin TN 12
Alvin Weaver Decherd Franklin TN 12
Unice Winn Huntland Franklin TN 12
V H Ballinger Fayetteville Moore TN 13
Newt Branch Lynchburg Moore TN 13
George Burton Lynchburg Moore TN 13
Marion Burton Lynchburg Moore TN 13
J D Burgess Lynchburg Moore TN 13
Herby & Belle Deal Shelbyville Moore TN 13
Bob Taylor Jared Lynchburg Moore TN 13
H M Lynch Tullahoma Moore TN 13
Birthwright Miles Petersburg Moore TN 13
Will T Murray Lynchburg Moore TN 13
Lensy Powell Petersburg Moore TN 13
G C Allen Linden Perry TN 14
Jasper Anderson Linden Perry TN 14
C W Averett Linden Perry TN 14
Willie Baars Linden Perry TN 14
Claggett Barker Linden Perry TN 14
Sims Beasley Pope Perry TN 14
T F Bell Daniels Landing Perry TN 14
V C Bell Daniels Landing Perry TN 14
Riley Broadway Linden Perry TN 14
C J Burns Lobelville Perry TN 14
Herman Cates Pope Perry TN 15
Carl Churchwell Linden Perry TN 15
ED Churchwell Pope Perry TN 15
Arthur Clark Lobelville Perry TN 15
Bynum Catham Linden Perry TN 15
E G Craig Linden Perry TN 15
A B Daily Lobelville Perry TN 15
Reegeon Daily Lobelville Perry TN 15
D H Daniel Lobelville Perry TN 15
F B Depriest Densons Landing Perry TN 15
Grady Depriest Densons Landing Perry TN 15
Joe A Depriest Lobelville Perry TN 15
Rudolph Depriest Linden Perry TN 15
W J Depriest Lobelville Perry TN 15
Claud A Dodson Linden Perry TN 16
J T Dunn Linden Perry TN 16
Guy F Dudley Lobelville Perry TN 16
Bob Dyer Beardstown Perry TN 16
R T Edwards Linden Perry TN 16
Ray Epley Linden Perry TN 16
Roberts Epley Flatwood Perry TN 16
W M Guthrie Linden Perry TN 16
Floyd Harder Pope Perry TN 16
Guy Harper Linden Perry TN 16
Alvin Haynes Linden Perry TN 16
Jesse Heath Lobelville Perry TN 16
Egbert Hinson Beardstown Perry TN 16
Howard Hinson Lobelville Perry TN 16
Fielder Hufstedler Linden Perry TN 16
Charlie Johnson Lobelville Perry TN 17
Albert M Kelly Flatwoods Perry TN 17
Alfred Kelly Flatwoods Perry TN 17
Clyde Kelly Linden Perry TN 17
Hart Kilpatrick Linden Perry TN 17
J C Kimbel Linden Perry TN 17
W R Kimbel Linden Perry TN 17
Herman King Linden Perry TN 17
Alvin Leegan Lobelville Perry TN 17
J L Lewis Linden Perry TN 17
J E McAlister Linden Perry TN 17
Harvey E Marshall Linden Perry TN 17
Lonnie Mercer Hohenwald Perry TN 17
Shelt Mercer Linden Perry TN 17
Charlie Meredith Lobelville Perry TN 17
W R Moore Linden Perry TN 18
Jim D Oakley Densons Landing Perry TN 18
Johnnie Oakley Densons Landing Perry TN 18
Fount M O'Guin Linden Perry TN 18
Charlie Parnell Linden Perry TN 18
Otto Parrish Pope Perry TN 18
Ed Pirtle Daniels Landing Perry TN 18
Malcolm Polan Pope Perry TN 18
H H Roberts Pope Perry TN 18
G D Rodgers Linden Perry TN 18
Lewis Sanders Linden Perry TN 19
Claude R Smith Linden Perry TN 19
Wilson Smith Flatwoods Perry TN 19
J D Southerland Pope Perry TN 19
W C Starbuck Linden Perry TN 19
Cornelius Tate Lobelville Perry TN 19
George Tatum Linden Perry TN 19
Rollie Trull Linden Perry TN 19
Frank Warren Peters Landing Perry TN 19
Paul Weatherly Lobelville Perry TN 19
Jess Weems Pope Perry TN 19
J R Wilburn Beardstown Perry TN 19
Ashley Wright Linden Perry TN 19
John C Argo Lobelville Perry TN 20
Kinchen W Barber Linden Perry TN 20
Mrs Mavis Bandy Lobelville Perry TN 20
S R Beakley Pope Perry TN 20
Albert Cable Lobelville Perry TN 20
Tom Denton Linden Perry TN 20
Lee Edney Beardstown Perry TN 20
Homer Depriest Linden Perry TN 20
David Elkins Beardstown Perry TN 20
Tom Epley Flatswood Perry TN 20
E B Harder Linden Perry TN 20
Alberd Hendrixs Densons Landing Perry TN 21
Alfred Jones Linden Perry TN 21
J D Lewis Lobelville Perry TN 21
Henry A Loggins Lobelville Perry TN 21
Ray Lutts Lobelville Perry TN 21
Long McCaig Densons Landing Perry TN 21
W M Melton Lobelville Perry TN 21
John R Wade Linden Perry TN 21
James I Adams Franklin Williamson TN 22
Eddie Adcook Ashland Davidson TN 22
J F Adcook Whites Creek Davidson TN 22
Glenn Alexander Antioch Davidson TN 22
Jack Allen Cottontown Davidson TN 22
Sam Arrington Joelton Davidson TN 22
E B Bagsley Franklin Williamson TN 22
Tom Bagsley Franklin Williamson TN 22
Walter Bagsley Nashville Davidson TN 22
M E Barnes Joelton Davidson TN 22
Herman Baxter Nashville Davidson TN 22
P C Baxter Nashville Davidson TN 22
Walter Belcher Donelson Davidson TN 22
Clarence Bennett Nashville Davidson TN 22
Sam Bennett Franklin Williamson TN 23
G T Binkley Goodlettsville Davidson TN 23
C T Brown College Grove Williamson TN 23
Sam C Brown College Grove Williamson TN 23
George R Burge Franklin Williamson TN 23
C B Burns White Creek Davidson TN 23
Marvin G Cambell Franklin Williamson TN 23
W P Carter Fairview Williamson TN 23
J G Childress Franklin Williamson TN 23
Lawrence Cummings Lebenon Davidson TN 23
B B Cunningham Goodlettsville Davidson TN 23
E B Davis Thompson Station Williamson TN 23
C M Dickinson Nashville Davidson TN 23
S L Donegan Nashville Davidson TN 23
Homer Douglas Nashville Davidson TN 24
R W Durg Spring Hill Williamson TN 24
Frank Edens Franklin Williamson TN 24
Walter Eadwards Ridgetop Davidson TN 24
C E Ervin Hermitage Davidson TN 24
Ernest Estes Centerville Davidson TN 24
W P Evans Nashville Davidson TN 24
A N Fagg Nashville Davidson TN 24
Howard Frutiger Nashville Davidson TN 24
S H Goodwin Joelton Davidson TN 24
Thomas Goodwin Nashville Davidson TN 24
Charles Graham College Grove Williamson TN 25
Douglas Graham College Grove Williamson TN 25
James Graham Hatcher Williamson TN 25
R W Greene Primm Williamson TN 25
Jim Grear W Nashville Davidson TN 25
B B Haley Arrington Williamson TN 25
George Hannah Madixon Davidson TN 25
J K Harper White Creek Davidson TN 25
J B Hassell Thompson Station Davidson TN 25
Graham Hatcher Allisona Williamson TN 25
C B Heffin Antioch Davidson TN 25
Stanton Henry Antioch Davidson TN 25
S T Herron Franklin Davidson TN 25
Tom Hester Nashville Davidson TN 25
H E Hillian Madison Davidson TN 25
George T Hix Old Hickory Davidson TN 25
Marion Jones Goodlettsville Davidson TN 26
T W Jones Madison Davidson TN 26
A C Halt Nashville Davidson TN 26
E R Holt Franklin Williamson TN 26
Jack Horton Franklin Williamson TN 26
Odel Hudges Goodlettsville Davidson TN 26
Richard Hudges Franklin Williamson TN 26
Roy Hudges Nolensville Williamson TN 26
Elmer Inman Franklin Williamson TN 26
P W Irwin Antioch Davidson TN 26
H C Jones Franklin Williamson TN 26
J J Jones Nolensville Williamson TN 26
W D Hallman Goodlettsville Davidson TN 27
Clift King Fairview Williamson TN 27
Clift King Fairview Williamson TN 27
Herbert Krantz Goodlettsville Davidson TN 27
Edwin Ladd Franklin Williamson TN 27
Milton Lambert LaVergne Davidson TN 27
A G Lampley Franklin Williamson TN 27
T L Lancuster Nashville Davidson TN 27
J D Mangrus Hermitage Davidson TN 27
Muncey Martin Goodlettsville Davidson TN 27
H P Maynard W Nashville Davidson TN 28
H C Menees Madison Davidson TN 28
W H Morrison Farview Williamson TN 28
W T Morton Nashville Davidson TN 28
D A Moses Joelton Davidson TN 28
Anderson Myers Hermitage Davidson TN 28
J A Myers Hermitage Davidson TN 28
Richard Myers Madison Davidson TN 28
Harry Newlin Joelton Davidson TN 28
Edwin & Alva Noland Arrington Williamson TN 28
J T Oakley Franklin Williamson TN 28
J T Parham Franklin Williamson TN 28
J A Pewitt Franklin Williamson TN 28
W A Pewitt White Creek Davidson TN 28
W T Jr Poyner Franklin Williamson TN 29
Paul Pugh Goodlettsville Davidson TN 29
T J Radford Goodlettsville Davidson TN 29
Cloyd Reed Franklin Williamson TN 29
E H Reed Nashville Davidson TN 29
J B Rice Madison Davidson TN 29
Ernest Robertson Kingston Williamson TN 29
Geo D Robinson College Grove Williamson TN 29
James E Rucker Nashville Davidson TN 29
SH Sadler Franklin Williamson TN 29
Albert Skinner Spring Hill Williamson TN 29
Richard Smith Franklin Williamson TN 30
W M Smith Antioch Davidson TN 30
W R Smith Old Hickory Davidson TN 30
C L Smithson Nashville Davidson TN 30
J S Sorey Donelson Davidson TN 30
J H Southern Franklin Williamson TN 30
Lundy Steele Spring Hill Williamson TN 30
A T Sullivan Fairview Williamson TN 30
Erby Thompson Nashville Davidson TN 30
A D Thurman Madison Davidson TN 30
Homer Clyde Tidwell Franklin Williamson TN 30
M J Tidwell Franklin Williamson TN 30
H B Tippet Nashville Davidson TN 31
W H Toombs Nashville Davidson TN 31
John Tullose Franklin Williamson TN 31
W T Victory Eagleville Williamson TN 31
Bishop Walker Franklin Williamson TN 31
Joe Jr Walker Joelton Davidson TN 31
Joe Warren Madison Davidson TN 31
Milton West Franklin Williamson TN 31
Walter Wherry Old Hickory Davidson TN 31
J S Whitaker Goodlettsville Davidson TN 31
C M Williams Joelton Davidson TN 31
R G Williams Nolanville Williamson TN 31
J H Woodall Nashville Davidson TN 31
W A Wright Donelson Davidson TN 31
J F Anglin Franklin Williamson TN 32
Willie Beard Franklin Williamson TN 32
Willie Bennett Thompson Station Williamson TN 32
Walter Jr Bond Franklin Williamson TN 32
Wash Cannon Franklin Williamson TN 32
Dock Carroll Franklin Williamson TN 32
Will Clayburn Franklin Williamson TN 32
James Gentry Franklin Williamson TN 32
Melvin Green College Grove Williamson TN 32
I H Hargrove Nashville Williamson TN 32
Johnnie Hollan Franklin Williamson TN 33
John Johnson Arlington Williamson TN 33
Frank Morton Nolensville Williamson TN 33
Robert L Oden Franklin Williamson TN 33
J T Pate Franklin Williamson TN 33
O H Pewitt Franklin Williamson TN 33
J L Rat Franklin Williamson TN 33
W T Southern Franklin Williamson TN 34
White Swancy Franklin Williamson TN 34
J H Vernon Nolansville Williamson TN 34
H L Watson Thompson Station Williamson TN 34
W A Whittenburg Franklin Williamson TN 34
Henry Woodside Franklin Williamson TN 34
C E Boone Fairview Williamson TN 35
Luther E Poster Franklin Williamson TN 35
Frank Howard College Grove Williamson TN 35
N J Hughes Fairview Williamson TN 35